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Revisited: 2015 Lincoln Navigator

Occasionally, it works out that an auto journalist spends a second week in the same vehicle or a duplicate vehicle. It isn't any sort of a big deal, rather just a timing and scheduling thing. I … Read full review


Driven: 2015 Volvo S60 T5 Drive-E

Think about Volvo as a brand and what kind of thoughts and emotions pop into your head? Probably those revolving around safety, security, comfort. It’s a brand that has built its reputation around … Read full review

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TestFest on The Source

Given that TestFest, where AJAC members evaluate entries in the Canadian Car of the Year program, is geared towards media, it is not unusual to see the event in media outlets. Those media outlets … [Read More...]


Martin Rowe and Nathalie Richard got the biggest air of the rally!

Rally of the Tall Pines wrapup

It seems that I am a bad publisher guy, as I put all of my other outlets and my CCOTY duties before actually reporting on the Rally of the Tall Pines here on Driven Wheels. I’m going to justify it by saying that this post will be cooler than it would have been a week […]