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Driven: 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport

Building a strong brand is a difficult thing, often more difficult than building a quality product. Hyundai has the latter down pat, but there are some that wonder if they could do more on the brand … Read full review

2015 BMW M3_ (5 of 5)

Driven: 2015 BMW M3 M-DCT

I’ll admit it. I have a problem with writing about cars I love, not just like. It’s almost as if the experience is so overwhelming that it takes me some time to sit down, go through my notes and … Read full review

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15 cars

Fifteen cars that changed the world

  A couple of weeks ago, the Top Gear blog ran a story about 20 cars that changed the world. As I flipped through their choices, I shook my head. Some of the selections were non starters, at … [Read More...]


Winter Driven: 2015 Ford F-150

On the heels of it being named the 2015 Canadian Truck of the Year, Ford invited Canadian journalists to the Charlevoix region of Quebec to experience the new F-150 in real Canadian Winter conditions. … [Read More...]


ta2 start

Homestead Trans Am race a mixed bag for Canada’s Best Racing Team

After a positive weekend of practice and qualifying in Miami, the second round of the 2015 TA2 season ended with mixed results for Canada’s Best Racing Team. The Ford Mustangs of Joey McColm and Kevin Poitras performed well all weekend, staying in the top ten of the 29 car field in every session. Yesterdays race […]