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Kern Campbell, Founder, Publisher, and Content Creator

Meet Kern Campbell, a lifelong automotive enthusiast and passionate car collector, restorer, and all-around vehicle enthusiast. With a background in creating automotive content and a love for all things rugged and outdoors, Kern is the perfect guide for readers looking to get the most out of their vehicles. Whether you are a seasoned offroad pro or just starting out, Kern’s insights and expertise will help you take your adventures to the next level. Follow Kern for practical tips, product reviews, and firsthand accounts of off-road (and on-road) adventures, and get ready to hit the trails with confidence.

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Sean Cooper, Automotive Writer

Meet Sean Cooper, an experienced automotive writer and journalist with over 15 years of experience in the retail auto industry. Sean was the founder of the successful car blog called Car Buying and Selling (carbuyingandselling.com), which merged with Driven Wheels in 2023. Having bought and sold thousands of cars, trucks, and SUVs, Sean has the knowledge and expertise to provide the very best advice on the web when it comes to buying and selling vehicles. His articles are informative, interesting, and entertaining, making him a go-to source for anyone interested in the automotive industry.

Sean Cooper