The 5 Best Dog Seat Covers For The Ford F150 [2023]

Anybody who has ever stained a seat or spent time cleaning the back of their F150 after taking their dog out understands the importance of a dog seat cover. 

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What are the best seat covers for dogs for an F150?

The best dog seat covers for the Ford F150 include

  1. Northwest Dog & Pet Seat Cover
  2. iBuddy Truck Dog Seat Cover
  3. Active Pets Dog Seat Cover
  4. WeatherTech Pet Seat Cover
  5. Kurgo Heather Bench Seat Cover

We have tested dozens of products for the Ford F-150, including seat covers. This guide includes all the top dog seat covers that provide excellent interior protection for our vehicle and comfort our pet. Keep reading to find the best one today. 

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5 Best Dog Seat Cover For Ford F150

Taking our furry friend along for the ride is always an adventure. But we put our vehicle’s interior at risk when doing so.

This is why dog seat covers are such useful products and are the perfect way to keep the Ford F149’s seats clean. 

Most people want to bring their dogs along, but they make a mess on the rear bench seats. The best way to avoid fur and dirt build-up is with a cover designed specifically for the F150. 

The great thing about these covers is their versatility for the truck’s front and back seats. We have listed the most durable, high-quality cover options below that match the size of an F150 perfectly. 

1. Northwest Dog Seat Covers 

Northwest Seat Covers Dog Seat Cover, Heavy Duty, Universal Size fits All Vehicles, 100% Waterproof...
  • GUARANTEED PROTECTION: Keep your Rear Interior Seats Safe from Mess, Damage, Wear, Tear & more!
  • HEAVY-DUTY & WATERPROOF : Water & Damage Resistant, Withstands all stains and liquids, Highly Water Resistant - DWR Top Coat & PVC Undercoat
  • COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: 600 Denier Polyester, Four season suitability, Comfort for your pet & protection for your car
  • EXCELLENT SIZE: Total Cover Width = 61” Total Cover Length = 68” Backrest Length = 22” Height Seat Cushion Length = 18” Hammock Length = 28” Backrest Straps 26” Length
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Anti-UV, Airbag Safety Tested, Lifestyle Camo Series, Easy To Wipe Clean

The Northwest Dog Seat Cover is a 3-1 in product for trucks, SUVs, and larger sedans. It can cover the rear bench seats, be adjusted as a seat protector and cover, and be used as a cargo liner. 

It’s made with a heavy-duty 600 Denier polyester material, providing industry-leading water and damage resistance. This design includes a DWR top coating and PVC undercoating. 

We also love the comfort dogs can get from this cover. They have no problems lying down and falling asleep during a car ride home while using it. It’s also universally sized and fits inside all F150 trim levels. 

There are also velcro seat belt openings, so if we need to put a passenger in the back with the dog, they can still buckle up and remain safe. It also has a non-slip backing meaning it will stay in place. 


  • Easy to install
  • Excellent sizing and versatility
  • Durable with reliable stain and water resistance
  • Premium 600 Denier quality


  • Not the easiest cover to clean dog fur from

2. iBuddy Truck Dog Seat Cover

iBuddy Seat Cover for Trucks with Mesh Window 100% Waterproof Dog Hammock Back Seat Machine Washable...
  • EXCELLENT SIZE-No more worries about hair, scratches, liquid, and dirt on the back seat, meanwhile keep the dog from trying to climb up to the front seat with a size of 60"W x 64"L dog truck seat...
  • VISIBLE MESH WINDOW-With mesh window dog truck seat cover is great for the air to flow into the back to keep your dog cool and warm. And helps to reduce pup’s anxiety when they see you through it....
  • 100% WATERPROOF AND HEAVY DUTY- Made of two waterproof layers offered 100% waterproof. No more worrying cheap dog seat cover ruins your truck seats. Durably stitched seams prevent rips from dog claws....
  • KEEP DOG SAFE-Hammock style protects your dog from fall down when the emergency brake, you will be less distracted as a driver. All the dirt will remain on the dog truck hammock, and meanwhile,...
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND CLEAN-Just need 1 minute easy to install with quick release clips, our dog truck seat cover offers maximum comfort and safety for your dogs. Enjoy your road trip never before! Wash...

The iBuddy Truck Dog Seat Cover is another reliable and highly durable option for F150 owners. It has a visible mesh window with clear viewing to provide excellent backseat air circulation and comfort. 

This seat cover measures 60″ in width by 64″ in length. It can also be adjusted if needed, but it should have no problem covering the rear bench seats in the truck. The material is also waterproof with a heavy-duty coating for fur, scratches, etc. 

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time driving in the rain, consider upgrading your F150 wiper blades for additional safety.

It’s a hammock-style cover with straps on each side too. This better protects the dog if the truck stops short or brakes quickly. We prefer this cover for leather seats as an alternative to a leather seat cover

The dog will not go forward into the front seat or sideways because the cover has walls on each side. But it does cover the seat belts because of the added seat protectors. 

Lastly, installation is as easy as it gets. The straps attach to the handles in the back seat area, and the cover rests over the seating area with one flap open for the dog to enter the vehicle. 


  • Available in multiple sizes for different truck sizes
  • Durable leather material
  • Easy installation method
  • 100% waterproof and scratch resistant 


  • Larger cover and occupies the entire back seat area

3. Active Pets Dog Seat Cover

Active Pets Fabric Car Bench Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat, Waterproof Vehicle Seat Covers, Durable...
  • DIRTY BARRIER, COMFORT LAYER - Forget about those cheap dog car seat cover for back seats that ruin your seats and are useless after one use - those days are over! Active Pets introduces the latest in...
  • IT WILL FIT - Our dog seat cover will fit any car or SUV! There are side flaps integrated in our dog seat covers for cars to provide maximum protection for your seats, and with a 60-second super EASY...
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN MATERIALS – Active Pets dog car seat cover is a joy to clean! Crafted with a top layer of premium 600D Oxford waterproof cotton and a middle layer of Oxford 210D with waterproof...
  • SAFETY FIRST! - These amazing Pet car seat covers for backseats define a whole new level of safety, using 4 levels of security to keep your pet safe! The car seat protector for dogs includes two...
  • SECURITY & PROTECTION – Your pet deserves only the best, and so do you! Protect your vehicle with the Active Pets seat covers for dogs. We stand behind the quality of our car seat covers for dogs,...

The Active Pets Dog Seat Cover is an affordable option worth considering for anybody with benching seating in the back seat. It’s sold in four colors and acts like a more traditional cover to protect the seats. 

The 600D Oxford waterproof cotton is more comfortable for dogs. The cover also gets fitted over the bench seats, and the Oxford 210D has a waterproof coating, so this is truly one of the most durable options. 

It can be opened up to a maximum size of 48” x 54”. This is a versatile option and fits well in other SUVs and trucks, but we prefer it for F150s because of the heavy-duty buckles, non-slip bottom, and seat belt’s velcro opening. 

Attach the straps around the headrests to install this cover, push the seat belt buckles through the hook-and-loop openings, and tuck the anchors into the seat crevices. This will keep the cover stable, so it never slides off the seat. 


  • Durable and high-quality with multiple layers
  • Tight fitting design
  • Easy to clean


  • Installation is a little more time consuming
  • Less protection and safety than a hammock-style cover

4. WeatherTech Pet Seat Cover

This WeatherTech Cover is made of durable material which wipes clean easily. The cover fits perfectly in my car and protects my seat from dirt, hair, and any accidents that may occur during travels with my pets.

The quality of the product is top-notch, giving me peace of mind knowing that it will last for years to come. Installation was easy as it came with an instruction guide to help me attach the straps securely under the headrests without using any tools.

The non-slip backing on the seat cover ensures my pet remains safe and secure during sudden turns or stops without sliding around or off the seat. It’s also quick to remove for cleaning and 100% machine washable. 


  • Heavy-duty design with excellent seat coverage
  • Easy to install or remove for cleaning
  • It fits the front seats too 
  • Multiple straps and buckles 


  • Expensive 

5. Kurgo Heather Bench Seat Cover

Kurgo Dog Seat Cover | Car Bench Seat Covers for Pets | Dog Back Seat Cover Protector | Water...
  • PROTECT YOUR CAR IN STYLE: This modern and stylish heather pattern car seat cover is water resistant and stain resistant to protect your seats from hair, dirt, and any other messes your dog may track...
  • UNIVERSAL & SECURE FIT: Measuring 55” wide, this seat cover provides a universal fit for most vehicles. Measure the width of your bench seat, from left to right, to ensure the fit. Hook and loop...
  • EXTRA STORAGE: Two large pockets to store dog treats, toys, leashes, or anything else you need for your outings.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & AIR BAG COMPLIANT: The bench car seat cover is meant to get dirty, but is a breeze to clean! It’s waterproof, stain resistant, and machine washable. Piped edges keep dirt and water...

The Kurgo Bench Seat Cover also works excellent for trucks like the F150. It’s a smaller cover with a simple design, but it has seat anchors, so installation isn’t a problem, and the coating is scratch and stain resistant. 

It measures 55” wide and provides a universal fit for all back seat types. It can be folded and used on the front seat as well, but it serves best as a rear seat cover for dogs of all sizes because of the hook and loop openings. 

This cover is airbag compliant, easy to clean, and has extra side storage pockets. Many customers use these pockets to keep dog food, treats, toys, and their pet’s leash for when they arrive at the destination. 


  • Waterproof, scratch-resistant, and stain resistant
  • Piped edges to help with dirt and water
  • Machine washable
  • Universal fitting


  • Complains about rips and tears after extended use

How To Install Dog Seat Cover In Ford F150 Rear Bench Seats

Installing a dog seat cover in the rear bench seat of a Ford F150 doesn’t have to be intimidating or time-consuming. With a few simple steps, we can ensure that our pup has plenty of seating comfort while protecting your car’s interior from dirt and scratches.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to install a dog seat cover in a truck.

Take Accurate Measurements

Start by taking measurements of the backseat area to know what size dog seat cover will fit best. It’s essential to get the exact dimensions for both width and length. 

Luckily, it’s not hard to find a cover because many of the best are universal. But having an idea of what size we need is ideal to avoid purchasing something that won’t fit or ends up being too small. 

Find The Correct Cover Size

Most covers are versatile and universal to fit various vehicle types. This makes it easier to find the correct cover size. 

Check the measurements on a cover before purchasing it. This is the easiest way to confirm that the cover will fit inside the F150. 

Open The Cover & Locate Headrest Straps

Once we have chosen the right-sized dog seat cover, place it over the entire rear bench area before securing it into place. Many covers will have straps on each side to attach to the seats and handles for a more secure fit. 

If necessary, use strong adhesive tape to keep it in place while securing it with hook-and-loop straps or buckles along all sides for extra secure hold. 

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Benefits Of Using A Dog Seat Cover For Ford F150

There are plenty of reasons why dog seat covers should be used. Below are some of the most notable benefits of using a dog seat cover in a Ford F150 truck. 

dog seat cover f150 1 1

Protects Seats From Fur, Dog Hair, Scratches, And Stains

These covers provide reliable protection inside the truck. The seats are kept clean from fur and dog hair, and there is no need to worry about dogs scratching the seats or leaving stains. 

Easy To Install

Another reason why we love these covers is because of how easy they are to install. They fit right in the back of the truck without any complex steps. 

Most of the covers recommended only have a few straps, and they can be placed directly over the seats. Within 5-10 minutes, the cover installation is complete. 

Much Easier To Clean

Lastly, they are easier to clean than the seats. The cover can be removed from the truck, vacuumed, washed, and placed back inside the vehicle without leaving any mess. 

This is a more straightforward cleaning process. We prefer to use these canine covers on the rear seats, but they can fit in front too. 

Key Takeaways

  • The three best dog seat covers for the Ford F150 are the Northwest Dog & Pet Seat Cover, iBuddy Truck Dog Seat Cover, and Active Pets Dog Seat Cover. 
  • We also recommend the WeatherTech Pet Seat Cover and Kurgo Heather Bench Seat Cover as alternative options. 
  • Pet seat covers are critical because they keep the seats clean and are simple to use for better interior truck protection.