The 3 Best Windshield Wipers For Your Ford F150

A good pair of wiper blades can drastically improve your visibility when dealing with rain and snow, but which windshield wipers are best for the F150?

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What are the best windshield wipers for a Ford F150?

The best windshield wipers for the Ford F150 are:

  1. Rain-X 5079272-2 Latitude (Best Overall Windshield Wipers)
  2. MOTIUM OEM QUALITY (Best All-Season Windshield Wipers)
  3. PIAA Aero Vogue Silicone Wiper (Best Premium Windshield Wipers)

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the best windshield wipers for the Ford F150 so you can drive safely and confidently, rain or shine. Keep reading to learn more about the best windshield wipers for your Ford F150 and how you can install them on your truck.

Best Windshield Wipers for Ford F150

There are a lot of great windshield wiper blades on the market for the Ford F150 that range in price and performance. The technology behind windshield wipers has improved significantly over the years, resulting in a safer driving experience.

With that said, you need to consider which type of windshield wipers are going to suit your driving style best. 

If you live in a region with mild winters and an overall dry climate, you may not need a set of wipers designed for extreme weather conditions. 

On the other hand, drivers who live in regions with intense snow and rain should consider their Ford F150’s windshield wipers carefully. 

Heavy-duty and all-season wiper models have proven to work considerably better during harsh weather conditions, and they can make driving a lot more practical and safe. 

1. Rain-X 5079272-2 Latitude (Best Overall Windshield Wipers)

Rain-X 5079272-2 Latitude 2-In-1 Water Repellent Wiper Blades, 14 Inch Windshield Wipers (Pack Of...
  • Patented Water Repellent Formula - This 2-In-1 Wiper Blade Plus Rain Repellent Applies Patented Rain X Water Repellent Directly To Your Windshield, Both Clearing And Repelling The Elements
  • Superior Driving Visibility And Safety - Watch Water Magically Bead Up And Roll Off Your Windshield While You Drive, Providing You With Superior All-Weather Driving Visibility, Safety, And Comfort
  • Easy Installation And Universal Fit - The Rain-X Universal Adapter Is Easy To Use And Fits 96% Of Vehicles. Scan The QR Code On The Back Of The Package For Installation Videos. Reduced Noise Wind Lift...
  • Advanced Beam Wiper Blade Technology - Provides Uniform Pressure Points Along The Length Of The Blade, Allowing It To Hug The Curvature Of The Windshield For A Smooth, Clean Wipe
  • Ultimate All-Weather Performance - Designed To Clear Your Windshield In Extreme Weather Conditions, Such As Ice, Snow, And Sleet Delivering Longer-Lasting, Superior Wipe Performance

The Rain-X 5079272-2 Latitude is one of the best windshield wipers available for the Ford F150. This windshield wiper model features a patented design that forces water to bead up on the surface of your F150’s windshield.

Cheap wiper blades that scrape the surface of your windshield and simply smear water along the glass are not very reliable or safe.

If you want superior wiping technology at a very reasonable price, the Rain-X 5079272-2 Latitude windshield wiper blades are a fantastic product.

2. MOTIUM OEM QUALITY (Best All-Season Windshield Wipers)

The Motium OEM Quality windshield wiper blades are an amazing product for all-season F150 drivers. 

Finding a set of blades that can handle both rain and snow is not always easy, which is why these are highly recommended for any driver that wants reliable windshield wipers for all weather conditions.

3. PIAA Aero Vogue Silicone Wiper (Best Premium Windshield Wipers)

PIAA Aero Vogue Silicone Wiper 22 inch / 550mm
  • Aerodynamic and stylish design provides the ultimate wiping performance even at high driving speed
  • Wiping action automatic coats glass surface with water repellent wax (water beading effect)
  • No squeaking and eliminates annoying and inefficient chattering
  • Heat Resistant, ozone resistant and super smooth glide
  • Made with high quality silicone rubbver for extreme durability

This PIAA Aero Vogue Silicone Wiper is a superior blade that is a game-changer for drivers who have to deal with heavy rains. This wiper model features an advanced design complemented by wax-coated blades that repel water drops.

You can count on these to remove water from your windshield regardless of how hard it’s downpouring or how fast you’re driving.

With that said, these are also one of the most expensive windshield wiper models that you can buy for the Ford F150 for this very reason.

What Size Windshield Wipers Does my Ford F150 Need?

Over the years, Ford has made some changes to the F150’s windshield wiper sizes. With that said, for virtually all F150 models that were made after 2009, a 22” inch windshield wiper blade should fit both the driver and passenger side. 

For Ford F150s made from 2004 to 2009, 20” inch blades were standardized for most models on both the driver and passenger side. 

If you are not sure which windshield wiper size will fit your Ford F150, check your owners manual to confirm this before you buy a set.

How Often Should I Replace the Windshield Wipers on my Ford F150?

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Most drivers need to replace the windshield wipers every 6 to 12 months. However, I find the best way to determine when your wipers need to be changed is to assess how well they are performing in wet weather. 

If they wipe away rain without leaving any traces and still provide solid visibility, you can push the 6 to 12-month figure back a bit. This may particularly be the case if you live in a dry climate that does not receive a lot of rain. 

On the other hand, if you use your windshield wipers often, you may find that the blades need to be replaced even sooner than every 6 months. I recommend that you don’t put off getting your blades changed once they show any signs of poor performance, as this can pose serious safety risks in adverse weather.

How to Replace Windshield Wipers on a Ford F150

Replacing your F150’s windshield wipers is not all that difficult but you need to ensure that you follow the procedure properly for the blades to function. 

Step 1: Put Ford F150 Into Service Mode

Before you can begin installing the new windshield wipers on your Ford truck, you need to put your F150 into service mode. 

  1. Park your Ford F150
  2. Turn off the engine
  3. Switch the ignition into accessory mode (car is on/engine is not)
  4. Turn on the windshield wipers
  5. Wait until the windshield wipers are in the vertical position
  6. Turn the car completely off when wipers are in the vertical position
  7. Pull the wipers away from the windshield (gently)

Step 2: Install Windshield Wipers

After you put your Ford F150 into service mode, the windshield wipers should be pulled away from the car so they can be easily removed. 

Follow these steps to replace the old blades and install your new windshield wipers:

  1. Unlock the locking pin near the base of the wiper arm
  2. Press the locking pin tab to release the old wiper
  3. Remove the windshield wiper by sliding it along the arm
  4. Install the new wiper by sliding it into the arm 

After you slide the new wiper into the arm, you should hear a click sound to let you know it’s been successfully installed.

Key Takeaways

  • The best windshield wipers for the Ford F150 are the Rain-X 5079272-2 Latitude, MOTIUM OEM QUALITY, and the PIAA Aero Vogue Silicone Wiper.
  • You should consider replacing your Ford F150’s windshield wipers every 6 to 12 months, or when performance issues become noticeable.
  • Most modern Ford F150s use 22” wiper blades, but you should always confirm the size for your specific model truck.