11 Toyo Tires Made In The USA (Passenger, Light, & High-Performance)

As a car enthusiast living in the country, you’ve probably been wondering about which Toyo tires are made in the USA. Well, let’s break everything down for you.

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Which Toyo Tires Are Made In The USA?

Toyo Tire Corporation produces various tires for the US market, including Proxes ST III, Open Country M/T, and Extensa A/S II among many others. These tires are meant for passenger cars, light trucks, and high-performance vehicles for various conditions such as summer, winter, and all-terrain.

I had to go through the Toyo Tire Corporation website to get the most reliable information. I also had to enquire about their products in the US via email. They sent me crucial information from their Bartow County, Georgia, manufacturing plant. 

Where Toyo Tires Are From

Founded in 1945 in Japan, Toyo Tire Corporation is a leading rubber company in the world and a tire manufacturer with a global presence in countries such as the United States, the Middle East, China, and Japan.

With more and more drivers choosing tires from Toyo tire holdings as their trusted choice, I must admit that the company has for sure not disappointed.

Besides producing a wide range of tires that offer superior performance on all terrains, the company put much emphasis on safety, sustainability, good service, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, and high-quality tires.

Toyo Tires Manufactured In The USA

For the US market, Toyo Tire Corporation offers a wide range of high-quality tires to meet the diverse needs of consumers in the USA.

For this reason, let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular tires produced by Toyo for motorists in the USA. 

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Passenger car tires

Toyo Tire USA Corporation produces various models of passenger car tires for the US market. You can use these passenger car tires on various passenger cars including coupes, sedans, and hatchbacks. 

The whole idea behind Toyo passenger tires is that they’re engineered using high-quality industrial rubber and synthetic resin products to provide you with ultimate comfort, a balance of handling, and fuel efficiency, especially at a time when fuel prices are skyrocketing.

These models include:

Proxes Sport A/S 

Designed with a newly-developed silica compound, this Toyo passenger car tire is an all-season tire that is popular with drivers in the US thanks to its superb wet and dry braking. 

With these tires on your car, you’ll ultimately enjoy a thrilling sports experience thanks to its improved rib design and dynamic taper, which add more stability while cornering or braking.

Celsius Sport

If you’re looking for the perfect tires for your luxury car, SUV, or CUV, look no further than the Celsius Sport. 

This is an all-weather tire that delivers excellent traction in changing weather conditions. If you look keenly, you’ll realize that this tire comes with a unique Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol on the sidewall. 

This means that this tire will never disappoint you in ice, snow, and slush.

In essence, this is an unwavering all-weather performance tire that’s perfect for you if you’re looking for the best tires that offer precise handling, refined looks, and driving comfort.

Extensa A/S II

Perfect for SUVs, cars, CUVs, minivans, and even light trucks, this Toyo tire is all-season value-oriented with long tread life and quality that delivers a comfortable ride. 

What else would you want for a tire that comes with up to a 75,000-mile treadwear warranty?

If you want increased fuel efficiency, better handling, and wet braking efficiency, the Extensa A/S II is your perfect match.

Proxes Sport

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As a driver, I’ve always wanted my cars to have tires that give me an improved and greater connection with the road. This, of course, translates to improved grip and handling and that’s exactly what Proxes Sport offers.

This is a performance summer tire that brings forth a unique combination of a perfect tread design and Nano Balance Technology.

This feature makes the tire not only perfect in dry conditions but also in slippery conditions

Observe GSI-6

Excellent for passenger cars, sedans, sports coupes, SUVs, and CUVs, the Observe GSI-6 is a studless performance tire that guarantees exceptional cornering, braking performance, and traction in winter conditions.

Its aggressive tread design, high-grip silica compound, and modern speed technology will, without a doubt, improve your confidence when driving in snowy, icy, and slippery conditions.

The table below provides more info on Toyo passenger tires for USA motorists.

ModelTypeType of vehiclesKey features
Proxes Sport A/SHigh-quality, all-season tireHigh-performance automobilesVersatile design, grip in all weather conditions, good handling
Celsius SportWinter tirePassenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, CUVsLonger lifespan than traditional winter tires, Enhanced ice and snow traction
Extensa A/S IIAll-season tireMinivans, sedans, crossover vehiclesDurable, good handling, comfortable ride
Proxes SportHigh-quality, summer tireCoupes, sedans, sports carsStability at high speeds, excellent handling, and grip
Observe GSI-6Winter tireSedans, coupes, SUV, CUVs,Outstanding handling on icy, snowy, and slippery roads. Enhanced traction on ice, snow, and slush

Other small vehicle tires produced by Toyo Tires for their USA consumers include; Observe G3-Ice, and Celsius II, Celsius, among many others.

Light truck tires

As a tire brand, Toyo Tires focuses on producing light truck tires for the US to offer improved traction and longevity.

These tires are designed for SUVs, pickups, and light trucks and are suitable for you if you love the thrills and adrenaline of driving both on-road and off-road.

Some of the light truck tires that the company produces for truck owners in the USA include:

Open country H/T II

Designed with longer tread life, improved handling, and wet braking performance, this tire relies on the quality and reputation of the legendary Open Country H/T.

Whether you are a proud owner of a light truck or SUV, you’ll appreciate the consistent performance of these tires throughout their lives and the way they compliment your vehicle.

Open Country A/T II

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This is an all-terrain tire that comes with a treadwear warranty of up to 65,000 miles and delivers gripping off-road traction that any outdoor adventurer or enthusiast would be proud of. 

Its stability, toughness, and wet performance will instill in you the confidence and peace of mind that no matter the terrain or weather, you’ll always be safe.


This is an iconic commercial-grade tire that was built to handle some of the toughest off-road terrains in the US.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving through mud, snow, or rough terrain, you can rest easy knowing that the Toyo M-55 will handle it because it’s one of the best commercial truck tires made in the USA.

The longevity of its tread and overall robustness offers dependable year-round service to heavy-duty truck drivers. In other words. This is what you need if you want to carry heavy loads.

I created the table below to summarize the information above.

ModelTypeType of vehicleKey features
Open Country H/T IIHighway TerrainLight trucks, SUVs, pickupsGood handling, longevity, stability, and smooth rides
Open Country A/T IIAll-terrainLight trucks, SUVs, pickupsGood handling and stability both on-road and off-road, long-lasting tread life, enhanced off-road traction
M-55Commercial truck tiresLight trucks, vans, commercial vehiclesAmazing robustness and superb for handling demanding conditions

Other light truck tires made by Toyo Tires for motorists in the USA include; Open Country R/T Trail, Open Country R/T,  and Open Country M/T, among others.

High-performance tires

If you have American muscle cars, sports cars, or luxury vehicles, this is the best category for you. 

These tires are optimized for high speed and offer improved handling and grip compared to other types of tires that we’ve discussed. 

Some of the high-performance tires that Toyo Tires produces include:

Proxes R1R

Whether you’ll ‘em loud or powerful, having a muscle or sports car would mean that you need tires with aggressive and arrowhead tire designs. This is what the R1R offers.

The high-grip compound and extra-wide footprint make this extreme-performance summer tire ideal for high acceleration and driving through corners.

Proxes ST III

This is an all-season tire that offers perfect balance, dynamic looks, and wider tread required for high-performing sports cars.

It offers superb handling, a quiet ride, and consistent performance throughout the seasons.

Extensa HP II

This is a value-driven high-performance tire that offers excellent all-season handling. It offers the right balance between astonishing performance and dynamic styling needed for a sports car.

Below is a summary of the details.

ModelTypeType of carsKey features
Proxes R1RHigh-performance racing tireTrack useExcellent grip, handling, and stability at high speeds
Proxes ST IIIHigh-performance street tireSports cars, coupes, sedansExceptional handling, stability, and grip in dry and slippery conditions
Extensa HP IIHigh-performance All-season tireAll-season useGood handling. Stability, and grip in all conditions. Quiet and comfortable ride

Other high-performance tires manufactured by Toyo Tires include; Proxes RA1, Proxes RS1, Proxes TQ, Proxes RR, and Proxes R888.

Toyo Tires comparison with other Brands

In comparing Toyo Tires with other brands, I looked at various factors including performance, durability, and cost. 

The table below shows how tires from Toyo Tire holdings compare against other leading tire brands in the country.

Toyo TiresExcellentExcellentModerate to high
GoodyearGood to excellentGood to excellentModerate to high
BridgestoneGood to excellentGood to excellentHigh
ContinentalGood to excellentGood to excellentModerate to high

From the above table, you can see that Toyo Tires offers excellent performance and longevity, which makes them an ideal option if you’re looking for quality tires. 

In terms of durability, Toyo Tires are resistant to wear and tear as they’re built with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to guarantee long-lasting performance and reliability.

As far as cost is concerned, Toyo Tires are more expensive than Goodyear Tire and Continental. Toyo tires are cheaper than Michelin and Bridgestone. These are some of the things that you have to consider when you want to buy tires for your vehicle.

Key Takeaways

  • Toyo Tires is one of the leading tire manufacturers in the US
  • It offers a wide range of tire models to meet the specific needs of different drivers
  • Toyo tires stack well against other leading brands in the country
  • These are high quality tires that offer great value for your investment