Toyo Tires For A Motorhome: Are They Your Best Option?

Tires are pretty important for motor homes. Do motor home drivers think that Toyo tires are good compared to other brands like Michelin and Goodyear?

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Are Toyo Tires Good For Motorhomes?

Toyo RV tires are a good option for any motorhome. The answer does depend on what you are looking for, but Toyo RV tires have a couple of great features, like locking sipes, good gas mileage, and UV protection that make them stand out over the rest, like Michelin tires.

Let’s explore what makes Toyo tires unique and well-adapted to motorhomes. 

We will be really honest here: There are better brands out there when it comes to delivering a smooth ride for your motorhome, namely Michelin and Continental. 

Unfortunately, in the world of tires for literally any vehicle, you’ll find yourself contending between having quiet tires, tires with great performance and grip, and tires that are priced well compared to others.

A Toyo tire gets the job well done at a lower price than Michelin or Continental, which are the two most well-known brands besides Goodyear readily in a set of four tires for an RV – and often by several hundred dollars.

What advantages does Toyo have over other brands like michelin tires?

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One distinct advantage to Toyo tires is that they often include a UV protective coating on their tires. This keeps the tires from appearing worn, and prevents the cracking that comes from sitting in the sun.

Since RV owners are often driving to nice, warm places and don’t always – if ever, get to park in a garage, having a UV coating on the sidewall of the tire can be nice, especially for those concerned about how their tires look.

Are there any disadvantages of Toyo tires?

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Toyo vs Michelin

The bad news for Toyo tires is that they often underperform compared to their chief rivals in Michelin tires, Goodyear, and Continental – though not dramatically. 

Places like TireRack put tires through serious tests to see how long it takes them to stop on dry roads, in the rain, and on other surfaces. Toyo competes with the top dogs there but isn’t the best in most cases.

Other tests used to rank tires are often more subjective, like how they feel and how responsive they are. 

Toyo does OK here, but we also have to keep in mind that motorhomes aren’t known for being very nimble vehicles – still, having a more responsive tire can help you in a situation where a few feet – or an extra half a second counts. 

Toyo tires do have what is called locking sipes. Locking sipes are parts of the tread that allow water, snow, and whatever else might be on the road to flow around the tire and not make contact with the pavement. 

A locking sipe is designed to make an intersection in these little channels so that the tire can make better contact with the ground and force water and snow out faster. 

To be fair, many tire manufacturers have similar technology, including michelin tires and many others. 

Manufacturing tires is a matter of choosing the right way to use rubber and silicone while making small cuts to ensure the driver gets the right kind of traction – and most companies differentiate themselves using unique blends of rubber to create the right mix of performance under heat and cold. 

One more pro for Toyo tires is that many Toyo tires are made in the USA.

Which Toyo tires should I get?

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Many reviews we have seen recommend the Toyo M154’s make good motorhome tires because they have a relatively smooth ride and can go for at least three years without any problems.

The M144 model has also been known to get good gas mileage because of its low rolling resistance, which will certainly help you at the pump since motor homes tend to not get great fuel economy.

Both of these are steel radial tires, with an elastic and steel belt on the inside designed in tire construction to keep the tire together for several years, and to provide good, consistent cornering in your motorhome. 

Do quality tires make a difference in a motorhome?

Yes! A motor home needs good tires, especially if you are going to be using it on a regular basis. 

Toyo RV tires certainly can be quality, though you should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of Toyo motorhome tires when looking for a good RV tire.

Due to their overall weight, RVs take a while to stop, so you’ll want one that has a predictable stopping ability. 

While we can’t speak for all RV owners, many of them travel with the intent to avoid snow, so a RV tires ability to handle snow might be important to you, at least. 

Tires can indeed make a difference in fuel efficiency. A big, blocky tire with lots of grip, like a snow tire, can negatively impact fuel efficiency while a low profile tire that offers less grip (unless you pay more for a more aggressive tread) will use less gas because the motorhome is wasting less energy trying to turn the tire.

Should you decide to drive your RV in the winter, we might suggest Michelin RV tires instead. They have more options for the snow and are generally well-reviewed and well-liked for snow tires as well as truck tires, which often serve the same purpose.

What should I look for in an RV tire?

Many RV owners will shop based on price, and we can’t exactly blame them. RV tires aren’t exactly cheap and can cost you thousands especially if your RV takes more than 4 tires. 

Though this may sound obvious, we would actively seek the best combination of price and the kind of performance you actually want first. 

For example, how does the Toyo tire you are looking at compare to others for stopping distance? Does having a truly plush ride in your motorhome matter to you? Is your motorhome capable of a plush ride in a way that you would truly notice? 

Do know that Toyo does provide good quality tires though, especially if you are focused on price and being able to leave your RV garages in the hot sun without baking the tires.

Think about how you really use your motorhome. Toyo motorhome tires might be the best option for you, and you truly might not notice the difference between them and more premium brands like Michelin tires or Goodyear.

Where do I find Toyo tires?

While tire manufacturers tend to make their tires widely available, your local tire dealer probably has Toyo for an option. If they don’t, you can easily look up Toyo RV tires vendors online to find a place that does carry them.

Key Takeaways

  • Toyo RV tires can do well on motorhomes, though they might not be the best option to go with
  • An RV owner might want to try Michelin tires or another brand if they are driving through snow
  • A good RV tire matters as RVs are large vehicles that take longer to stop
  • When focusing on comfort consider Michelin tires or Goodyear tires instead of Toyo, though they are not cheap
  • Toyo’s biggest advantage is the price and ability to handle dry pavement well.