Ontario man’s Corvette dreams are fueled by Chevrolet and Ron Fellows

This post is a rewrite from an article written by Gary Grant in 2015. To preserve the organic structure of this site, I have rewritten this article to preserve site structure.

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Here is the Article: Ontario man’s Corvette dreams are fueled by Chevrolet and Ron Fellows

The car hobby is renowned for its community, individuals who possess a fervent enthusiasm not only for automobiles but for the people who share their passion. Today, a small event took place at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, reinforcing my belief that the most compelling aspect of the car hobby is the people.

Earlier this week, Chevrolet Canada learned of a campaign initiated by a young Port Perry resident to secure a Corvette for his father, who suffers from ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). With the holiday season in full swing, Chevrolet Canada sprang into action to provide Scott McKenzie with an unforgettable experience.

Marshall McKenzie, an 18-year-old, along with his mother Theresa, their family, and close friends brought Scott to the facility, where he was greeted by Canadian racing legend Ron Fellows. After a brief introduction, Scott was secured into the passenger seat of a vibrant yellow Corvette Z06. Fellows piloted his guest on a few high-speed laps around the iconic Mosport Grand Prix circuit, made even more thrilling by the cold and damp track surface.

The elation on McKenzie’s face when he and Fellows exited the track was indescribable. Scott was overjoyed by the experience.

The McKenzie family has struggled financially due to Scott’s illness, and the cost of his care has been insurmountable. Scott’s dream had always been to purchase a Corvette for himself upon retirement. However, after being diagnosed earlier this year, he realized he would never be able to afford one. Most patients afflicted with ALS live for only two to three years after the disease takes hold, and Scott’s health has declined significantly in just nine months.

Marshall McKenzie is committed to making his father’s dream a reality by purchasing a Nineties-era Corvette. He has launched a GoFundMe campaign (NOT ACTIVE) to collect donations, with the objective of raising enough money to buy his father the car. If they are unable to raise the requisite amount, or if Scott passes away, the car will be sold, and the proceeds will be donated to the ALS foundation.

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