Does Costco Have Air For Tires?

In addition to having unbeatable prices, Costco offers a variety of different auto care services to its customers, but do they have air for tires?

Does Costco Have Air For Tires?

Yes, Costco has air for tires. Tire inflation is a free service that Costco offers to its members through its auto care program. All you need to do is call your local Costco, tell them where you are parked (in the Costco parking lot), and they will send someone to fill your tires for free.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the auto care services that Costco offers, including tire air inflation. Keep reading to learn more about how to get your tires filled at Costco.

How Much Does Air for Tires Cost at Costco?

Getting air in your tires at Costco is completely free. Over the years, Costco has built a reputation for being one of the most dependable and cost-effective places to shop.

They continue to solidify their position as a crowd-favorite store thanks to the various auto care services they offer, which includes getting your tires inflated at no cost. 

These days, all you need to do is pull up to your local Costco store and you can take care of all your shopping and most of your auto care needs in one fell swoop.

Do You Need to Be a Costco Member to Get Your Tires Inflated?

Yes, you need to be a Costco member if you want to get your tires filled. Unfortunately, much like with many of Costco’s services, the company requires you to be a member if you want to get your car tires inflated for free. 


Costco does this to give people incentives to become members, and it’s one of the many reasons why so many people sign up. This wholesale store offers a bunch of different services and benefits to its customers, making its membership deals too good to pass up. 

Now you might be wondering if there is a way around being a Costco member to get air in your tires, such as paying for the service. Unfortunately, Coscto’s auto care program is only available to members and you will need to sign up to get involved. 

How Much is a Costco Membership?

A Costco membership currently costs only $60 per year. Being a member allows you to shop at any Costco store nationwide and you can take advantage of the various benefits they offer their customers, which includes getting your tires inflated for free.

A lot of people tend to stay clear of Costco when they hear there’s a membership fee to sign up and shop. While the upfront $60 cost for an annual membership does put a small dent in your wallet, it’s nothing compared to the savings you can get when you calculate your expenses over months of shopping.

With that said, Costco also offers different types of memberships depending on the benefits you want. These are the three primary membership options that Costco currently has available:

  • Gold Star Membership – $60 per year
  • Business Membership – $60 per year
  • Executive Membership – $120 per year

How to Get Your Tires Inflated at Costco

Getting your tires inflated at Costco is very easy. In fact, Costco simplifies this process and makes it more convenient than any gas station or auto mechanic by filling up your tires wherever you park your car in their lot. 

To get your tires filled at Costco, you just need to call up your local store and provide them with the information they ask for. You will be instructed to leave your car in a specific spot or they will ask you where you parked your vehicle so they can come by and fill your tires.

I find this is a particularly convenient service given that you can take care of all your shopping while a representative from Costco’s auto care program comes by and puts air in your tires. 

How Much Does a Tire Pressure Check Cost a Costco?

Much like getting your tires filled, checking your tire pressure is completely free at Costco. This is another perk of being a member at Costco, given that you can handle basic auto care and maintenance tasks at no charge. 

The process for getting your tire pressure checked is very similar to getting air. Simply call up your local Costco store, let them know where you are parked, and they will take care of the rest.

Does Costco Have Air For Tires?

Can You Fill Up on Gas at Costco?

Yes, you can fill up your car’s gas tank at Costco. Once you become a Costco member, you can make use of the gas stations found at most store locations. 

I find this is one of the best places to fill up your car’s tank given that Costco fuel prices are usually guaranteed to be lower than normal gas stations. On average, you can expect savings of at least 5 to 25 cents less per gallon when you fill up at Costco. 

With the current price of fuel being through the roof, smart consumers are looking for any option that results in paying less at the pump. Getting a Costco membership means that you can save a decent amount of money on your overall fuel costs. 

Can You Buy a Car at Costco?

While Costco does not usually sell cars at their store locations, you can buy a car through their auto program. Costco offers its customers a huge selection of new and used cars, which are for sale at a better price than virtually any dealership. 

Customers save an average of $1,000 more by buying a car through the auto program than at a standard car dealership. This implies that you don’t need to bargain for a better price, as Costco has already negotiated the best deal you could ask for. 

Key Takeaways

  • Yes, Costco has air for tires and offers an air inflation service.
  • Tire air inflation is completely free for all Costco members.
  • To have your tires inflated, simply call up your local Costco store, let them know where you are parked (in the Costco parking lot), and they will send someone to fill your tires.