Costco Premium Gas: Does it have ethanol?

There is a lot of talk about gasoline today, but do we know what is in our gas? Does Costco gas have ethanol in it?

Costco premium gas does contain ethanol. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 requires that all gas in the United States has ethanol or biodiesel. This makes gas more renewable and environmentally friendly compared to pure gasoline. Costco complies with the law and labels the amount of ethanol on the pump.

In the United States, you cannot drive into a gas station and pump pure gas into your car. Ethanol helps both your car and the environment, but how?


Costco Gas

Costco Gasoline stations are only available for Costco Members and people using Costco Shop cards. The layout of the gas station is strategically planned so it is extremely efficient.

It makes your trip to get gas done faster and smoother. The lines are all one way, and the pumps have extra-long fuel lines so that it doesn’t matter which side your gas tank is on. You can pull up to either side, and the gas pump will reach your tank. (Source)

Costco has made a point to be the place to go for cheap products in bulk. You can get multiple items that other stores sell as a singular product.

Costco is a great place to go for families trying to not overspend on groceries. In one trip, a family can get lunch, pick up groceries, and fill up the car with gas. Costco is made to be convenient for you, and their gasoline line and pumps are no different.

Costco uses gas pumps that have specific nozzles that help prevent spills. The nozzle can fit inside the gas tank and it works well to stop filling up after the gas tank is full.


For consumers, this is not ideal because it means you can’t top off your tank. But, research shows that topping off your tank is what leads to spills. So, Costco is saving their members from getting gasoline on them as well as saving their workers from having to deal with a gasoline spill.

Costco gas stations also have Costco workers there to help assist in any way they can. They can help people who have difficulty pumping their car, help people trying to pay and are having trouble, and they can help ensure that there are no spills and messes in the area.

Costco sells gas like how they sell all their products, which is “high volume and low prices.” They make sure they have plenty of gas for their members, and they make sure that you can get gas at an affordable price.

However, some people wonder why they can’t keep their gas at the same low price all the time. Why do gas prices often go up?

Why Gas Prices Fluctuate

Gas prices fluctuate depending on the economy. Generally, prices can go up or down but when you see the drastic changes in gas prices, it can also be from a supply and demand issue. For instance, as of March 2022, gas prices are getting exceptionally high and some people don’t fully understand why.

America gets gasoline from multiple sources, and about 8% of our gas products come from Russia. We also get gas from Canada (51%), Mexico (8%), Saudi Arabia (5%), and Colombia (2%). The 8% of gas products we get from Russia accounts for 249,154 barrels of oil and gas products.

Costco Gas Pump

With the US not trading or consuming oil from Russia amidst all the conflict, the US loses 8% of their oil intake, so there is a lower supply and a higher demand, and gas prices have skyrocketed. (Source)

Gas is always in high demand, but now it is in a lower supply than usual, and the lower supply means that prices have increased and will continue to do so, which many Americans are currently complaining about. So, if you have ever thought about why gas stations can’t all come together and decide on a price that best suits everyone, you now have the answer.

Gas is used not only in your car, truck, and motorcycle but also in your home. Do you have a gas stove? Do you have a gas fireplace? Do you have a gas heater?

There are many products that require gas in your home, and you can see an increase in your gas bill as other gas products increase. Even your washer and dryer can run on gas. So, know that gas is a big part of your everyday life, and not just as fuel to run your car.

Knowing how gas works in the economy can help you understand more about your uses and applications for gas every day.

Gas prices also reflect the type of gas you get. At the gas station, you know that there are buttons and they have different prices labeled on them. They say things like “leaded” “unleaded” “premium” and more. Well, those differences can cause an increase and decrease in price as well.

Why Gas has Ethanol

Costco Gas Pump 1

Gasoline has ethanol in the United States because of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The policy declares that gasoline for cars needs to have ethanol in it.

The required amount is about the same or lower than 10% ethanol content, that way the emissions from cars are overall less harmful to the environment.

If you go to Costco, they abide by the law and have the required amount of ethanol in their gasoline. Costco also has the ethanol content of the gas labeled on the different gasoline options so that you can see for yourself how much ethanol is in your gas.

So, it is easy to understand why gas has ethanol in it, but some people have their preference as to if they like or dislike ethanol vs. regular/pure gasoline.

Today, only people who drove before 2005 remember the difference in the fuel, but now that all gas contains ethanol, there is no need to compare.