Fit 35 Inch Tires On A Chevy Trail Boss: Know this first!

If you prefer a more extensive set of tires, 35-inch ones are a good choice, but you may wonder whether they will fit a Chevy Trail Boss or not. Installing 35-inch tires requires the right equipment, including a lift kit that you may not be familiar with. This will allow you to provide enough ground clearance to accommodate the bigger tire size. 

The Chevy Trail Boss will usually be able to handle 35-inch tires without any problems. However, you need to increase the lift on your vehicle to accommodate the larger tires to avoid any fender damage. Without a lift, the recommended maximum tire size is 33.5 inches on the Chevy Trail Boss. 

35-inch tires will fit on a Trail Boss. However, it’s not as simple as just changing the size of your tire because other considerations need to be taken into account when fitting larger tires onto your car. We explain how to fit these tires on your Chevy Trail Boss to maximize vehicle performance and safety. 

We have tested this theory by installing a set of 35-inch tires on this truck before. We also compiled research that measures the vehicle size, ground clearance, and lift required to make it possible. 

Will 35 Inch Tires Fit On A Chevy Trail Boss?

Will 35 Inch Tires Fit On A Chevy Trail Boss?

The Trail Boss is a full-size truck that can handle up to 35-inch tires. The truck comes with a standard suspension system that has been designed to keep the vehicle stable while driving on rough terrain.

It is possible to fit 35-inch tires on a Trail Boss. The only issue is that the tires will stick out of the wheel wells. This can be solved by shaving down the fenders or by using a lift between the tire and wheel well.

Chevy recommends a maximum tire size of 33.5 inches based on the vehicle size, but other customizations can be made to accommodate 35-inch tires too. 

After these modifications are done, you should have no issues fitting a 35-inch tire, and depending on the amount of lift, you could go even bigger. 

However, this vehicle is not built to fit 35-inch tires as a stock option from the dealer. In fact, they do not recommend using tires this big, but using a lift kit will make it possible. 

What Lift Is On The Trail Boss?

The Trail Boss is a four-wheel-drive vehicle that has a small amount of lift installed at the rear to increase ground clearance. But this is not enough lift to accommodate 35-inch tires as stock wheels. 

You will not see any lift at the front of the vehicle. This is standard on many SUVs and trucks, but they have a small amount of lift between 1-2 inches depending on the stock wheel size. 

This amount of lift varies based on whatever your stock tire size is too. Each model can fit up to 33 or 33.5-inch tires without a lift too. 

Do You Need A Lift Kit For 35-Inch Tires?

You will need a lift kit for 35-inch tires. These kits are usually used in off-road vehicles and trucks that have larger tires. 

The primary reason why you need to install a lift kit for this tire size is that more clearance is needed between the vehicle’s frame and the ground. 

This is especially important if they plan on using their vehicle in rough terrain or on rough roads. Lift kits provide a way to improve ride quality, handling, and ground clearance. 

They can be installed on any vehicle that has a factory-installed suspension system. The installation process is not complex, but it does require some prior knowledge of automotive mechanics. 

If you are not comfortable with the installation process, we recommend hiring a professional to do it for you or finding an online guide that shows how to install the lift kit on your specific vehicle make and model.

How Much Lift Is Needed to Install 35 Inch Tires on A Trail Boss?

When you are looking for a tire, it is important to know what size you have and whether you can fit it on the vehicle safely.

You also need to make sure that your vehicle has the correct wheel backspacing and clearance. Try to take into consideration the amount of lift that the tires will have when they are installed on a vehicle.

The best way to figure out how much lift is needed would be by measuring the distance from the ground up to where the new tires will be installed on your trail boss. 

For the Trail Boss, you will need about two inches of lift at the front. 

Depending on the model type and stock wheel size, you likely need to add some lift to the rear of the vehicle too. It will be either one or two inches depending if the vehicle had any lift before. 

The truck’s tire size is 35 inches, so it will take some work to mount them on the truck. There will be a noticeable difference in height between the tires and the body of the vehicle.

Will 35 Inch Tires Fit On A Chevy Trail Boss?

Is It Safe To Use 35-Inch Tires On A Chevy Trail Boss? 

The Trail Boss has a suspension system that can handle the extra weight of the larger tire. The frame is also designed in such a way that it can handle any size tire without compromising its integrity or safety features.

It has a lot of ground clearance and can handle rough terrain. The tires are also wider than the average car tire, which helps them to absorb bumps in the road better.

35-inch tires are not designed to fit this vehicle without modifications though. 

This means the tires would rub against the fenders and cause vehicle damage if you did not give the vehicle enough lift before installation. 

What Is The Recommended Tire Size For a Chevy Trail Boss?

This is a truck that has a lot of off-road capabilities and can handle the toughest conditions. 

It is important to know what size tire to use on your Chevy Trail Boss because it will affect the performance.

The recommended tire size for a Chevy Trail Boss is 33 inches by the manufacturer. Tire size also impacts gas mileage and it varies based on the truck type. 

This tire size will give you more stability when driving over rough terrain and will also provide better traction in muddy conditions.

But this recommendation does not take into consideration any modifications like new fenders or lift kits. These allow you to fit larger tires for better performance comfortably. 

What Is The Biggest Tire You Can Fit On A Chevy Trail Boss?

The 37-inch tires are the largest tires that you can put on your Trail Boss. Any larger than this would require too much of a suspension lift, and it might make the vehicle less stable. 

If you don’t want to make any vehicle adjustments, 33 inches is likely the largest tire you can fit on your Trail Boss without causing fender damage. 

Depending on the model, you might even be limited to a smaller tire around 31 inches. Always check the lift of the truck before upgrading tire size too. 

The stock tire size tends to tell you what you can expect. But with modifications, you can increase tire size too.