Xtra Load Protect Review

Xtra Load Protect Review

Michelin is one of the leading tire brands in the world. The tire manufacturer from France has attained a leading role in the tire and automobile industry due to its ability to provide quality and diverse tires. After Bridgestone, the French manufacturer is regarded as the best in the industry.

As a leading brand, Michelin handles both the upstream and downstream aspects of the tire industry. The company designs and manufacture tires based on the needs and requirements of drivers and also sees to the distribution of these tires.

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Michelin has a long line of tires and the Michelin Xtra Load Protect is one of the quality products from this manufacturer. Michelin understands the need to increase payload capacity and by extension, the overall optimal profitability. This demand puts incredible stress on the tires, creating circumstances for easy damaging of rigid dump truck tires. This situation led to the design and manufacture of the Michelin Xtra Load Protect.

Made for payload trucks moving on dry and flat surfaces with sharp, hard, and abrasive soil conditions, the Michelin Xtra Load Protect comes with a three-star load capacity rating. This rating is awarded by the Tire and Rim Association and it is a testament to the quality and ability of the tire to carry more loads and travel more distances without suffering any damage.

Talking about load capacity and distances, the Michelin Xtra Load Protect can carry about 11 percent more load and experience a speed increase of up to 21 MpH. There are many benefits and advantages to this tire as we will see in the coming paragraphs.

Features and Benefits

Earthmover Tire

This tire is one of the latest additions to the Earthmover section at Michelin. Tires under this section are designed to cater to the needs of rigid dump trucks. This means that if your truck is usually used around construction sites and quarries, then the Michelin Xtra Load Protect is the best option for the truck.

Michelin understands that tires designed for this type of truck need to be strong and durable enough to withstand the abrasive soil conditions and maximize productivity without getting damaged. As a result, the tire manufacturer dedicated a lot of resources to the research and design process of this tire. As a result of these investments, Michelin North America was able to deliver a tire that allows you to carry heavier loads without compromising the performance and lifespan of the tire.

Three Star Rating

Recall, that we already mentioned that the tire comes with a 3-star rating from the Tire and Rim Association. This rating is rare and attests to the efficient stress and load distribution system available in the tire. A better load distribution system is made possible through the optimized tire design used for the Xtra Load Protect.

There is also a 7 percent increase in the tread life of the tire which is due to the high volume of tread rubber made available and the enhanced stress distribution network around the tire’s contact patch. Finally, the tire has interlocking blocks and corrosion-proof cables that provide improved heat dissipation around the tire by about 17 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wear Resistance

This tire comes in line to replace the X-Quarry SS and X-Haul tires which are both A4 Compound tires and B Compound Tires respectively. As against the X-Quarry SS tires, the Xtra Load tire provides about an 8 percent increase in wear resistance.

The new Xtra Load Protect also features the Michelin’s A4 compound which provides a heightened resistance to abrasions and cuts, and all other types of damages common with the harsh soil conditions.

Xtra Load Grip

The Xtra Load Grip is a perfect option for muddy ground conditions experienced in mining and quarrying operations. In these conditions, grip and traction are essential and the Xtra Load Grip can provide these features in full measure. The Xtra load grip offers about 5 percent improvement in wear life and about 12 tons increase per load.

The tire also features a 30 percent enhancement in the biting edges. This feature helps to improve the cornering ability, braking, and accelerating ability of the tire. Also, it enables the tire to accommodate faster speeds up to 21 mph, although this is also due to the internal cooler temperatures.

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It is important to note that this tire is the first 24.00R35 tire that comes with a 3-star rating. As a result, the Michelin Xtra Load Range can increase load capacity thereby maximizing the productivity of the rigid dump truck.

One of the reasons why the Michelin Xtra Load Protect can achieve all of these excellent performances is the new technical manufacturing process employed by Michelin. Coupled with Michelin’s dedication to perfection and the provision of optimal experience for rigid dump truck drivers.

Tested and Trusted

To ascertain the quality of the tire, the Xtra Load protect was tested with tires from competitors. The tested tires include Bridgestone VRLS and the Titan DT-H4 2. Both of these tires have the same protocol and configuration as the Xtra Load Protect.

The test was to measure the protection provided by the three tires, in which the Extra Load Protect came out atop with 147mm while the Bridgestone tire came second with 144mm and the Titan tire came last with 127mm.

Tire Sizes

  • 18.00 R 33 B
  • 18.00 R 33 A4
  • 21.00 R 33 B
  • 21.00 R 33 A4
  • 24.00 R 35 B
  • 24.00 R 35 A4

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