Was this massive Le-Mons wreck avoidable?

During the 24 Hours of Le-Mons Arse-Freeze-Apalooza yesterday, Ferkel the Nein-11 was involved in a massive crash. The VW Diesel Powered Porsche was racing in the back of a pack that was being led by a Vanagon of all things when the pack parts like the Red Sea and Ferkel’s driver is presented with a stationary Miata. Rather than make any avoidance move, Ferkel centre punches the Miata, which is then collected by another racer.

Most importantly, both drivers were not injured and the team is currently thrashing to get Ferkel back into the action. With big hits front and back, the Miata is toast.

I pose the question to all of you racers: Could this collision have been avoided?

Source: Ferkel the Nein-11

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