Toyo Versado LX Review

Toyo Versado LX

If your daily commute involves crossing over wet roads, make sure you have the tires for it. Look for a good set of all-weather tires for superior performance on dry and wet surfaces. This brings us to the Versado LX, an all-weather touring tire from Toyo Tires. It is designed to offer year-round enhanced handling, traction, and ride comfort.

Read on as we elaborate on some of its salient features:


Toyo Tires has provided some of the finest all-weather tires for decades. They have some of the best engineers who ensure that traction remains on-point on all surfaces. Some features of the Toyo Versado tire are discussed below.

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The tire’s features an asymmetric, non-directional pattern and comes with a high-silica compound for added traction and grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

Multi-Wave Sipes

It has four wide circumferential grooves coupled with multi-wave sipes near the tread. This combination provides enhanced wet surface handling, controllability, and restricts hydroplaning.

The tread’s high-density siping design delivers more biting edges for increased traction on wet, ice-ridden, and snow-covered roads. The high density on inside tread is key to the tire performance.

Silent Wall Technology

The tire’s sidewall is backed with an advanced silent wall technology, which reduces pipe resonance resulting in a quieter ride. The polyester cord minimizes irregular tread wear for a smoother and more comfortable commute experience with minimal road noise. Besides that, you get an impressive 80,000 miles tread warranty on tires with a T-speed rating.

Larger Contact Patch

We liked this Toyo tire because it comes with a larger contact patch on outside tread. This helps your tire achieve more tread to the ground resulting in more coverage between the car tire and uneven surface. Thanks to this, the ground increases lateral stiffness and traction.

Toyo Versado LX II

One of Toyo’s many strong-suits is that they listen! After reading through reviews and customer concerns, they further improved upon the popular LX variant.

The Toyo Versado LX II is an upgrade to the LX. It offers better fuel efficiency, long-lasting tread life and is ideal for luxury sedans and coupes.

The LX and LX II are both exceptional at their job. You have to consider what vehicle you have before choosing between either tire.



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What Vehicles Will Fit This Tire?

A list of some cars compatible with the LX Tire:

Tire Sizes


  • 205/65R15 94T BSL
  • 205/70R15 96T BSL
  • 215/60R15 94T BSL
  • 215/65R15 96T BSL
  • 215/70R15 98T BSL


  • 205/65R16 95T BSL
  • 215/60R16 95T BSL
  • 215/65R16 98T BSL
  • 225/60R16 98T BSL
  • 235/65R16 103T BSL


  • 215/65R17 99T BSL
  • 235/55R17 99T BSL


  • 215/55R18 95T BSL
  • 225/50R18 95T BSL
  • 225/55R18 98T BSL

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Price Range And Warranty

The price range for this tire is anywhere from $77 to $257.

Toyo Tires provide an exceptional 80,000 mileage tread life warranty on the Versado LX. It also offers a 5-year quality and material warranty and free replacement on the first 25% wear of the tire, which is made apparent from the tread depth.

Not only that, but Toyo also gives 500 miles or 45-day trail guarantee on this model.

Overall Thoughts

If you’re looking for a low-cost all-weather tire, look no further than Versado LX! It has many attractive features that lead to a comfortable driving experience and better performance.

However, what makes it a real winner is that it offers a quieter ride as opposed to other models. You won’t hear a sound while driving on both wet and dry surfaces.

The cornering grip may need a bit of improvement, but the tire is still far better in this department than most models on the market.

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