Toyo Ultra Z900 Review

Getting a set of all-season tires is one of the best things you can do for your car. All-season tires possess features and characteristics that provide optimum traction and driving performance for your car. These tires also allow you to have a smooth ride over any type of surface, be it wet, snow, or dry.

So with a set of all-season tires, the problem faced when driving over wet and snow surfaces gets solved. You also won’t have to worry about the effect of frequent drives on the ability of your tires to cope with extreme weather conditions.

While there are many brands of tires in the market, the Toyo Ultra Z900 ranks among the top choice. The makers of these had wagons, sedans, and SUV drivers in mind while designing the tires. It is an excellent touring tire, and its features allow for excellent performance on various road surfaces.

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This article will discuss the features of this all-season wheel and how it helps drivers enjoy a smooth ride on their cars. We will also examine some of its pros and cons in this review.

An Overview of the Toyo Ultra Z900

Tires are an important component of your vehicle, and to enjoy a smooth drive with the vehicle; you should get a good set. One of the best tires around at the moment is the Toyo Ultra Z900. It is one of the products of Toyo Tires, a Japanese auto-company that specializes in the design and manufacture of vehicle tires. This one is one of the many top-quality tires that the brand has churned out in recent times.

The Toyo Ultra Z900 provides reliability, high performance, and efficient control of road surfaces, regardless of its type. If you drive passenger vehicles or big cars (such as an SUV), you will understand the need for a quiet, comfortable, and smooth drive, even at high speeds. This wheel allows you to enjoy this and many more features.

It works perfectly with many car types. Examples include Audi A8, Chevrolet Captiva, Captiva Sport, and Tavera. Your Dodge Charger, Daewoo Winstorm, Kia Sedona, and Volvo XC40 are also excellent options for the tire. The reality is that one cannot list all the vehicles that this tire works well with. Just bear in mind that the options are numerous.

The wheel also comes in different sizes. These include size 14″, 15″ , 16″, 17″ and 18″. Each of these wheel sizes has different Ultra Z900 models.

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Features of the Toyo Ultra Z900

Effective Compound

The z900 season tire comes with an effective compound that works efficiently in all weather conditions. As a result, it is able to provide you with strong traction that lasts all year round. You also get awesome handling and a short braking distance as a result of the tire’s compound.

The Toyo Ultra Z900 is a perfect all-season tire because of its excellent traction capability. This traction feature gets augmented by an effective design. The makers of the tire designed its tread pattern to glide smoothly over all surface types, including wet and snow surfaces.

Tread Design

The Ultra Z900 also comes with four grooves, deep enough to ensure that water gets drained completely from its contact patches. The combination of the tread block shapes and tread pattern in this tire is so good that the wheel has an extra wet traction feature and more hydroplaning resistance ability.

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Ultra tires also have unique sipes with added biting edges. This enables the type to provide users with incredible traction, especially when driving on wet pavement or one covered with snow.

Another aspect of the tire’s design is the inclusion of a three-center rib and an optimal shoulder block design. The combination of these design components helps to maintain the tire’s contact on the road surface. This translates into a better steering response and driving stability.


Another excellent feature of the Ultra Z900 is its long life. Due to its design, the tire has a long usable phase. Its precise siping patterns provide the vehicle with a strong grip on the road throughout the duration of the drive. As a result, the tire distributes the driving pressure equally along the tread area.

This means that whenever you accelerate, negotiate a bend or apply brakes, the force effect is evenly distributed along the around the tires and the treadwear. This prevents irregular treadwear formation and elongates the useful life of the tire.

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The Silent wall Technology

You will get a quiet, comfortable, and smooth ride with Toyo Ultra Z900 tires due to its Silent Wall technology. Normally, when you drive, there is a noise made between the tread pattern and the road surface. The purpose of the Silent Wall technology is to reduce this noise. The technology works by using the grooves on the tire’s surface to channel the sound made by the contact through the footprint, thereby dampening them in the process. This dampened sound doesn’t get to the vehicle’s cabin, which means less noise.


Another feature that you will enjoy with the Toyo Ultra Z900 is stability. This wheel is a very stable one, and it shows in the way steering response becomes more precise and accurate over the drive duration. The position of the tread block enhances the ability of the tires to grip roads and negotiate corners effectively. This is possible because the position increases the number of biting edges that grips the surface while cornering, which keeps your vehicle safe and well rounded.

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The warranty policy on the Toyo Ultra Z900 tires depends on the tire size purchased. On v-rated tires, you get a limited warranty of 65000 miles, while H-rated tires get you 75,000 miles limited treadwear warranty.

These are some of the important features of the tire. Due to these features, it surpasses many tire brands in treadwear and overall performance.

Price Range

We cannot give a definite price on the Toyo Ultra Z900. However, you should prepare between $52 and $147 for one tire.


As impressive as these tires are, it is not without some drawbacks. In this section, we will discuss the pros and cons associated with this tire.



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Every car driver knows the importance of tires in the performance of a car. This is why you need to choose the right brands tire. The Toyo Ultra Z900 is one of the best all season tires you can get, especially if you drive a passenger vehicle. Its features allow it to perform better than other tire brands and provide value for every dollar spent on it.

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