Toyo R888R Review

The tire unarguably, is one of the most important components of a car. Thus, be it an SUV, light truck, or a sports car, without the tire, the vehicle cannot move. This realization has made the tire industry an important subsector of the automobile industry. And the industry has continued to churn out tires of different sizes, features, and capacity to ensure that automobiles get a befitting wheel.

One of the key players in the business of designing and manufacturing tires is Toyo Tires. The company has consistently produced top of the line tires for many years now and the name of the company has come to correlate with excellence.

It is thus no surprise when the company rolled out the Toyo Proxes R888R tires, a step up from the Proxes R888. These tires are competition tires, with advanced features such as new tread designs and improved contact patches. With these new features, the tire is able to deliver faster lap times and better dry handling performance. Apart from the dry grip handling, the tire works up easily and gets to the optimal temperature as fast as possible.

These features and other benefits of the Toyo R888R will be discussed in the review. We will also touch on subjects such as the price of the high performance tire, its warranty offers, and the tire sizes for your vehicle.

Toyo r888r Review

High Grip Race Compound

The tire features a high performing grip which allows it to provide consistent performance and reach the optimal operating temperature for road racing or on the track. This also allows it to provide excellent cornering on the racetrack for your car.

Optimized Contact Patch

This is one of the improvements that the R888R tires have over its predecessor. The contact patch on this tire is optimized to provide a better dry traction performance. This dry traction will work for acceleration, cornering, and braking. The wider centre rib is another optimization of the Proxes R888R. The center rib was made wider allowing for precise steering response and improved directional stability for your car.

Outer Treads Sporting Large Tread Blocks

You will notice that there are large tread blocks on the outside tread pattern. These shoulder blocks are important for maximizing the lateral grip of the tire for better cornering. The tread design improves grip levels and handling.

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Water Evacuation Channel

While the Proxes R888R will rarely get used on wet roads, except if it rains during the race, Toyo Tires still managed to include a water channel on the tire. This channel allows for effective disposal of water from the surface of the r888rs. It also helps with wet traction.

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Setup and care

As the Toyo R888R is a competition race tire, it is important to note some care and maintenance tips that ensure that you get the best for your car on the track. The first care tip is the optimal operating temperatures which must be kept between 160 degrees Fahrenheit and 220 degrees Fahrenheit. If the tire is lower than this stated temperature range, you will notice that the tire becomes less sticky and the compound becomes too firm. Temperatures over the stated range will have the tire lose its grip and the tread compound will become less firm and somewhat greasy. If this temperature state continues to persist, the tarmac will start eating into the tread, reducing the tread life and its performance.

Next is the hot inflation pressure. This should also be kept between 32 to 38 PSI. Within these pressures, the tire will have the highest grip, best steering response, and reduction of unexpected treadwear. The caster should be as positive as possible while the camber should be between -1 degrees and -3 degrees.

Vehicles that You can Use the Proxes R888R

As a competition race tire, the vehicles that you can use it are somewhat limited. However, they are not limited to only the following cars:

Toyo R888R review Price

This tire is probably one of the most expensive products from Toyo Tires. And rightfully so, as it is worth every dollar paid on it. It cost as much as 581 dollars per unit. This price could increase or decrease, depending on the sales platform. You could also get rebates, discounts, or coupon codes on your purchases, and this again depends on where you get the it from.

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As with almost every product in the automobile industry, you get a warranty on this tire. The warranty includes a 45 000 mile warranty. There is also a guarantee of tire uniformity for 1/32 inch of the wear. You also enjoy a 5-year material and workmanship warranty where you’d get free replacement tires for 25% of the wear. For the remaining time or 2/32 inch of tread depth, you can get a repair or replacement done at a prorated amount.

Also, when you buy the Proxes R888R, you get a 500-mile guarantee and a 45-day No Regrets offer. This offer allows you to get a refund if you are unsatisfied with the tires after purchase. This offer stands for 45 days after purchase or after driving 500 miles on the tires.


There are eight different sizes for the Proxes R888R. These sizes range from 13-inch tires to 20-inch tires. Each of these tire sizes has different models under them. For instance, the 13-inch tires are of three models, while the 16-inch tires include seven different models. The 18-inch tires have ten different models while the 20-inch tires have six different models.

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R888rs are proper race competition tire. They allow for faster lap times without depleting tread life. Also, the breakaway predictability of this tire is massive as it surpasses that of the RA1 also from the same tire company. The lateral grip provided by the tire was exciting and its entry into and exit from higher speeds comes with more comfort.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the R888R is a worthy replacement for its predecessor.

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