Toyo Proxes 4 All Season Review

A close search will reveal why car lovers prefer the Proxes 4 vehicle tires among dozens of tire brands. This preference is due to its assertive and fierce styling, the peak performance it renders in every season, and a wide variety of sizes to select from. 

As an ultra-high performance tire, the Toyo Proxes 4 all season vehicle tires will undoubtedly improve your everyday driving adventure in your sports sedan, Chevrolet Camaro or coupe. With many great tire brands to choose from we will break down the highlights offered with this tire compared to others.

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Overview Of All-Season Proxes 4 Plus Vehicle Tires

Welcome on board an M&S rated high performance all season tire with proven ultra-high performance output and ride comfort following a 500 mile trial. 

The Toyo All Season vehicle tire has been built as the best tire product for sports sedans, sport compact cars, and coupes. Just like the Toyo Proxes 4 Plus tires, these tires are created to provide excellent traction and cornering stability and resilience for that sports car in “all season, ” to give you that smooth and quiet ride.

Unlike other tire brands, Toyo has developed a unique S silica-reinforced high-grip tread depth, a feature similar to the Toyo Proxes 4 Plus model. The tread depth enables these tires to work flawlessly with an ingenious W-shaped tread pattern. These two parts combine to provide a constant and steady grip in all kinds of conditions, whether wet or dry or even in light snow. 

Thanks to this tire’s high angled tread grooves, it is easier to get rid of water under the tread and curtail the hazard of hydroplaning.

Furthermore, the curving center rib of the tire gives you that bliss of a reliable, durable, and responsive ride. Additionally, the steering response and the cornering grip are both dependable and sure. Toyo has further strengthened these tires efficiency with multi-wave sipes that lessen road noise and, consequently, curtail overall tread wear.

As for the warranty, it hinges on the tire’s speed rating. Note that a 50 000 tread warranty is provided amongst other special offers. 

For the size range, you can get sizes between 19-24 inches.

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Price Range:

Among quality tire brands this high performance tire is fairly priced, approximately $107 and higher. You may even be able to find special rebates, or special offers periodically on the Toyo Proxes 4 All Season.

Features And Benefits

In this section, we will consider the different features Toyo provides in this all-season tire before proceeding to the benefits each part of these tires gives to your everyday driving experience.

The enhanced silica in tread compound further increases the tire’s performance in wet conditions while still giving you a likewise terrific dry performance all the way.

We have stated earlier how this tire has produced a superior assertive and fierce design that still conforms with the present trend. The aggressive styling of this tire delivers a fine balance between the tire’s excellent dry performance and its outstanding wet traction.

All thanks to this feature on the Toyo Proxes all-season, you do not have to worry about excess water storing up and affecting your smooth ride. This feature enables water removal to enhance the wet traction as you drive through wet surfaces.

If you had a concern around whether you might find it hard to deal with issues around the tire’s directional steadiness, then there is good news. Thanks to the curving center rib, you have no worries, and what you have now is increased directional stamina and resilience.

Nobody wants a loud noisy ride as they drive along or a bumpy ride. Comfort is key when choosing the best tire for your vehicle. Thankfully, this addition will help reduce irregular wear to a minimum, thereby giving you that smooth, quiet ride everyone covets.

More so, this feature is another one of the tire’s features that augments the all-season traction you enjoy whenever you drive, regardless of the weather conditions.

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Just like every other product, there will be enviable features, and some not so enviable drawbacks as well. In this section, we have provided information regarding the pros and cons of this product.



What Vehicles Will The Proxes 4 All Season Suit?

Note that the list we have provided here is not a complete list of every vehicle this tire works well with for a smooth driving experience. Yet, we have thought it wise to list a few here. If you happen to find your kind of car here, then you can be rest assured of all of the benefits this tire has to offer. These tires are among the best tire choice for the following vehicles.


Toyo furnishes you with a 50 000 mile tread warranty on V, and W-speed rated vehicle tires, as well as 45 000 miles on Y-speed rated vehicle tires. An initial 1/32 inch of wear guarantee on tire uniformity comes with every size of this tire. 

There is a warranty of five years on materials and workmanship, which likewise includes a replacement for the first 25% of wear for free.

Toyo, unlike other tire brands, further provides what they call their No Regrets 45-day, 500-mile trial guarantee. In a case where you are not entirely pleased with the tires; you can either refund or replace them with a different model.

Our favorite warranty will certainly be the 50 000 and the 45 000 miles warranty. 

Closing Thought

If what you need is a set of tires created for daily driving with outstanding cornering grip and high-speed traction to match, then the Proxes 4 All Season tires suit your need perfectly and leaves you completely satisfied.

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