Toyo Open Country R/T Review

Toyo Open Country R/T

If you are familiar with the tire industry, you will realize that manufacturers do not release new products every day. However, when a major manufacturer decides to unveil a whole new segment of tires, then you know something great is about to happen. This is the feeling that experts in the tire and automobile industry had when Toyo Tires unveiled the Toyo Open Country R/T.

This tire, as described by the manufacturer, was built for rugged terrain and off road driving that light truck and SUV drivers ply frequently. The Toyo Tires unveiled that Toyo Open Country R/T seeks to provide excellent off-road traction while ensuring that users also get the best on-road experience with the tire.

In a bid to help drivers and other stakeholders in the tire and automobile industry, we decided to review the R/T and see how its features rank among other tires and how off road drivers can get the best from it. This article is, thus, a review of the Toyo Open Country R/T.

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Toyo Open Country R/T Features and Benefits

The idea behind Country R/T tires product is simple and straightforward; To provide a set of tires that falls in between the aggressiveness of All-terrain tires and the road-friendliness of Mud Terrain tires. The purpose of the tire is to be a product that fulfills both uses without compromise. The tire company believed that SUV and light truck will enjoy this type of tire, and rightly so, as the demand for the tire that achieves this middle ground has increased over time. This gave rise to the company’s motto with regards to the Toyo Open Country R/T; “Off-road performance meets on-road comfort with the Toyo Open Country R/T”.

With this background, let’s examine the design and construction details of this tire. To start with, the tire is American-made (100%) from the Toyo Tires factory in Georgia. While other tires also come from the same factory, this one is different as it combines qualities of both all-terrain tire and mud terrain tire to emerge as a balanced rugged terrain tire. This feature makes the Toyo Open Country R/T strong enough to withstand the rocks and dirt on rough roads and quiet and smooth enough normal roads.

The Toyo R/T uses a three-ply polyester casing. This is to provide overall tire strength for the Toyo Country R/T while it carries a heavy load or in an air-downed operation off-road. This casing, by extension, also protects the tire and elongates its tread life, which is the reason behind the treadwear warranty of 45 000 miles placed by Toyo Tires on this tire. Spoiler Alert; you would probably not find any other rugged terrain off road tire with that type of warranty.

Toyo Open Country R/T Tires

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The tread design of this tire clearly shows that it combines the properties of an all-terrain tire and that of a mud-terrain tire. The new open country uses wide shoulder grooves which ensures that there is little or no buildup of mud and snow for off road driving. The shoulder blocks design allows the tire to have great off-road traction. However, the grooves are not as spaced as they are in the M/T tires. There are also scalloped shoulder lugs in the tire, providing much more traction and grip in the mud, snow, or dirt.

There is a unique feature on the new Open Country R/T. Each side of the tire features different sidewall designs. Nevertheless, each side has the same cut resistance and side-impact protection, regardless of the sidewall design. The R/T tire features stone and mud ejectors, placed in between the tread to prevent rocks from drilling into the tire. Finally, there is an optimized tread pattern in the off road tire that allows for the reduction of noise and quieter road operation.

There are a variety of sizes for the tire. In between the 17, 18, and 19-inch tires, some numerous models and sizes would fit different vehicle types. (more on that later).

Toyo Open Country R/T Tire

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Noise Reduction

Depending on the road type, the sound or noise made by a tire differs. Thus, we started by testing the Open Country R/T on city streets. The tires were not noisy and in fact, sound just like every other all-terrain tires tested previously. However, city streets are not the best test of a tire’s noise, the highway is. So, off to the highway we went.

And the tire didn’t disappoint. Now, this is not to mean that the Toyo R/T was quiet because it wasn’t. But it was not as loud as one would have expected an aggressive, or better put, an R/T tire to be.

Road Handling

There is also a pass mark for the tire in this regard. The Open Country R/T felt great on the highway. While there is a bit of vibration to the steering wheel, this is expected given the aggressive nature of the tire. The dry traction of the tire is quite impressive too, and this applies to the wet traction ability. In conclusion, you will get the same excellent road handling that you get with an A/T tire. Also, despite its aggressive nature, it uses the same quantity of fuel that an A/T and M/T tire uses.

After testing on the highway, it makes sense to test the open country R/T on dirt, off-road, and see how it performs on this surface. After the test, we were impressed with the tire as it performed excellently well on surfaces such as sandy uphill, hard-packed fire roads, and even muddy sections. The grip and traction displayed, even in fine sand, bears testament to the excellence of the tire.

Toyo Open Country R/T Side Wall Design

Air Pressure

During the test, we use a pressure of about 40 PSI on the highway, and we continued with this pressure even off-road. While the tires held on well enough, we discovered that it could do a lot better if the pressure was down to about 20 PSI. At this pressure, there was little or no difficulty or stiffness witnessed with the tire. The tire took turns without bead locks and engaged in fun and aggressive driving at this pressure. Thus, to get the best out of the open country R/T off-road, you should reduce the pressure to about 20 PSI.

Vehicles that the Open Country R/T Would Fit

Originally, the tire was designed to cater to the needs of light truck and SUV vehicles. However, seeing as the tire falls comfortably in between the M/T tire and A/T tire, almost all types of vehicles will fit perfectly with the tire.

Toyo Open Country R/T

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Below are some of the vehicles:

It is important to clarify that this is not the complete list of vehicles that the R/T can work with. This actual list is too long to be covered with this review. Therefore, if you do not find your vehicle on this list, that doesn’t mean that you cannot use the tire with your vehicle.



Performance Ratings


This tire is probably one of the most expensive products from Toyo Tires. And rightfully so, as its performance is worth every dollar paid on it. It cost as much as 287 dollars to get this tire. This price could increase or decrease, depending on the sales platform. You could also get rebates, discounts, or coupon codes on your purchases, and this again depends on where you get the tire from.


As with almost every product in the automobile industry, you get a warranty on this tire. The warranty includes a 45 000 mile warranty. There is also a guarantee of tire uniformity for 1/32 inch of the wear. You also enjoy a 5-year material and workmanship warranty where you’d get free replacement tires for 25% of the wear. For the remaining time or 2/32 inch of tread depth, you can get a repair or replacement done at a prorated amount.

Also, when you buy the Toyo Open Country R/T, you get a 500-mile guarantee and a 45-day No Regrets offer. Specific details on the warranty can be found on their website. This offer allows you to get a refund if you are unsatisfied with the tires after purchase. This offer stands for 45 days after purchase or after driving 500 miles on the tires.

500 mile trial

Tires Sizes

There are six different tire sizes for the Toyo Open Country R/T. These sizes range from 15-inch tires to 22-inch tires. Each of these tire sizes has different models under them. For instance, the 15-inch tires are of only one model, while the 16-inch tires include three different models. The 18-inch tires have seven different models while the 22-inch tires have three different models.


A proper R/T tire should combine the positive features of the A/T and that of the M/T to provide a balanced driving experience for drivers. This is exactly what the Toyo Open Country R/T has done, and this makes it one of the best-rugged terrain off road tires that the industry has ever seen.

Open Country R/T Tire

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