Toyo Open Country HT Review

Toyo Open Country HT

The Toyo Tires brand is a company that is gaining more relevance in the industry every day. The brand seems to be increasing its product lines so that it can appeal and meet the unending demands of the industry. One of the results of its product expansion exercise is the design and manufacture of the Toyo Open Country HT.

The Toyo Open Country HT is an all-season tire with M+S ratings, which means it has been used as original equipment on popular car brands such as Toyota and Honda. The manufacturers of the tire had driver’s comfort, durability, and efficiency in mind when making the tire. Drivers of vehicles such as light trucks, SUVs, and Crossovers. Again, it is an all-terrain tire and provides an excellent and consistent driving experience for drivers.

The Toyo Open Country HT has impressive grip and traction features as it features a symmetric and non-directional tread design. As a result of these features, the grip and traction work well on all types of road surfaces and weather conditions.

Toyo Open Country HT Tire

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The Toyo Open Country HT also features two deep circumferential grooves that allow for the effective dispelling of water. Due to this feature, the risk of hydroplaning reduces. There are also stability rib and multi-wave sipes that slow and reduce the rate of irregular and prolonged tire wear. Also, these features and components contribute to the reduction in road noise, an exciting feature of the Toyo Open Country HT. The road noise reduction allows for added ride comfort on long journeys, regardless of the road surface. The multi-wave sipes also have the extra function of providing the tire with extra grip and traction on wet road surfaces. The Toyo Open Country HT has two steel belts, which are internal components of the tire. These internal components add durability and strength to the tire.

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Wet Handling and Wet Weather Performance

One of the exceptional features of the tire is its wet weather performance. The tire possesses an intricate tread pattern that combines with deep evacuation grooves and sipes to collect and evacuate water from the surface of the tire. If you drive with the Toyo Open Country HT at your wheel on a damp road, you will bear witness to its impeccable grip. Braking on these road surfaces is as efficient as it can get, thanks to the tread compound, and you may only witness longer braking on wet roads due to oil deposits on the road surface, making the road slicker.

Features and Benefits

Off-road Performance

While the Toyo Open Country HT was designed primarily as a highway tire, most of its users, drivers of either a light truck or SUV, are usually very active, which means that you are likely to find them driving off-road for one reason or another. The tire company factored this into the design and manufacture of the Toyo Open Country HT, as it comes with an impressive off-road performance.

If you happen to drive these tires on gravel or poorly maintained road surfaces, you may not have the smoothest ride ever (given the nature of the road). However, you will appreciate the effort that went into making the Open Country HT as it will find its way through the road surface without you having to engage low-range. While you may not experience this on a loose graveled road (the tires may slide, rather than dig in) a well-maintained and high-used gravel road produces a better reaction and performance.

Every Day Driving Performance

It is important to understand that this tire provides excellent wet and dry handling all season. This also extends to its braking performance during wet or dry weather. If you want to test this, You can try some panic stops while testing the tires. You may be surprised to see that the brakes would get tired before the tires. If the road is twisty, and you have to negotiate bends and corners incessantly, the Open country HT provides excellent lateral stability and good steering feedback.

Toyo Open Country HT Performance Ratings




The price for the Toyo Open Country HT is $102. However, depending on the store or sales platform, you can get discounts, coupon codes, and rebates on the tire.

Toyo Open Country HT


You get a 60 000 miles treadwear warranty on every Open Country HT, regardless of if it’s a metric and P-metric tire. Toyo also guarantees that there will be a sort of tread uniformity for the first 1/32 inch wear. There is also a workmanship and material warranty and this covers free replacement for 25% of the wear. This warranty lasts only five years.

After five years, a replacement will be done at a prorated amount. The same thing goes for the final 2/32 inch wear. Finally, there is also a 45-day No Regrets guarantee, also known as the 500-mile guarantee. This warranty exists when you buy the Toyo Open Country HT or any other Toyo products. You can return it and request a refund if you are not happy with the product after 45 days or 500 miles.

Vehicles That Uses the Toyo Open Country HT

Popular Fitments

Tire Sizes

Another impressive feature of this tire under review is that it comes in different varieties and each variety comes in different sizes. The tire inches start from 15 to 22. For each of these inches, there are different sizes. For instance, the 15-inch tires come in seven different sizes, 16-inch tires have 27 sizes, 17-inch has 34 sizes, and 19-inch tires have 3. the 18-inch tires come in 23 sizes, 20-inch with 6 sizes and 22-inch have one size.


There is no doubt that the Open country HT tire from Toyo is one of the best tires in the light truck and SUV market. While it is not the cheapest option, it does provide excellent wet traction, with its tread compound, among other features, making it a viable alternative for the big names in the market.

The tire handles wet and dry road driving exceptionally well, and the wide grooves on the tire help it to effectively drain water off the tire surface, preventing hydroplaning. The tires are quite responsive to steering and you will enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride in your vehicle on these tires.

Toyo Open Country HT Tires

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However, the tire was found lacking in the area of winter driving. Once there are more than a few inches of snow on the road, you may need to exercise patience and caution while driving your vehicle. After this issue, drivers and users of the Open Country HT have little or nothing to complain about the Toyo Open Country H.

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