Toyo Open Country C/T Review

Toyo Open Country C/T

In a world where there is a lot of pomp about the comfort and performance of vehicle tires, it makes sense for drivers to pay adequate attention to the tires they get for their vehicles. This is more important where the driver uses the vehicle for business and commercial purposes. As a driver, you don’t want your vehicle to break down or delay you unnecessarily on account of your tires. You need good commercial grade tires.

A perfect example of a commercial-grade tire is the Toyo Open Country C/T from Toyo Tires. This one is part of the long line of tire products from the company that has made name for itself in the industry. The Toyo Open Country C/T is an excellent commercial grade tire, possessing all the needed features and benefits that one should have. Also, you get to enjoy the performance of the tire on and off-road, due to these features.

In this article, we will discuss the Toyo Open Country C/T and its features, pros, and cons. There will also be a brief discussion on other subheadings such as price, warranty, sizes, and many more.

Toyo Open Country C/T Tire

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Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires is a favorite among drivers and tire technicians. It started in Japan, in the year 1945. However, the company did not make its entry into the US market until 1966. Today, the company’s headquarter is situated in Cypress, California. the company made its debut by making tires for SUVs, light trucks, passenger cars, and other types of vehicles. The company also has products for off road enthusiasts and harsh-weather drivers such as mud and deep snow due to its brand exceptional tractions.

Features and Benefits of the Toyo Open Country C/T

The features and benefits of this tire are linked, and it is almost impossible to expound on its benefits without discussing its features.

Balanced Tread Compound

One of the major determinants of a tire’s performance is its components and parts, and what other component is more important than the tread compounds. Tread compounds are additives that reduce the impact of wear and allow for better traction in tires. Usually, developing tread compounds for tires is a compromise as most hard compounds have poor traction but last longer, while soft compounds do not last that long but have an excellent traction capability.

With the Toyo Open Country C/T, the tread compound happens to a balanced, not too hard, or too soft. Thus, you can enjoy both the tread wear resistance and the impressive traction features of the tire. Due to this tread pattern, the tire can resist all forms of damages to the tire such as chipping, cutting, and stone drilling while maintaining its flexibility even in cold or lower temperatures.

Features and Benefits

Open Shoulder Design

The design process of a tire determines its efficiency. One of the vital design principles of a tire is its shoulder design and it dictates the extent to which the tire provides a gripping force on wet and slushy road surfaces. The open shoulder design of these tires allows for very good traction in mild mud, snow, and slush, ideal for off road conditions.

Three Peak Mountain Snowflake

This is another feature of the tire that allows it to perform excellently on snow surfaces. The three-peak mountain snowflake feature on the tire is a sign that it has passed stringent tests, which qualifies it for use under strict and extreme winter and snow conditions.

Dual Angle Shoulder Blocks

This feature enhances the ability of the Toyo Open Country C/T to work well and provide needed traction in the mud, snow, and rutted road surfaces. This feature is a part of the excellent shoulder design of the tire.

Toyo Open Country C/T Tires

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Compatible With Studs

The Toyo Open Country C/T allows the use of TSMI #15 studs for vehicles that move inside the ice. The studs provide enough traction on ice surfaces.

High Turn-Up 3-Ply Polyester Construction

This feature contributes to the excellent durability, handling, and impact resistance of the Toyo Open Country C/T.

All-Terrain Tire

As a result of all these features and other benefits, the Toyo Open Country C/T is an all-terrain tire. This means that, regardless of the road condition, the tire would work perfectly. You can drive your vehicle through gravel, mud, and snow without worrying about the state of the tire as it is built to travel on these road surfaces. It also still manages to keep road noise to a minimum.

Toyo Open Country C/T Performance Ratings

Let’s examine some of the advantages and disadvantages of this tire.



Some users have complained about its ability to travel fast and efficiently on severe snow surfaces, especially during braking and acceleration, despite the three-peak mountain snowflake emblem.

Popular Fitments

Vehicles that the Tire can Fit

The following are some of the vehicles that the Open Country C/T can fit perfectly. However, it is important to state that the tire can fit a lot more vehicles and trucks than the ones listed here. We can’t possibly list all the vehicles in this article.


The Open Country C/T costs around $186 per unit. However, you may get rebates, discounts, or coupons on the product, depending on the sales platform.

Toyo Open Country C/T


there is a limited warranty on the tread life and tread design of this product. the manufacturer guarantees tire uniformity for about 1/32 inch of the wear. this translates to about 2 000 miles of usage. There is also the No-Regrets 45-day, 500-mile guarantee. this means that after the stated day and mile if you are unsatisfied with the tire, you can return it and request a refund.

Tire Size

There are four different sizes of this tire. They include 16 inches with 6 sizes, 17 inches with 8 sizes, 18 inches with 6 sizes, and 20 inches with 8 sizes.

Toyo Open Country C/T Tire Size

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The Open Country C/T is an excellent all-terrain and off-road given its unique and advanced tread designs and its self-cleaning ability. These features give it a longer tread life and better traction, grip, and dry handling.

Despite these glowing features and benefits, some drivers have complained that they do not enjoy its performance on snowy and icy surfaces, especially when they apply brakes or want to accelerate.

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