Toyo Open Country ATII Review

Toyo Open Country ATII


This tire is another excellent product and an all-terrain tire from Toyo Tires. It is an upgrade to the previous version of the tire, but it is not just a cosmetic upgrade. Apart from the superlative aesthetics and physical features, the Toyo Open Country ATII also possess increased performance. If you use an SUV, Pickup, or any other vehicles, you will find it a perfect component for your vehicle.

Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires is a favorite among drivers and tire technicians. It started in Japan, in the year 1945. However, the company did not make its entry into the US market until 1966. Today, the company’s headquarter is situated in Cypress, California. The company made its debut by making tires for SUVs, light trucks, passenger cars, and other types of vehicles. The company also have products for off-road enthusiasts and harsh-weather drivers such as mud and deep snow due to its brand exceptional tractions.

Toyo Tires is also a pioneer of innovation and technologies in the industry. It started using the Nano Balance technology recently. It also joined the Sustainable Natural Rubber Initiative (SNR-i). All of these innovations and technologies are geared towards creating a sustainable natural rubber economy that benefits all of the players and stakeholders in the industry.

Toyo Open Country ATII Tires

The Toyo Open Country ATII is one of the products from the stables of the Toyo Tires. The tire is an excellent all-terrain tire that drivers and users of light trucks, SUVs, and other passenger cars should have. This is because it has all the necessary features that make it an ideal option for drivers.

You can reach Toyo Tires for more information on purchases via different channels including its website and email address. Its website is

Features of the Toyo Open Country ATII

Increased and New Technologies

First off, the Toyo Open Country A T II uses new features such as a new sipe design, new wear-resistant tread compound, and tie-bars for reducing irregular wear. As a result, the Toyo Open Country A T II features better wear resistance, more tread life (up to 40% increase), and other increased benefits. All of these new technologies and features mean that users and drivers enjoy better use and performance ratings with the Toyo Open Country A T II.

Toyo Open Country ATII Tire

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Possesses Polygonal Blocks and Zigzag Sipes

This feature contributes to the excellent snow performance of the tire. Like a terrain tire, the Toyo Open Country A T II uses its tie bars between the blocks to stabilize tread blocks.

Excellent On-Road Traction

The performance of the tire on the road is another point where the Toyo Open Country A T II shows that it is a very good tire. with its aggressive sidewall and open tread block design, the tire provides stability and cornering ability on both wet and dry roads and pavements. the addition of tie bars does not only help with irregular wears, but it also increases the stability and reduces the braking distance, especially on dry road surfaces.

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Impressive Off-Road Performance and Traction

The performance of the tire off the road is also not bad according to reviews. The Toyo Open Country A T II features stone ejecting blocks and deep tread grooves, two features that combine well to increase the traction of the tire in snow and mud.

Toyo Open Country ATII Toyo Tires


Variety of Sizes

When it comes to sizes, the Toyo Open Country A T II provides a lot of variety. There are P-metric, Xtreme sizes, and LT metric models, all within the load range C and E. All of these sizes have a deeper tread depth and a better tread and shoulder design. However, on the P-metric tire sizes, there is a 65,000-mile tread guarantee and a 50,000-mile warranty on LT sizes.

Ensures Comfortable Ride

As an ideal all-terrain tire, the Toyo Open Country A T II uses noise reduction features, ensuring a reduced road noise. This means that you can enjoy a quiet ride while using this tire. It also elongates the lifespan of the tire, meaning you get to enjoy its use for a very long time.

Impressive Shoulder design

The Toyo Open Country A T II comes in three different shoulder designs. These designs differ on account of sizes and construction. Therefore, the Xtreme sizes of the Toyo Open Country A T II have the deepest tread design of all the sizes.

Toyo Open Country ATII Features and Benefits

The Vehicles You Can Use with the Toyo Open Country ATII


The price of the Toyo Open Country A T II is $126 on Amazon. The price can be more or less than this on other platforms. Also, the size and specification of the tire determine the price.

Toyo Open Country ATII Shoulder Design

The tire is not without its advantages and disadvantages.




Toyo Tires provides a warranty of 65,000 miles on the P-metric sizes and 50,000 miles on LT metric models. Both of these tire sizes have an impressive tire uniformity for the first 1/32 inch of the wear. there is also a warranty of 5 years for material and workmanship, and replacement for the first 25% of wear. For the remaining 2/32 inch of tread depth, the replacement will be done for a prorated amount.


Performance Rating For Toyo Open Country A T II

When compared with other tires from Toyo Tires and other brands, it is easy to notice how the Open Country A T II offers excellent and superlative ratings according to reviews. We will discuss the ratings of this tire under the following headings:

Performance Ratings

Tread Life

When it comes to this feature, the Open Country A T II has a 5.0 rating, which is higher than the ratings of other tires such as Open Country R/T and Open Country M/T.

Winter Handling

the Open country AT II also excels in this regard as it possesses a 4.5 rating, higher than the Open Country R/T, Open Country M/T and M-55

Off-Road Traction

With off-road traction, this tire has a rating of 4.0 which is the average that most tires have. However, there are tires with higher ratings in this regard and they include the Open Country M/T and M-55 with 5.0 ratings.

Dry Handling

It has a 4.0 rating when it comes to dry handling, which is the average rating for dry handling among other wheels too. in fact, tires such as the M-55 has a rating of about 3.5 in this department.

Toyo Open Country ATII Tire

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Sizes and Specifications

Having said that one of the excellent features of this tire is the fact that it provides a variety of sizes for different vehicles, you may be surprised to find that the tire has six different sizes. They include the 15 inches with seven sizes, 16 inches with 33 sizes, and 17 inches with 22 sizes. There is also the 18 inches, also with 22 sizes, 20 inches with 20 sizes, and 22 inches with 5 sizes. These different sizes influence the price of the Toyo Open Country A T II.

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