Toyo Open Country A20 Review

Toyo Open Country A20

Does your daily drive have you experience wet-pavements, harsh climates, or rugged terrains? Whatever the surface or type of weather you may face, all-weather tires can help you navigate with ease! All-weather tires are meant to deliver superior performance on both dry and wet surfaces.

These tires are cost-effective and save a lot of time as you won’t have to change the tires on your vehicle depending on any drastic weather changes. In addition to that, with a higher-rated set of all-weather tires, you can handle slick surfaces as well.

Moreover, these tires help your vehicle gain a better grip as you drive through light snow, heavy downpours, big puddles, or thin layers of ice. Without the enhanced wet traction of all-weather tires, your car may find itself hydroplaning, making it dangerous for any other vehicle or person near you. So, if you’re living in New Orleans (where it frequently rains), in Seattle (where it’s mostly overcast weather), or in New York (where you have frequent ice and snow), a pair of all-weather tires will help improve your drive and provide one of the best and most comfortable rides ever.

Toyo Open Country A20 Tire

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However, not every all-weather tire provides optimal driving experiences. There are plenty of tires available on the market, and they all differ in tire size, price range, and, most importantly, quality and performance.

This is why today we will introduce you to our top pick for all-season tires, Toyo Open Country A20 – the only all-weather tires that provide killer performance on almost every pavement you drive. And when paired with an SUV like the 2013 Toyota Highlander, it offers exceptional wet-traction and grip in light snow conditions.

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Toyo Open Country A20 Features and BenefitsToyo Open Country A20 is a touring all-weather tire manufactured explicitly for light trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. With the Toyo A20, you’ll experience better handling and control on wet, snow-covered, and dry surfaces. You also get to enjoy noise-free drives, enhanced traction, and impressive tread depth that offers long-lasting tread life. Before we jump to review the tires unique features, let us admit that this tire is unquestionably one of the best all-weather tires we tried and tested recently. You’ll also agree after you read through the review of the excellent touring tire! Without further ado, let’s jump straight to some of these Toyo tires stunning features:

Detailed Overview

The Toyo Open Country A20 touring all-weather tire is used as the stock tire by various sport utility vehicles (SUVs), including the 2013 Toyota Highlander and various pickups. And, it can also be used as a replacement tire. The Toyo A20 is no different than other premium tires; as a matter of fact, Toyo has manufactured it with expert craftsmanship and industry-leading technologies to provide higher performance, better all-weather traction, and a smooth feel.

Here are a few key distinguishing features differentiating the Toyo A20 from other all-weather touring tires available on the market:

Wide And Deep Circumferential Grooves And Enhanced Siping

This high-end touring tire has four broad and deep circumferential grooves that actively disperse snow, water, or slush away from the tires’ contact patch for additional traction and grip on the wet, dry, or snowy pavements. Additionally, it drastically reduces uneven wear to provide you with a comfortable, quiet, and smooth ride.

Apart from that, the tires tread pattern’s enhanced siping density allows for a much safer commute experience with improved wet and dry weather surface gripping.

In addition to that, the sipes and deep grooves offer lateral biting edges so that you can glide through all sorts of terrains. Plus, you get better cornering and traction on snow-ridden surfaces with its enhanced steering stability and responsiveness. And like most other all-weather tires, it also faces a slight slack on thicker ice as well as deep snow.

Ultimately, this Toyo tire will give you the peace-of-mind to drive through rain, light snow, or icy conditions without a worry.

Toyo Open Country A20 Tires

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Symmetric Tread Design

The Toyo A20 tire also boasts a symmetric tread pattern along with round shoulders – which can be rotated and fitted in both directions – as it has identical halves on each end for higher controllability.

Moreover, the tread’s shoulder blocks offer a secure grip on uneven surfaces, resulting in improved steering-response and riding stability. Due to this, the vehicle’s steering becomes precise and quick in response to its driver’s commands. Also, it provides greater behind-the-wheel comfort as you maneuver your vehicle in testy weather conditions. Plus, these Toyo tires also come with a steel-belted construction inside that provides stability against riding pressure, making way for enhanced durability, strength, and year-round driving safety.

These Toyo tires are quiet and offer impressive road-gripping. In addition to that, this all-weather model has a low-rolling-resistance feature designed mainly to lower energy loss while driving. It decreases the needed rolling effort and drastically improves your vehicle’s overall fuel efficiency. Some 2013 Toyota highlander drivers have reported these tires to save approximately 5 to 15% of fuel than other variants. Plus, it also drastically extends the life of the tires.

Toyo Open Country A20 Symmetric Tread Design

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Noise Reduction

Like all other premium all-weather tires, it also offers a comfortable and tranquil driving experience. Thanks to its unique non-directional tread pattern design that helps reduce road noise created as you drive. As the tires turn, the tread design channels air-waves via the contact patch and keeps them from touching the tread elements; this reduces noise levels on the road. Plus, the casing also works as a shock-absorber.

When these fantastic features work in unison, they eliminate vibrations caused by the contact between the tire and the road even in snow. These vibrations dissipate and, therefore, can’t be felt within the car’s cabin. As a result, these tires come with a 68-decibel rating, which is comparatively lower than the majority of other similar tires on the market. This is why they come as the original equipment tire for the Toyota Highlander – the drive sounds as loud as a casual conversation!

Low Tread-Wear

One great thing about Toyo tires is that they provide extended tread life – and the Open A20 all-weather tire is no different; it gives a low tread-wear. The excellent symmetrical tread design of these tires evenly spreads pressure across the surface area. The equal distribution of cornering, braking, and acceleration actively prevents irregular wear forming around the tread and provides prolonged tire usability and tread life.

Toyo Open Country A20 Technical Details

The Pros

The Cons

  • Winter traction, particularly on thick snow and ice, is low, which we expected as such features are only seen on winter tires
  • Many customers complained the tread wear is slightly shorter than anticipated

Toyo Open Country A20 Tires

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What Vehicles Will The Toyo Open Country A20 Tire Fit?

Tire Sizes

  • 225/65R17 101H BW
  • P245/65R17 105S BW
  • 235/55R18 99H BW
  • 235/55R18 99H BW
  • 245/55R19
  • P245/55R19 103S BW

Toyo Open Country A20 Tires

Price Range

Always buy a set of tires that provide value for money, like the A20 tires! Buying an all-weather tire like the Open A20 won’t cause excessive damage to your wallet as these sets of tires are relatively cheaper compared to other options with similar features. Nevertheless, if you plan to buy tires, you should check out your local tire shop or a reputable online shop for good bargains, occasional rebates, coupons, special offers, or discount prices.

Get the Open country A20 tire for a minimum price of $159 based on specifications and tire measurement. However, if you don’t want to spend as much, you can also look for used tires! However, you won’t need to pay extra on them if you plan to invest in a Toyota Highlander.


Purchasing a good set of tires for your vehicle is always a huge investment, whether it’s snow, summer, or an all-season tire. When used appropriately and with greater care, it can last many years, even decades. However, if you buy a tire or a set without a warranty, you won’t be compensated if a manufacturing flaw pops up. This is why you should always invest money cleverly and on tires that offer extended coverage.

Fortunately, all Toyo tires are covered with warranties. Toyo offers a limited treadwear warranty on this all-weather tire. Moreover, the uniformity is supported for the first 1/32-inch tread depth. Furthermore, you’ll also get a workmanship and materials warranty for a complete 5-year term of the tire. In addition to that, Toyo Tire provides its customers what no other premium all-weather tire offers, that you’ll get a free replacement on your purchased tires during its very first 25% of wear.

Moreover, Toyo tires prorate out the amount for its remaining period or to the last 2/32-inch tread depth left in the tire. For further information, contact Toyo, their email address is, or you can level comments on their social media pages or check out customer reviews as they may be able to clear your doubts and concerns.

Toyo Open Country A20 Tire

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Overall Thoughts on Toyo Open Country A20

Whatever your vehicle – pickup, SUV, crossover, or a passenger vehicle – Toyo has something impressive to offer. Toyo is a trusted tire brand among car enthusiasts, and they use the latest, cutting edge technology to design and manufacture tires. They have some excellent tires in their catalog, including the A20. Moreover, their extensive line of premium all-weather tires offer top-performance and an exceptional driving experience in the rain, light snow, or on icy surfaces.

While they do a decent job on thick snow and icy surfaces, the tires outperform many superior all-weather tires in wet and dry traction. Furthermore, this touring all-weather tire is an unforgettable treat for light truck/pickup drivers looking for a blend of sophisticated large-rim diameter or low-profile tires. These tires will improve their car’s overall appearance with all-weather versatility, including better traction in light-to-moderate snow.

These tires also provide excellent service to more oversized everyday vehicles like the Range Rover Evoque and the Toyota Highlander. Additionally, as these tires come with a certified M+S mark, they’re commonly found as the Original Equipment on 4WD and 2WD light-duty and medium-duty crossovers, pickups, and various sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

Apart from that, this original equipment tire can also be purchased as a direct replacement for worn-out Toyota Highlander sets and pairs. You can also use these tires for other car applications in axle pairs or full sets/pairs of four. However, this only works if you find the appropriate load range, speed rating, and size to meet the OEM tires’ performance specifications.

All these features combined to offer you optimal dry surface grip and better handling. However, we especially liked the on-center feel this all-weather tire provides on highways and city streets. Another thing that we found highly captivating in the Toyo A20 tire is that it has unmatched aquaplaning resistance. The treads sipes, and notches collaborate to steer your vehicle clear from wet surfaces.

Plus, you will also find it easier to drive through moderate slush, ice, light snow, or heavy rain. Moreover, these tires have a high-performance silica compound, which is molded deep into the symmetrical pattern to provide the tire uninterrupted tread contact with the surface. The tires continuous surface-contact allows for a reliably fast steering response as you drive, and the cornering and handling stability is also better than average. Many reviews state that this tire is no less than a high-performance, all-weather tire while driving on the highway.

Toyo Open Country A20 Tire

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It’s one of the best all-season tires that provide above-average performance when winter weather turns to light snow, and you don’t have time to change tires. Therefore, if your travel plans involve driving on icy, snow covered, slushy, and wet surfaces, you’ll be satisfied to experience the remarkable traction Toyo tires provide. Another area where the manufacturers have paid extra attention is the ride comfort. It has improved upon the previous models of tires in terms of ease and smoothness. In addition to that, noise reduction is the icing on the cake. You won’t hear the friction or the vibration effects, thanks to the tires low-rolling resistance and decent decibel rating.

Like most other high-end all-weather tires, it also has a unique internal steel-belted construction for increased durability, additional strength, uniform ride, and long-lasting tread wear. Furthermore, although these tires come as stock, this all-weather tire is available in 17, 18, and 19-inch sizes so that you can choose according to preferences and vehicle demand.

It is common for all great tires to have some shortcomings and the Toyo Open Country A20 tire is no exception. The tire has a reasonably shorter tread life, and this is backed by comments seen in many customer reviews. They claim that you can only get about 15 000 miles to 25 000 miles from the tread. And although the tread wear isn’t bad, it’s relatively low compared to other similar models. Other than this, winter traction is another serious issue you may face while driving with these tires on snow covered or wet roads. Although it has more traction on all types of pavements than many other all-weather tires, it’s advised to avoid thick icy and slushy snow tracks with these tires.

Overall, we believe this is an exceptional all-weather tire for your vehicle with fantastic performance and traction. It has a short braking distance, better handling, controllability, and steering responsiveness. We found the Toyo A20 tires to be at par with the Michelin Defender and Discoverer AT3.

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