Toyo Celsius CUV Review

Toyo Celsius CUV

Imagine you woke up to the sun streaming in through your windows. You get ready for the day, bustling with the energy that could only come from sunny weather. You get to your office and barrel through the day with your energy at its peak. However, as it gets towards evening and you get ready to leave, you notice a subtle shift in the weather. This change grows so that before you are packed and ready to get on your ride, it starts to snow, slowly at first and then quite heavily.

Although not based on actual facts, this scenario has indeed been the experience of a lot of folks. 

In our fictitious story, while heading to work, the roads would be clear and easy to navigate. However, given the heavy snowing in the evening, the roads would most likely be slippery, with the wet traction being treacherous. It has been reported that many accidents happen in those sorts of situations. 

Apart from the condition of the roads, two other factors affect the safety of drivers in inclement weather conditions: the skill of the driver and the sturdiness of the vehicle.

What determines how strong or sturdy the car would be is the state of the vehicle tires. 

In this review, we look at the Toyo Celsius tires, a brand of tires that you can trust in various weather conditions, both wet and dry roads.

Toyo Celsius CUV Features and Benefits

Overview of the Nature and Quality of the Toyo Celsius CUV Tires

The Toyo Celsius tire is a cross between a winter tire and an all-season touring tire. As a hybrid, you can find features of an all-season tire with that of a snow tires. However, it isn’t classified under either of the two categories because the tires have marked differences that distinguish them. 

In the case of all-season tires, the Toyo Celsius has a firmer grip than the average all-season tire. Thus, this makes for ideal winter tires for driving around in variable conditions, providing ice and snow traction, without sacrificing flexibility as with snow tires.

On the other hand, it is different from winter tires because, as already stated, it can be used comfortably even when it isn’t snowing, such as at the peak of summer. As an aside, the benefit of this is that you would not have to change out the tires as the seasons change. Once you fix the Toyo Celsius, you are good to go for the duration of the tires’ lifespan. This leads to the next point: Toyo Celsius tires are longer lasting than dedicated winter tires. 

Toyo Celsius CUV Tire

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The Toyo Celsius has a longer tread life than average winter tires. This might come as a surprise seeing as a buyer will most likely use the Toyo Celsius more than the counterpart. However, this goes to show the quality you get when you purchase this set of tires. 

Having examined the nature of the tires, we will proceed to look at specific features with this product. 

Features of the Toyo Celsius CUV Vehicle Tires

Toyo Celsius CUV Performance Ratings


In this segment, we discuss some of the high points of the Toyo Celsius tires. You may already be able to identify them at this point. Not to worry, if you haven’t, please find the pros of the product below.


The Toyo Celsius is both comfortable and refined. Although these tires are typically very noisy, reducing their refinement a little, they are still generally quite refined. 

Excellent Traction

Many things can be said about Toyo Celsius tire. However, there is a consensus on its traction, both wet and dry. When you install them on your car, expect a firm grip as soon as you key in the ignition. Whether you are looking to drive through snow and ice or cruising 175 miles of hard earth, these tires will be ideal for that.

Toyo Celsius CUV Tires

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If you have ever used a snow tire, you would have realized the fact that they wear out easily. This is attributable to the nature of the road they ply. 

The Toyo Celsius is built with this in mind. The multi wave sipes and long tread life mean it is generally more durable than the average snow tire. However, the frequency of use could also affect how durable the product is. If your route includes long stretches of dry tarmac, the tires will wear out quickly. 

One thing you can count on for certain is that the Toyo Celsius is manufactured to last longer.

Ability to Fare Well on All Types of Roads

In the introductions, we informed you that the Toyo Celsius is an excellent variable conditions tire including snow and ice. Eventually, it comes down to the handling. The brakes work perfectly on many surfaces, although it easily catches on wet surfaces. The same goes for steering. The slush groves on the tires make for a firmer grip even in harsh snow conditions. 

Great for Touring

If camping or if a ride into the woods excite you, you will find that you can do so easily with these tires. The Toyo Celsius tires come fitted with multi-wave siping and snow claws. Thus, its sipe density makes them a great touring tires option for driving on uneven terrains and snow and ice. Even if you want to drive in severe snow conditions, including deep snow, they will serve. 


In this section, we discuss some possible cons you could find with the Toyo Celsius tires. Of course, it would be disingenuous to claim that with all of the stellar features this product has, there are no drawbacks. Hence, here are the commonly touted drawbacks to the Toyo Celsius CUV tires in no particular order.


Everyone knows that snow tires are not built to be noiseless. During manufacturing, the tires are equipped to prioritize safety over refinement. Thus, you would hardly expect that while the car trudges through the snow that the road noise will be silent as an opera house. 

As you must know by now, the Toyo Celsius also functions as a snow tire. Although the tires are comparatively sound-efficient than the average snow tire, however, it could still be noisy, especially when you speed up. This is one consideration to bear in mind.

Toyo Celsius CUV Tires

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Sporty cars are the Exception

The Toyo Celsius tires may not work so well on sporty types of cars. Such cars place a lot of premium on speed, and these tires would not be ideal in such situations. The same goes for you if you are attracted to aggressive driving. However, the tires are perfect for various other situations.


The tires are a little costlier than the average.

Type of Vehicles Where the Toyo Celsius CUV Can Fit

You can use these tires on a wide range of vehicles. This includes BMX, SUV, Honda Pilot, all models of Toyota vehicles, Nissan Titan, Frontier, Armada and Pathfinder, Hyundai vehicles, etc. 

Toyo Celsius CUV Tire

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Q: Can the Toyo Celsius replace my winter (snow) tires?

A: The short answer is Yes. The Toyo Celsius is built to work excellently in wet slushy roads and also dry ground.

Q: Should I buy the Toyo Celsius tires?

A: The straight answer will be Yes, in this case also. However, before you do so, you may want to check a few things off the list. The first is the frequency of car use. These tires may not be ideal if you frequently travel along dirt roads. However, if your location is such that the weather is wont to change rapidly, you can purchase this product. The tires are perfect for slush and snow.

Q: What is the price of the Toyo Celsius CUV tires?

A: Each Toyo Celsius tire is sold for between $110 and $140. This may seem a little steep, especially when considered against the other offerings in the market. However, all in all, it is a great bargain. Considering the benefits that this product serves will reveal how true this is. 

Toyo Celsius CUV Tires - Car

More so, purchasing the tires compound the cost of two sets of tires into one. This is something to think of. Since you would not have to change them whenever you use them in deep snow, you save on the cost associated with that. You also saved from related expenses such as the maintenance of the two sets of tires, etc. 

Finally, Toyo gives you a trial offer of 45 days or 500 miles. This gives you ample room to flex the tires. Furthermore, the tires also come with a 60 000 miles guarantee. It is an excellent bargain all around.

Toyo Celsius CUV Tires

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In this review, you find an untainted examination of the Toyo Celsius CUV vehicle tire. If you are looking for tires that are durable, multipurpose, and relatively affordable, although allowing a little road noise, you need not go any further than here. These tires are your typical all season products. When you make your purchases, you will be glad you did.

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