Tires for Ford Explorer

If you would recall that The Explorer-Firestone, despite being the largest in automotive history, was one that still had the highest number of fatalities. And one major reason for this was the effect of the tires used. Well, history will never forget this story in a hurry, plus all one great lesson that has to be learned alongside this incident: the importance of car tires. Car tires are not a figurehead car object, neither are they there for the essence of description or fancy. Asides from the fact that they provide motion functions to an automobile, they also serve as an important part of the car engine, which is almost as important as the engine itself.

Talking about your tires for Ford Explorer, there are many arguments ongoing as to which tire would be suitable for your Explorer when you want to replace tires. This shouldn’t cause too much argument though, as the answer depends on some major factors. These factors include:

  • The reasons you bought your Explorer
  • Where your car operates on and
  • How much you can afford in cases of tire replacements
  • The wheel size of your tom explorer, ranging from 18inches to 21 inches and more

In the actual sense, things have gotten better. The new model design of the Ford Explorer isn’t as controversial as its predecessor. As it stands now, this new models’ design is the most refined mid-size SUV and you can bet your life on it that the design is topnotch, safe, and with amazing driving dynamics. To truly enjoy your Ford Explorer car experience, the importance of a good tire and a favorable climate system cannot be overemphasized as this enhances your driving experience.

The problem isn’t about getting a tire, the real problem lies in you making the right choice while trusting tire brands and getting the right tire as well. This is frustrating, as there are many car tire sizes available in the market as we write. The matter is even worse for folks that do not know so much about the tire. Well, fret not, as that is the reason we are here for you!

Whatever decision you are making, you must always ensure that your Ford Explorer tire offers you a safe and remarkable driving experience even in the most questionable conditions. You should be in control, not the tires controlling you. Your tires must be able to do well even when you operate the wheels into the speed limit. If your Explorer is a family SUV car, having a comfortable and quiet tire wouldn’t be something too much to ask for. No matter what happens, changing your car tires almost every year isn’t a pleasant experience, and nobody wants to experience this. This implies that the tires need to be very durable as well. Getting all these qualities now depends on you making the right choice.

We believe the best way we can help you make the best choice while you want to get your Ford Explorer tire is by showing you our list of recommended ford explorer tires.

Our top 7 picks are below and you can trust that our choices of product reviews are based on real-life customer experiences, reviews, and experiences we have had with the products as well.

Our top picks are divided into different categories and the reason is quite obvious.

We all do not use the same types of ford explorer. Also, we all do not have the same tire need or preference and we all do not stay in the same location. We highly advise that you go through our list, carefully analyze your needs, preference, region, and size and check through for the one that suits what you want. That is why no product is acclaimed as the best. What will work for you is the best product for you.

We would like you to go through our brief guide on how to know your tire size and also a buyer’s guide that briefs you about the different types of Ford Explorer tires and how to know which category your tom explorer tire belongs to. This will surely go a long way for the folks that know little about ford explorer tires. The qualities of each type of tire will be touched and this will reveal to you the brain behind our top picks.

We know that after going through these brief guides, making the right choice wouldn’t be something to worry about any longer. Happy Reading!

Tire size: How to Read Tire Sizes

Learning how to read tire sizes is very simple but technical. It is known via a code. Let’s take Explorer 21 inch wheel as an example. The tire comes with “276/45R21 110W tires”. A tire naïve individual might just feel this is just a number, probably only for engineers to decode. But it’s far from that. Here is what it means:

” 275″ implies that your tires for Ford Explorer are 275mm wide. It is read in millimeters and if measures the width of the tread of the tire.

“45” implies that the height of your tires for Ford Explorer is 45% of their width. Calculating that becomes 275×0.45, which is equal to 123.75. They are measured in millimeters as well. Therefore, this implies that the wheel is 123.75mm tall.

“R” implies that your tires for ford explorer are radically constructed. This means that there are radials along the tire’s sidewall and below the tread to equalize the weight and spinning forces that are usually on the tires as they roll. This is found in all modern radials.

“21” implies that the wheel diameter is 21 inches

“110” implies that the tire load ratings, about an industry-standard chart of weight, is 110inches.

“W” implies that the tire speed rating, as compared to other industry-standard charts of speed is W.

Most Ford Explora models which are of the same generation usually have almost the same aspect ratios when the wheel sizes contract or expand, thereby giving them a similar diameter no matter what size the wheel is. There are bound to be exceptions though, but this is the most logical thing for a manufacturer to do, to reduce the cost to the barest maximum and allow partners to upsell on larger wheels.

Your tires for Ford Explorer have titles that best describe their uses. They are classified as explained below:

Touring tires for Ford Explorer/all-season tires

If what you are in search of for your Ford Explorer’s performance are durability and long-lasting quality, touring tires are for you then. Most of Fords’ freshly manufactured models are first made of touring tires. Touring tires are otherwise referred to as all-season tires and they are majority aimed at providing the rider with a smooth ride. They can perform well on any surface, whether paved, good wet, winter traction, or dry tractions. In the long run, most of them usually last for a very long time. They are usually comfortable and quiet: you won’t find this in a high-performance tire. In addition, the group and traction aren’t meant for everyday driving. All these come together to make all-season tires a good and quality tire type. For the above reason, an all-season tire type would serve as a good choice for Ford Explorer owners as they offer the benefit of maximum performance throughout the year.

Highway Tires

Highway tires are the closest to touring tires in terms of similarities. They are the best tires for heavy-duty and are suitable for towing and hauling. Highway tires also offer you the benefits of comfort, longevity, and traction as they are made for complex duties. Unlike touring tires that are most suited for the models of the new generation of Explorer, highway tires are mostly suited for the old generation models.

Sport tires for Ford Explorer

Sport tires can also be referred to as street tires, and they are the best tire for performance. Sport tires provide better traction, but they are more expensive. They are more responsive, with almost perfect cornering stability and high grip. All these characteristics best explain why they are expensive. But despite all these, they wear out easily. Sport tires have a lesser tread life and winter performance compared to touring tires.

All-terrain tires for Ford Explorer

All-terrain tires are the best tires for off-roading because they have top-notch off-road traction. If you own an old generation model of Ford Explorer, it is advisable to go for all-terrain tires as they would do well in snow, gravel, sand, dirt, mud, or any other given condition. If the pavement is not included, they maximize traction and are best suited for off-road adventures. When not on the road, all-terrain tires offer the benefit of good traction, at the expense of quality or tread life.

Snow and winter tires for Ford Explorer

Snow and winter tires focus on offering good traction in cold, snowy, or wet environments by making use of tread patterns and rubber compounds. They are usually loud on the railway and rarely provide comfort: they only offer just a manageable amount of tread life.

Now, let’s briefly talk about climatic conditions as they determine to a large extent, how the performance of your tire would be. The all-weather tire will be the best option for you if you would drive in cold conditions. If you will use your Ford Explorer in a region with an unusually low temperature, winter tires would be the best tires for you. Finally, in regions of high temperatures, summer tires are your best bet.

Tires for Ford Explorer, 18-inch wheels (RWD)

Hankook Kinergy GT

Hankook Kinergy GT consists of a rigid center rib that enhances traction for acceleration and exciting braking performance. It also has a high-modulus bead filler that enhances the rate of the tire’s sidewall stiffness for responsive steering. The presence of high-grip silica tread compound helps with wet traction while the presence of wide lateral notches and 4 circumferential grooves remove water from the under of the contact patch for a sped-up hydroplaning resistance.

Hankook Kinergy GT
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One noticeable feature of Hankook Kinergy GT is the presence of tread sipes that has chamfered edges to increase contact area on slippery surfaces, increasing the rate of its all-season traction. It also Possesses a solid center rib that helps traction to enhance traction from breaking performances and acceleration.

The high modulus bead filler enhances the stiffness of the sidewall to achieve responsive steering. This tire was originally developed for vehicles in Volkswagen, Honda, Kia, and Hyundai and they do not fail to provide a quiet, comfortable driving experience and reactions for every climatic condition

It is a silica-infused five-rib tread pattern and has a body casing been produced from a polyester cord? This helps to manage the balance between comfort and handling. It also has a pointless bead that improves the smoothness of your ride. Finally, the inner design of the GT has two big steel belts with a large width nylon reinforcement for enhanced handling, longevity, and speed stability.


  • It makes Low noise which makes it attractive to use
  • Easily provides Comfort to the rider


  • Subject to Winter traction

Michelin Premier LTX

Michelin Premier LTX has LTX tires that make use of threads that have been improved by silica plus sunflower oil. This is to ensure that there is an increase in cold and hot temperature traction. The compound molds into symmetric tread designs that have a center rib flanked by some intermediate ribs that have been notched. These are linked to shoulder blocks to integrate a responsive road hauling to a straight-line tracking.

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The tires possess increasing rain grooves all around the circumference of the tires and the resulting grooves along the shoulders. If the tire wears, the increasing rain grooves become big while the emerging grooves open across the shoulders block. This will help you gain more tea room in winter and wet periods.


  • They make a very low noise
  • They have an amazing Treadlife


  • Presence of Dirt and mud performance

Tires for Ford Explorer, 20-inch Wheels (RWD or 4x4)

Laufenn S Fit AS

Laufenn S Fit AS is an Ultra-High-Performance All-Season tire designed as a sports car, sporty coupe and for the car, enthusiast looking for tires with handling performance. It Provides all-season traction plus quiet and smooth driving on any type of road. It is manufactured to offer responsive handling and topnotch traction in wet, light snow, dry, and winter weather.

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Moldsold high-performance all-season compound into a tread design. (Asymmetric). Tie bars are available to combine the shoulder blocks to enhance dry road handling and improve wear, while Multi-Tread Radius Technology improves the tire’s contact patch, thereby decreasing the occurrence of wear.

There is also the presence of 4 wide grooves and intermediate notches, manufactured with a three-dimensional simulation tech. This helps to remove water. The presence of various sips increases the amount of biting edges to bring about light snow traction.

Two steel belts are also present with full cover nylon. This is to increase both durability and high-speed handling. A strand of bead wire enhances ride quality by improving its bead uniformity. The presence of high hardness bead filler is present to enhance steering responses and handling


  • Available at a pocket-friendly (best prices in the market)
  • Tread Wear comes in handy


  • Low Availability

Goodyear Assurance Weatherready

It has a soy-based rubber tread compound that is molded to give an asymmetric thread design. This tread design is focused on giving offering the traction needed for any climatic and weather conditions. They have good inclement weather. This weather has three-dimensional technology blades that are located in the center and tread ribs. It assists in providing a balanced cornering during slippery situations.

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Their traction grooves help to hold on to great levels of grips in situations where the tire wears. The silica added that is found in the tread compound helps traction on, particularly wet roads. The sweeping tread grooves take water far from the footprint to the four deep(channels circumference that resists hydro planning

The ribs functioning as the intermediate ribs have zigzag edges for biting to enhance the traction needed for slippery situations which include ice and snow. Tires are strictly industry-based and meet the requirements.


  • Suitable for dry and wet performance
  • Possible to undergo a Winter traction


  • Price; not very pocket friendly

Tires for Ford Explorer, 18-inch wheels (4x4)

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

 It is an all-season tire developed for coupes, cross over and sedan drivers who consider cornering stability, response handling, plus a quiet and smooth ride as a top priority. This tire enables all-weather condition traction, even in light snow. It uses a silica compound molded into an asymmetric pattern.

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They have an ultra performance that decreases the flex of tread blocks, shoving together the tread materials for increased cornering ability of high speed and handling responsiveness as well. The wide shoulder blocks contain less empty area for lateral traction. The center ribs and shoulder use a higher sipe thickness and space. This is to enhance hydroplaning resistance and wet traction.

There is also a deep three-dimensional micro-gauge wiping the footprint to create balances that are essential for grip. The inner formation comprises a high-turnup, sole ply polyester casing below two high-strength steel belts. Finally, a spirally wound, nylon support boosts regulating responsiveness and support high-speed stability.


  • Dry and wet traction is possible
  • You get a comfortable ride quality


  • Open to Winter traction

Tires for Ford Explorer, 21-inch Wheels (4x4)

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

This beautiful tire has an all-season touring tire manufactured for premium crossover utility vehicle drivers plus light-duty pickups. It was manufactured to deliver long wear, and also improve traction and fuel efficiency. It has an asymmetric tread pattern with a faint noise to maximize the comfort level. It possesses a side groove circumference, sips, and lateral notches that help to keep the rate of foul weather traction high.

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It possesses notched shoulder blocks with a center rib. This helps to enhance driving stability on the highway and responsiveness as well. The internal structure of the tire includes twin steel belts with wound nylon. This helps to provide support to the tread area. It also contains a polyester cord that helps one to enjoy the ride quality while also stabilizing the sidewalls.


  • It has a topnotch Highway performance
  • Posses a commendable wet weather traction


  • Off-road performance isn’t a favorable idea.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde

Pirelli Scorpion Verde is a climatically friendly Touring All-Season tire designed for the drivers of crossovers, sport utility vehicles, and prestigious pickups. The icons on the side describe the environmental compatibility where it decreases the rolling resistance and the weight of the tire fit the aim of increasing fuel economy and lowering the vehicle’s release of CO2.

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It is manufactured to handle dry and wet road handling, convenience, and all-time capabilities, plus all-season traction in snow. It molds a silica tread element into an asymmetric tread design that contains an optimized rubber-to-void ratio and balanced contact patch to mix dry road traction and workability with equal wear.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde possesses 4 big circumferential grooves that displace water to work against hydroplaning and boosts wet traction., possesses a vertical siping for lateral balance on a loose surface and a dense lateral siping increase wet and wintertime traction.


  • Enhances Wet performance
  • Enhances Winter performance


  • Subject to Off-road performance


Which tire is the best type of tire for Ford Explorer owners?

Analyze your needs, preference, and vehicle. That tire that suits all this and makes you completely satisfied is the best tire for you. And that is different for everybody

Which tire size is the best fit for Ford Explorer?

The year your Ford Explorer was manufactured determines the tire size, the type of wheels, and any other modifications that can be done to your Ford Explorer.

Why should I make it a point of duty to rotate my tires?

Rotating your tires prevent them from wearing even. It also allows any engineer working on the car to check comfortably check their balance to ensure maximum safety. Most manufacturers advise this.

Should I rotate my vehicle tires often?

According to most manufacturers, rotate your tires at five thousand to seven thousand miles. This decision also depends on your tire.

What is the recommended Ford Explorer tire change kit?

Ford Explorer usually comes with a tire change kit which contains items like an instruction manual, scissor jack, log wrench, etc. These are minor and getting an emergency kit is advisable. Most patrol units and emergency response will always recommend this in cases of emergencies. An emergency kit contains an improved lug wrench, emergency markers, and emergency jumper cables.

During a tire replacement, it is important to note that cheap tires are not safe to use and drive with. This is the reason you won’t find such types of cheap tires on all our reviewed Ford explorer tire sizes. Therefore, we recommend that buying from known manufacturers is highly advisable, even if we didn’t review them here. Ford Explorer is a common average-size SUV vehicle you cannot enjoy without having the best tires. We have done our part by reviewing the best of these ford explorer tire sizes for you; it is now left to you to choose the one that fits your needs and preference.

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