Take a virtual lap of Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort

Often when we read about a new race track, the discussion revolves around the hurdles developers are going through to proceed from concept to putting the first shovel in the ground. This is not one of those stories.

“Designed to be a country club for motorsport enthusiasts”

First off, despite looking like a race track, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort has been created as a country club for fans of high performance driving, complete with on site storage for members’ cars. With Canada’s mildest climate, members will be able to take advantage of an unprecedented number of lapping days each year. It has not been conceived as a race track, but the reality is that VIMR is a world class race track.

Designed by Tilke Engineering, VIMR will adhere to strict FIA specifications. In case you are wondering where you know the name Tilke from, they are the organization responsible for the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas along with a number of Formula 1’s top circuits.

The next thing that differentiates VIMR from other race track stories, in Canada at least, is that it IS being built. Construction is well under way on the clubhouse, the track has been carved out and curbing is being installed. This place is going to be a reality. Soon.

VIMR has just released a CGI tour of the facility, including a lap of the track. I am hoping that the opening includes invites for Canadian media!

Source: VIMR

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