Road Hugger Gt Ultra Review

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For a tire model made by the finest tire production brands from Asia, and sold at an affordable price all over strategic areas of the world via a thriving extensive network, you are definitely in for an excellent product; a perfect addition to your driver’s arsenal. The Road Hugger GT Ultra model is a choice product for lovers of quality high-end tires and a knack for a smooth driving experience.

Care for a read on the Road Hugger GT Ultra model? Our Road Hugger GT Ultra review will help you come to an informed conclusion on whether this model is what would be best for you. Dive in!

The Discount Tire Company And The Road Hugger GT Ultra Model

Road Hugger gt ultras Tires is a special tire manufacturing brand from Asia, courtesy tire brands like Kumho and Nitto who manufacture this tire label brand for the Discount Tire company. If there is anything worthy of note about these producers, it will be the fact that they are well known for making tires of high quality. Their products are made from the most refined production procedures and the best machinery available. To sum it all up, this brand gives you simply the best product that there is with a very high UHP (ultra-high performance) at an incredibly affordable price.

The Discount Tire Company are the sellers of the Road Hugger tires all over the 50 states in the US. This company operates via a widespread provincial dispersion network, as well as via its online platform What the Discount Tire Company does is to outsource their manufacturing in a bid to sell their products at a reduced price rate when compared to the other average UHP alternatives on sale from the larger tire companies around. The brand’s tires are best suited for crossovers, coupes, and sedan vehicles.

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Why Buy Road Hugger Tires?

Road Hugger Tires are known for several brilliant perks. Amongst these numerous perks, a number of them are convincing enough to make you opt for them when next you set out to get yourself good tires.


Just like every other Road Hugger Tire, the Road Hugger GT Ultra amount is pitched between an approximate $95 or slightly more than that. It is likewise possible that you may be lucky to discover occasional deductions, reduced prices or discounts, special offers, and coupons on some platforms where this tire is placed on sale.


In a similar pattern to that of other tires from this brand, the Road Hugger GT Ultra arrives with a limited tread warranty covering the product.


More often than not, drivers buy UHP tires as they need tires that express their automobile’s ultimate performance capacity. It is not so probable to unearth such outstanding quality UHP tires going on sale for that kind of an affordable price. Road Hugger GT Ultra demonstrates striking performance in handling and cornering that is identical to the level of enhanced performance made available by premium UHP tires only. The reality that the tires deliver performance boosts at such a reduced cost is a perfect reason to want to try them out on your vehicle.

Design Features (Handling)

Road Hugger GT Ultra tires are produced with a number of design aspects that remarkably enhance the grip and traction of any automobile they are attached to. Tires of this model are produced with a tread compound to manage the conditions of every season and coupled with an asymmetric tread pattern.

So, as a driver using this tire, you can anticipate a steady grip on both wet and dry road surfaces, all thanks to the tread design of these tires. The GT Ultra tire model employs a solid center rib to conserve durability and strength, enabling drivers to hit the road at high-speeds while similarly boosting your vehicle’s braking and accelerating proficiency.

The model incredibly improves cornering stability by manufacturing tires with shoulder blocks and ribs that enable drivers to negotiate corners while on a fast driving pace. Our research for this Road Hugger GT Ultra review discovers that the tire delivered superior traction on dry and wet road surfaces with tremendous cornering output.

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A Wide Variety Of Tire Sizes

The GT Ultra tire model cones in a range of multiple sizes. Check them out below:

16 Inches (195/50R16 88W XL BSW), 

17 inches (225/45R17 94W XL BSW), 

18 inches (235/40R18 95W XL BSW), 

19 inches (245/40R19 98W XL BSW), 

20 inches (245/35R20 95W XL BSW, 245/45R20 103W XL BSW)

From these, you have enough to choose from to suit your needs as regards the best-fit tire size for your vehicle.

What are the pros and cons


Excellent Cornering performance

Excellent Cornering performance

Fit to deliver traction in dry and wet conditions


Excellent Cornering performance

The traction during winter is fair enough but can be improved upon.

Road Hugger Gt Ultra
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It is safe to admit that this tire model does not have the performance of a Yokohama YK580 or a Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus which are distinct top tires, yet, this model parades itself in an elegant and competent world of its own. To wrap it all up, if you are conditioned to a tighter budget and what you are searching for is an all-season UHP tire that is more than average, then, the Road Hugger GT Ultra is simply your best choice. Try it out today to grab a feel of this amazing product.

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