Piloti driving shoes make a comeback

In the late Nineties, before I began working in media, the Piloti brand appeared on the market. The Italian sounding, but American company made high performance footwear, with a focus on the needs of racers. Piloti quickly became one of the hottest brands of the niche.

By the time I began getting serious about media, most of my colleagues had a pair of Piloti shoes. Naturally, the way my luck goes sometimes, the company closed its doors and I thought I would have to make do with some more mainstream shoes the next time I bought a pair of driving shoes.

About a year ago however, the good folks at Canadian Tire bought the remains of the company and re-launched with a new line of products. Once again, footwear remains the main focus of the company, with performance, casual and luxury lines.

The folks at Piloti generously asked me to test out a pair from the casual line up. Because I like a bit of colour in my day, I chose the Spider S1 is racy looking red suede. They have Piloti’s trademark Roll Control™ heel, which gives a driver traction while rolling between brake and throttle. The outer edge of the right shoe is reinforced and textured to allow for control while heel & toe downshifting, as well as being more durable.

So far, I have only worn the shoes around the house and they feel comfortable. What really impresses me is the level of attention to detail and the quality of the materials used. From the stitching to the soft suede, each part of the shoe looks and feels world class. They even provide a second set of laces so the wearer can choose between red or black.

To learn more about the whole product line and find a local retailer, visit Piloti.com

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