Michelin XPS Rib Review

Michelin XPS Rib Review

Being a leading tire brand comes with specific responsibilities, and one of them is that drivers of different types of vehicles and cars would look to you for the perfect tires for their vehicle. Thus, whether or not a manufacturer remains a top tire brand depends on its ability to provide the ideal set of tires for different cars and trucks.

Michelin understands this and has provided just that!

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The French tire manufacturer has designed and released the Michelin xps Rib to cater to the needs of medium and heavy-duty trucks and vans. This truck tire was designed to allow these trucks to carry and move heavy load while providing puncture resistance and adequate wet/dry traction and handling. Other than this, the tires are built to provide comfort to drivers on the road, making it the best tire any truck driver can ask for.


Steel casing

The major components of this tire include a steel casing, a tough tread compound and a steel-reinforced bead. These three components make up one of the most robust tires that the automobile industry has ever seen in terms of load-carrying capacity. The tire possesses a tread design that eliminates road noise and improves the ability to navigate corners and traction on wet and dry roads. Coupled with this cornering ability and traction is the enhanced feel and steering response.

Replacement Tire

In a bid to show its versatility and superb performance, the Michelin XPS is used as original equipment in many trucks and vans today while also doubling as replacement tires. This double usage is a testament to its incredible quality as well as its excellent tread life.

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Combined with its optimized design, this amazing tire comes with three steel belts in the inner side of the tire. The combination of the belts and optimized tread design gives a more even tread wear to the tire while providing adequate strength and puncture resistance, especially vital while transporting heavy loads.

Fuel Efficiency

Due to the tread compound used to manufacture the tire, you get a reduced rolling resistance. This leads to fuel economy and optimal fuel use, even with heavy loads, as the engine doesn’t require much power to move due to the reduced rolling resistance for your vehicle.

Great Aesthetics

Finally, this Michelin xps rib tire has excellent aesthetics, thanks to the black serrated outline with lettering, adding a great look for your vehicle. The tire comes in one size, 16 inches and also with a load rating of E. Despite this rating, there is no speed rating for this tire.

What are the pros and cons


Provides ride comfort and also eliminates road noise to the barest minimum

Comes with exceptional tread wear

Dry and wet traction is top-notch and at par with industry standards

Cornering ability and stability is also outstanding


The traction and handling in winter conditions is a bit poor

Vehicles that Fits The Tire

As stated earlier, the XPS Rib was designed for vans and medium and light-duty trucks. Below are some of the vans and trucks that work perfectly with the tires. However, you should note that this list doesn’t represent the totality of trucks and vans that you can use the XPS Rib with, your vehicle may also be a fit.

  • Chevrolet Silverado, 3500, K1500
  • Dodge Sprinter 2500, Ram
  • Ford F-350, Econoline E350
  • GMC 2500, Sierra, Suburban

Tire Sizes

Unlike other Michelin tires, the XPS Rib comes in only one size. Below are the available tire models under the 16 inches size to check if it fits your vehicle.

16 Inches

  • LT225/75R-16/E 115Q BSW
  • LT245/75R-16/E 120Q BSW
  • LT215/85R-16/E 115Q BSW
  • LT235/85R-16/E 120Q BSW


As all leading tire brands do, Michelin stands solidly behind its tires and customer reviews attest. The manufacturer provides a treadwear warranty that covers defects in material and workmanship, and the warranty lasts for six years from the day of purchase. The warranty also lasts till the end of the functional life of the original usable tread.

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You should note that the functional life of the original usable tread refers to the 2/32 inch wear that remains after the tread depth is worn out. This should not be confused with uneven wear, which is the tread groove divergence of 2/32 inches or more across the surface of the exact tire.

Price Range

The price tag starts from $221 upward. The price, however, could go down a bit due to discounts, rebates and special promo offered by different dealers and retailers, you can check their website for codes. Also, you could get a slight reduction if you have coupon codes for certain retailers, saving you money!

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