Michelin Premier A/S Review

Michelin Premier A/S

Michelin tires are often considered the gold standard among tires. There is a reason that almost all competing companies use it as a reference point. Michelin also does not show any signs of slowing down because its product continues to evolve and become better all the time.

When writing this Michelin Premier A/S review, we can’t avoid mentioning the Michelin Primacy MXV4 which this tire replaces. With the Primacy MXV4 already being a best-in-class tire, Michelin has one-upped itself by introducing an all-season tire that goes beyond its predecessor. On the Premier A/S tire, there is new and never-before-seen technology that makes the Premier A/S one of the best all-season tires out there.

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Michelin Premier A/S review - How Do They Do It?

Using a sunflower oil compound on its treads coupled with Michelin’s EverGrip safety technology and you have new tires with exceptional tread blocks that do wonders on just about any surface out there. It could be bone-dry asphalt or wet roads and this tire will give you a peaceful ride without breaking a sweat.

Michelin Premier A/S review
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Wet Traction

Tires will usually fair well on dry roads but where their capabilities are put to the test is when they are subject to not-so-ideal conditions. During torrential rain with minimal visibility, if the tires have good wet traction, this could mean that you are in safe hands. The EverGrip wet-braking technology expands the rain grooves in the tires as it wears down which makes it a lot easier to wick away water from the tire. These awesome tires do all of this with no compromise on ride quality while also offering a smooth ride.

Commute Experience Similar To Winter Tires

The tires perform quite well during winters, however, they won’t be your best bet when it comes to driving in deep snow.

Tire Wears Slowly

The Premier A/S comes from a line of great tires that have always excelled when it comes to all-season performance. The tire tread wears comparably slower to other variants in the same class, so you achieve a pleasant ride for years to follow. The tread compound, together with the sipes around the edges of the tires gives it biting edges which allow for it to give a smooth and quiet ride while also delivering excellent wet grip.

As is the case with many different Michelin products, this radial tire also has twin steel belts reinforced with a polyester casing ply. These two steel belts along with spirally wrapped polyamide cord add to the strength and durability of the tire, giving it a much longer tread life. To ensure the tire remains unhinged for the long haul, please make sure that it is inflated to the right PSI rating. It would be best to check online or its manual to know what the adequate tire pressure is.

Michelin Premier A/S review -Pros And Cons


Traction on dry roads is unparalleled

Minimal tread wear

Stability through corners is exceptional

These tires use the latest technology that Michelin has to offer

Significant tread depth

With minimal road noise, these tires provide an incredibly smooth and very comfortable ride


Not the best option when driving in lower temperatures, especially when deep snow is involved

What Vehicles Will The Michelin Premier A/S Tire Fit?

  • Buick Lesabre, Lucerne, Century
  • Subaru Outback
  • Toyota Camry, Sienna, Prius, Echo, Corolla, Tacoma
  • Chevrolet Venture, Impala, Malibu, Cavalier
  • Chrysler , PT Cruiser, Sebring, Town and Country
  • Dodge Grand Caravan, Neon
  • Plymouth Voyager
  • Pontiac , Torrent, Montana, Bonneville, Grand Am, Trans Sport, Vibe, Trans Sport
  • Ford Taurus, Windstar, Ranger, Crown Victoria, Mustang
  • Honda CR-V, Odyssey, Accord, Civic
  • Hyundai Sonata, Accent
  • Kia Amanti
  • Mercury Villager, Grand Marquis, Mystique
  • Nissan Rogue, Sentra, Maxima, Altima
  • Saturn SL2, LW1
Michelin Premier A/S review
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Tire Sizes

The Premier A/S comes in two speed ratings: V and H. And it comes in the following tire size range:


185 /65 R15 88H SL BSW

195 /55 R15 85V SL BSW

195 /60 R15 88H SL BSW

195 /65 R15 91H SL BSW

205 /60 R15 91H SL BSW

205 /65 R15 94H SL BSW


185 /55 R16 83H SL BSW

195 /55 R16 87V SL BSW

205 /50 R16 87V SL BSW

205 /55 R16 91V SL BSW

205 /55 R16 91H SL BSW

205 /60 R16 92V SL BSW

205 /60 R16 92H SL BSW

205 /65 R16 95H SL BSW

215 /55 R16 93H SL BSW

215 /60 R16 95H SL BSW

215 /60 R16 95V SL BSW

225 /55 R16 95H SL BSW

225 /60 R16 98H SL BSW

225 /65 R16 100H SL BSW

235 /60 R16 100H SL BSW


205 /45 R17 84V SL BSW

205 /50 R17 93V XL BSW

205 /50 R17 93H XL BSW

215 /45 R17 87H SL BSW

215 /45 R17 87V SL BSW

215 /50 R17 95V XL BSW

215 /55 R17 94V SL BSW

215 /55 R17 94H SL BSW

225 /45 R17 91H SL BSW

225 /45 R17 91V SL BSW

225 /50 R17 94V SL BSW

225 /55 R17 97V SL BSW

225 /55 R17 97H SL BSW

225 /60 R17 99H SL BSW

235 /45 R17 94V SL BSW

235 /45 R17 94H SL BSW

235 /50 R17 96H SL BSW

235 /55 R17 99H SL BSW


225 /55 R18 98H SL BSW

225 /60 R18 100H SL BSW

235 /55 R18 100V SL BSW

245 /45 R18 100V XL BSW

Price And Warranty

Michelin Premier A/S Tires are priced anywhere between $114 to $226. You can browse online or visit the open market. Other than that, you also receive a 60,000-mile warranty on these tires.

Michelin Premier A/S Tires - Overall Thoughts And Verdict

This all season tire is an all star performer. It is a tire that excels on both wet and dry roads. To be honest, it does wonders on wet surfaces with some of the best wet performance in its class.

What makes them different tires is their unique silica and sunflower oil compound. It could be heavy rain and you would get the same performance as you would if conditions were ideal. If your area is experiencing light winter conditions, these tires will make you feel as if there is nothing they can’t deal with and deliver superb ice performance. It is the best tire in its class and a great set of winter tires for anyone who wants a one-stop solution.

Offering a uniform ride with comfort control technology, and great traction everywhere from light snow or wet pavement, this A/S tire are good tires to put on once and then forget about for a while. Even if the tread depth wears down, this great tire is built well enough for it to hold its own.

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