Michelin Pilot Sport Ps2 Review

Michelin Pilot Sport Ps2

Ultra High Performance Tire

One of the important sectors that have contributed immensely to the development of the automobile industry is tire brands. These manufacturers have, over the years, continued to churn out products that don’t only allow vehicles to move excellently, they also ensure adequate ride comfort for daily driving.

One of the popular tire brands in the industry is Michelin. The brand is the brain behind many quality tires used in sports cars, sedans, saloons, and many other car models.

This article seeks to review another excellent product in its line of high-performance tires, the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2.

This an ultra-high-performance tire as it comes with features and capabilities such as great cornering abilities, high-performance traction in wet and dry conditions, and impressive handling ability.

In this review, we will discuss the features, pros, cons, and even the price range of the tire. At the end of this article, you should have all the information needed to make a purchasing decision on Michelin’s tire.

Tread Compound and Design

Every tire expert knows the importance of tread design and rubber compound on the functionality of a tire. It is, therefore, no surprise that the manufacturer uses a combination of two different compounds and an asymmetrical tread design.

The first compound is a mixture of carbon black and hybrid silica. This compound covers the surface of the tire, including the shoulder ribs and the contact patches.

The covering then continues to its inside using a high silica compound as the second compound.

The essence of the dual covering compound is to provide the highest level of dry and wet traction possible for a tire. These compounds also deliver maximum grip for the tire when navigating a corner, as well as impressive acceleration and high-speed capabilities.

Michelin Pilot Sport Ps2 Tyres
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Cornering Grip and Dry Traction

The core of the functionality of the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 is its dry traction and cornering grip. The tire has increased cornering grip, thanks to its outside shoulder blocks and the center rib.

These components also add excellent dry traction and steering capability.

The feel when driving on these tires is nothing short of perfect, due to the firm grip while navigating corners and ride comfort gotten from its steering capacity.

Wet Handling

You will also find that the wet handling of the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 is top-tier. This wet traction is made possible through the circumferential and added lateral grooves on the tire. Through these grooves, water gets conducted away from the tire and the grip of the tire remains firm even in rain or wet conditions.

As a result of this wet traction handling feature, drivers do not have to worry about hydroplaning when braking, as the risk is greatly reduced.

Internal Components

On the inside shoulder there are two high tensile steel belts. These belts come with an aramid and nylon filament reinforcement.

The purpose of the steel belts and their reinforcements is to add strength and durability to the tires especially when driving at a high speed. The steel belts also increase the steering response and improve the ride comfort provided by the Pilot Sport PS2.

The Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 comes in six different sizes (between 17 inches and 22 inches) and a 6-year warranty, which also translates to about 20 000 mileage warranty.

What are the pros and cons


The cornering performance and dry traction is excellent

Provides a superb wet handling function in rain

It also provides a quiet and comfortable ride

There is a whopping 20 000 mile tread wear warranty on the tire


The only downside to the use of this tire is the poor tread life. The tire could do with more tread life.

Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Tire
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What Vehicles Can You Use the Pilot Sport PS2 With?

These are some of the cars you can use the tire with. You should note that the tire passes as a piece of original equipment for some of these vehicles.

  • Cadillac CTS
  • Acura RL
  • Dodge Viper
  • Honda Accord
  • Chrysler Crossfire
  • Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette
  • BMW models such as BMW 128i, Z4, and 540i
  • Volvo V70 and S70
  • Porsche Cayman, 911, and Boxster
  • Pontiac GTO
  • Subaru Impreza

Tire Sizes


335/35ZR17 106Y BSW

235/40ZR17 90Y BSW

255/40ZR17 94Y BSW

265/40ZR17 96Y BSW

275/40ZR17 98Y BSW

225/45ZR17 91Y BSW

245/45ZR17 95Y BSW

205/50ZR17 89Y BSW

235/50ZR17 96Y BSW

205/55ZR17 91Y BSW


285/30ZR18 93Y BSW

295/30ZR18XL 98Y BSW

315/30ZR18 98Y BSW

335/30ZR18 102Y BSW

245/35ZR18XL 92Y BSW

255/35ZR18 90Y BSW

255/35ZR18 90W BSW

265/35ZR18 93Y BSW

265/35ZR18XL 97Y BSW

P275/35ZR18LL 87Y BSW

275/35ZR18 95Y BSW

295/35ZR18 99Y BSW

225/40ZR18 88Y BSW

225/40ZR18 88W BSW

225/40ZR18XL 92Y BSW

235/40ZR18 91Y BSW

245/40ZR18 93Y BSW

255/40ZR18XL 99Y BSW

265/40ZR18 97Y BSW

265/40ZR18XL 101Y BSW

275/40ZR18 99Y BSW

225/45ZR18XL 95Y BSW

235/50ZR18 97Y BSW


315/25ZR19XL 98Y BSW

P285/30ZR19LL 87Y BSW

P325/30ZR19LL 94Y BSW

295/30ZR19XL 100Y BSW

305/30ZR19XL 102Y BSW

345/30ZR19 105Y BSW

225/35ZR19XL 88Y BSW

235/35ZR19 87Y BSW

245/35ZR19XL 93Y BSW

255/35ZR19XL 96Y BSW

255/35R19XL 96Y BSW

265/35ZR19 94Y BSW

265/35R19XL 98Y BSW

275/35ZR19XL 100Y BSW

285/35ZR19 99Y BSW

285/35ZR19 99Z BSW

285/35ZR19 99Y BSW

225/40ZR19XL 93Y BSW

245/40ZR19 94Y BSW

255/40ZR19 96Y BSW

255/40ZR19XL 100Y BSW

275/40R19 101Y BSW

285/40ZR19 103Y

255/45R19 100Y BSW


305/25ZR20XL 97Y BSW

P335/25ZR20LL 94Y BSW

255/30ZR20XL 92Y BSW

265/30ZR20XL 94Y BSW

285/30ZR20XL 99Y BSW

335/30ZR20 104Y BSW

295/35ZR20XL 105Y BSW

305/35ZR20 104Y BSW

255/40ZR20XL 101Y BSW

275/45R20XL 110Y BSW


285/30ZR21XL 100Y BSW

305/30ZR21XL 104Y BSW

245/35ZR21XL 96Y BSW

265/35ZR21XL 101Y BSW


295/25ZR22XL 97Y BSW

255/30ZR22XL 95Y BSW

Price Range

The price tag on the tire showed that you need to pay at least $175 for it. However, you may check their website for rebates, discounts, coupon codes, and promo offers from different sales platforms.


This set of tires comes with a 6-year warranty or a 20000-mile warranty. This warranty covers the replacement, repair, and workmanship of the tires with the first year of use. You can also reduce the mileage on the rear tires by using differently sized ones in front of your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

The set of tires used for a vehicle determines a lot in its ability to provide an unforgettable riding experience. With the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2, you get a set of high-performance tires that allows you to drive without having to worry about technicalities.

With amazing features such as impressive dry and wet traction, wet handling, cornering grip, responsive steering ability, and a host of others, you get to enjoy the best riding experience with this high-performance tire. The only glitch with the tire is its tread life which we believe could be more.

The Pilot Sport PS2 remains top of Michelin products and even stays ahead of the curve in terms of competition with tires from other brands.

This is evident in the fact that this ultra-high-performance tire is used as a piece of original equipment in the Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche 911, among other high-class cars.

There is no doubt then, that the tire is one of the high-performance tires in the industry.

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