Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Review

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup

Michelin Tires

Over the years, drivers have struggled with finding car tires that meet both the Department of Transportation’s street-legal wheel requirement and one that ensures optimal and high performance on the racing track.

Many tire brands have also tried to come up with a suitable solution for this problem but with no success. It is against this backdrop that the popular French tire manufacturer, Michelin Tires, released the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup.


Michelin is one of the leading tire brands in the automobile and car racing business. The manufacturer has, in the past, manufactured quality and high-performance tires for both sports cars and passenger cars. This tire is one of the top products of the brand.

Michelin has car drivers in mind with the design and features of this tire. This is not surprising as the makeup of the tire showed that it was inspired by the race track.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Tires
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Exterior Components and Features

Starting with the tread compound, it is easy to see that the tire was built for optimal performance on the race track. This is evident in the way that the rubber hoop uses a double side-by-side compound. The tread pattern is also asymmetrical.

The combination of these two features helps the tires deliver an impressive dry traction. The hoop provides this impressive traction, which works regardless of the speed at which you drive.

Still focusing on the outer part of the tire features a shoulder rib. As with other tires, the shoulder rib of this tire provides the cornering grip required by all tires.

However, with the special design that the Sport Cup comes with, the shoulder ribs increase the cornering grip capability. This means that you can navigate corners easily.

On the other hand, this leads to quick steering response, another impressive feature.

Many sports car drivers have reviewed the tire, and one of the common features they all mentioned was the glue-like grip that the tire provides in corners. This ability is activated when enough heat is used on the tire. For racers and motorsports drivers, this is a needed feature.

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Interior Components and Features

Enough with the exterior part of the tire, let’s take a look at the inside. Some of the prominent things you will find in the interior part of the tire are the two steel belts. These steel belts are reinforced within the tire using the in-house Banded t Zero technology.

The function of the steel belts is to increase the acceleration and braking capacities of the tire. In the same vein, it also increases the cornering grip, complementing the work of the tread compound and tread pattern.

The hoop comes in different sizes and ranges from size 18 inches to size 20 inches. There is also the run-flat version.

What are the pros and cons

In this section, we will discuss some of the key upsides and downsides of using this tire for your vehicle.


You get an outstanding dry handling and traction capability

The cornering grip is one of a kind

The performance on different road surfaces, especially the track has been consistently good, thanks to its tread depth

It provides great ride comfort for daily driving


You may not get quality wet traction ability, meaning that it is not your best option when driving in the rain.

MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 all_ Season Radial Tire
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What Vehicle Can You Use These Tires With?

The maker of these tires had sports cars and passenger cars in mind. Therefore, there is a wide range of cars that would work well with these tires. They include:

  • The following models of BMW cars; M3, 330ci, and Z4
  • Ferrari Enzo
  • Dodge Viper
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse GT vehicle
  • Saab 9-2, 9-3
  • Mazda 3
  • Honda Civic and Honda S2000
  • Mercedes-Benz C55 and SLK55
  • Porsche Cayman, Porsche 911, Porsche 944
  • Subaru Impreza
  • Ford Focus Zx5
  • Chevrolet Corvette
  • Audi RS6 and S4
  • Nissan 350z and 300ZX
  • Golf R32 and Volkswagen GTi

These are some of the vehicles that you can use these tires with check the website for more your car if not listed.

Tire Sizes


285/30ZR18 93Y BSW

295/30ZR18 94Y BSW

265/35ZR18 93Y BSW

225/40ZR18 88Y BSW

235/40ZR18 91Y BSW


P285/30ZR19 LL 87Y BSW

265/30ZR19 89Y BSW

305/30ZR19 XL 102Y BSW

305/30ZR19 XL 102Y BSW

325/30ZR19 101Y BSW

325/30ZR19 101Y BSW

325/30ZR19 101Y BSW

345/30ZR19 105Y BSW

235/35ZR19 87Y BSW

235/35ZR19 87Y BSW

245/35ZR19 89Y BSW

245/35ZR19 XL 93Y BSW

265/35ZR19 XL 98Y BSW


P335/25ZR20 LL 94Y BSW

245/30ZR20 XL 90Y BSW


Given the quality of the Michelin hoop, it is not surprising that its price tag is $273. However, the cost may differ depending on the store and the availability of rebates, discounts, and coupon codes.


The manufacturer offers a limited warranty on these tires. The uniformity guaranteed for its surface covers the first year or the first 2/32 inches of wear.

The warranty lasts for 6 years and covers material and workmanship including a possible replacement in the first year or for the first 1/32 inches of wear.

You can also get long life on the hoop by using alternating sizes in the front wheels rather than the rear wheels.

Overall Concluding Thoughts

If you are a driver of a sports car, you can never go wrong with the Sport Cup. The tires provide an exhilarating and unforgettable experience, especially on the race track. When you manage to get enough heat to the tires , you enjoy an unrivaled cornering ability and dry traction.

Although the manufacturer did not make them solely for racing, the track performance of the tires is highly consistent and impressive. Lastly, you will get adequate tread life from it.

Apart from its performance on the racetrack, you will also enjoy the street use of that specialized hoop. The only glitch at this end is the wet traction. The wet traction of these tires isn’t that bad, but you may want to slow down a bit while at it.

In summary, there are very few tires in the automobile and car racing business that will beat the Sport Cup in terms of features, capacity, and functionality, possibly the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2.

Some of these tires include those by other tire brands such as the Pirelli P Zero Corsa System, the Nitto NT 555R II Extreme, and as mentioned, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2.

Save these three tires, the Michelin Sport Cup remains unrivaled in race and street use.

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