Michelin Pilot Primacy Review

Michelin Pilot Primacy review
Tire Pilot Primacy
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Michelin Primacy tires, also known as Performance or summer tires, are premium, European-styled, high-end tires available on the market.

This Michelin tire is designed to provide the most enthralling touring and adventure with the ultimate luxury and comfort of passenger cars.

With an impeccably high level of steering response, they superseded the previous Michelin primacy ranges. Moreover, given the amazing traction, the Pilot primacy tire is tailored to suit the needs of sport coupes, SUVs, and sedans-type automobiles for ultimate performance.

Also, Michelin Primacy touring tire’s overwhelming traction and stability on the roughest tracks have landed them a unique position in the automobile market.

As a result, this tire has become the original equipment of some of the most amazing luxury cars with higher speeds in the automobile industry.

Cars like Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, BMW, SUVs are a few that perform admirably well as they use Michelin Primacy tire as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

For luxury driving and adventure enthusiasts who desire speed with comfort for their grand touring, these Michelin tires can provide the pure pleasure of a smooth drive on their vehicle. .

Michelin introduced the Banded At Zero feature in these. This technology adds strength to the steering, enhances handling and traction on wet roads.

This tire comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 18 to 20 inches and two-speed ratings. Michelin has also added a tire treads guarantee of 30,000-mile. 

Michelin Pilot Primacy Review- Unique Features

Tread Depth

These tires have a broader and deeper tread depth on the body and tread blocks on the shoulder. This special design with more tread depth enhances the vehicle’s traction on wet and dry tracks and pavements, creating a better road experience.

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Asymmetric Tread Pattern

The asymmetric tread pattern on the tire is an irregular design pattern that provides safety in all kinds of weather. with a different design on the inner and outer halves of the tire with tread blocks provides higher lateral stiffness for better grip, handling, and dry and wet track performance of cars.

They also provide progressive, predictable cornering grip enabling smooth turns. In addition, the center rib of the symmetric design ensures superior handling and control at all speeds.

Dry And Wet Traction

The combination of silica-based tread compound and asymmetric pattern on the tire is an essential part of ensuring the comfort level. It also enhances both dry and wet traction of the vehicle.

Unlike others, the premium Michelin Primacy Tire comes with circumferential grooves, high angled grooves, and full-depth sipes, making it the best tire of this kind and type.

It ultimately ensures better hold, responsive steering, and comfortable ride on dry and wet road surfaces.

Furthermore, the rubber compound and precision manufacturing technology improve wet road handling, it significantly reduces the risk of hydroplaning.

Michelin Pilot Primacy Review- Pros & Cons


Excellent traction when driving on snow or wet and dry roads

Impeccable grip, stability, and comfort

Smooth braking and acceleration for a comfortable ride

Short braking distances

Minimizes vibration and road noise for a quiet car driving experience

Comfort control technology, even with highway speeds and grand touring

Guaranteed Performance with a 5 years warranty


Have a significantly shorter tread life.

Vehicles that Support Pilot Primacy

Pilot Primacy XSE Summer Tyre
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The list includes a variety of vehicles used for luxury traveling or grand touring. These cars can get an amazing grip, stabilization, and traction with the premium tire.

(Note: This list doesn’t have every vehicle that supports the Pilot Primacy)

  • Audi A6 and A4
  • Infiniti I30
  • BMW 7 (750i, 745i) and 5 series (525i, 528i, 540i)
  • Kia, Amanti
  • Honda (Prelude, Accord)
  • Oldsmobile Alero
  • Pontiac GTO
  • Chrysler Sebring
  • Dodge Stratus
  • Lexus series SC400,LS460,ES300,ES350,IS300,LS430
  • Mercedes-Benz series (SLK280, S550,CLK320, C230, , E500)
  • Toyota (Avalon, Corolla XRS)
  • Nissan (Maxima, Altima 3.5)
  • Volvo S60, S80, V70
  • Saab 9-3 Linear
  • Volkswagen GTi,Beetle,9-5 Aero,Jetta,9-2X Aero,Passat

Tire Sizes

Michelin Pilot Primacy is a high-performance touring tire, and to suit the need of various cars, they come in 3 different sizes.


245/50R18 100W BW


275/40R19 101Y BW

245/45ZR19 98Y BW


275/35R20 98Y BW

245/40R20 95Y BW

Price Range

Pilot Primacy is available at a varying price range depending on different sizes. But, on average, it ranges from $282 and goes higher.

To find lower rates and prices, you can look up occasional discounts, coupons, rebates, and deals from local shops, or you can achieve some amazing savings by finding a set of four online.


There are two types of warranties for the tire, standard limited warranty and limited mileage warranty. Both of them have their unique set of benefits.

Every grand touring Michelin tire comes with a 6 years warranty. The warranty ensures that the delivered touring tire is of high quality and offers everything that it claims.

Furthermore, it gives a 30,000 miles tread wear warranty. It ensures that regular wear and tear on the tire doesn’t compromise the smooth braking, the speed at cornering, and comfort for the driver.

The mileage warranty covers the tread wear, defect, and damaged material for the entire life span of the tread or until 6 years from the date of purchase.

In addition, a Michelin warranty ensures a guarantee to replace the damaged product.

Michelin Pilot Primacy Review – 

Overall Thoughts

Drivers who love luxury and high-speed performance without losing the grasp of the road and feeling each curve with an impressive cornering grip will enjoy the ride with this touring tire.

The European manufactured Michelin tire comes with circumferential grooves making it the best tire for the drivers with Y and Z speed rating and low road noise.

Michelin tires placed on both rear and front are intended to push the drivers’ comfort levels higher and improve handling, stability, and grasp of the track on corners.

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