Michelin Latitude Diamaris Review

Michelin Latitude Diamaris Review

Who doesn’t want tires for their vehicles that provide the utmost level of comfort and high performance? The Michelin Latitude Diamaris tire is molded to guarantee comfort, grip, and on-point handling and control to ensure a safe and smooth commute experience for your car. This is why it’s the ultra high performance tire choice for you.

It is designed mainly for sedans and is a hot favorite among sport coupes’ drivers. Its many features plus added bells and whistles make the tire a popular option for renowned cars like the BMW x5, land rover, and so on.

Furthermore, the Latitude Diamaris is featured as original equipment by various brands, including, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, BMW, and other sedan and SUV models.

Here’s an in-depth Michelin Latitude Diamaris review. Read on to find out if it is as good as the claims made by other drivers. This will help you decide if you should choose these over others for your vehicle.

Michelin Latitude Diamaris Features

Here are some of the many features of Michelin Latitude Diamaris that ensure high performance and ride comfort:

  • These tires have great traction on wet and dry pavement due to the asymmetric silica-based compound tread pattern
  • The tire’s shoulder is strengthened by strong tread blocks that lead to excellent cornering grip
  • The tires continuous center rib enhances stability and gives better steering regardless of the speed
  • Three unique high angled and circumstantial grooves on the tread’s interior section provide great wet handling capabilities by decreasing risks of hydroplaning. Additionally, there are full-depth sipes surrounding the tire which greatly increases the hold on wet roads.
  • Backed by Michelin’s patented BAZ technology, there are two high-tensile steel belts inside the tire, that enhance its width and consequently its contact patch leading to greater strength and better handling capabilities at higher speeds
  • This Michelin model has a W or Y speed rating, 18-20 inch tire size, and come with a 30,000-mile warranty on the tread
Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tire
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Performance Of Michelin Latitude

The Michelin Latitude Diamaris tire’s performance varies across different surfaces as outlined below:

Dry Handling

Latitude Diamaris’ tread pattern allows good drivability in a variety of road conditions, including dry, paved surfaces. Braking and cornering are outstanding along with good steering response and management for better dry handling even during high-speed driving.

You may face some unequal wearing due to load balancing as these tires are meant for sport or streetcars and for larger vehicles.

Wet And Rainy Surfaces

Diamaris tires are also great for wet surfaces with their sipes, grooves, and ribs working together to remove water from the contact patch of the tire.

Apart from decent hydroplaning resistance, the wet traction is adequate enough to ensure abrupt braking and stopping.

Winter And Snow Performance

The latitude Diamaris tires are known for their summer performance and are known to power through light snow and slush.

However, they aren’t the best option for severe conditions. So, if you live in a region that is known to have knee-deep snow, please buy winter tires.

Or you can use these tires during summers, and swap them when the cold season arrives.

What are the pros and cons


Great wet and dry traction

Comfortable and safe ride

Excellent acceleration and braking

Durable tread pattern

Featured as original equipment by top brands

Maintains grip on higher speeds

Outstanding stability

Average wear, leading to a long tread life

Better mileage - you get more miles to the gallon


Compared to other tires, road noise is a little noticeable

Does not manage well in deep snow and ice

The provided sizes, do not fit the given profile of many cars

Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tires
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Vehicle Compatibility Of Michelin Latitude Diamaris

Here are some of the vehicles that the Michelin Diamaris tire fits:

  • Chrysler Sebring
  • Honda Accord, Prelude
  • Lexus LS460, ES350, ES300, LS430, IS300, SC400
  • Land Rover
  • BMW 750i, 745i, 525i, 540i, 528i
  • BMW X5
  • Volkswagen GTi, Jetta, Passat, Beetle
  • Volvo S80, V70, S60
  • Audi A4 3.0 Cabriolet Quattro, A6, TT Roadster
  • Dodge Stratus
  • Toyota Avalon, Corolla XRS
  • Pontiac GTO
  • Mercedes-Benz S550, C230, SLK280, E500, CLK320 
  • Infiniti I30
  • Saab 9-5 Aero, 9-2X Aero, 9-3 Linear
  • Kia Amanti
  • Oldsmobile Alero
  • Nissan Altima 3.5, Maxima

Tire Sizes

The Latitude Diamaris can be found in the following sizes:

18″ Size

  • 245/50R18 100W BW

19″ Size

  • 275/40R19 101Y BW
  • 245/45ZR19 98Y BW

20″ Size

  • 275/35R20 98Y BW
  • 245/40R20 95Y BW

Price Range And Warranty

Intended for cars with tire sizes between 18 to 20 inches. Depending on the type of vehicle you own, the expected price will vary from $282 and more. However, you can frequently find discounts, rebates, coupons, and other special offers.

The Michelin Latitude Diamaris has a 30,000 mile or six-year tread warranty and the mileage is decreased to half if the sizes used on the rear and front differ from one another. You also get a one-year or the first 2/32 inches wear guaranteed on the tire uniformity.

There is also a six-year warranty of workmanship and materials and during the first 2/32 inch wear or first year, Michelin also offers to replace the tire for free. The remaining time or for the last 2/32 inch tread depth has a prorated amount attached to it that you can receive.

Along with this, you receive a three-year flat tire changing service and a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee by MichelinFor the latest warranty conditions, check out Michelin’s website.

Michelin Latitude Diamaris - Verdict

You can see that the Michelin Latitude Diamaris is overall a great option especially due to its wet and dry pavement traction. It provides a great cornering grip and gives steadiness even at high speeds. With it mounted to your vehicle, you can drive with confidence on city streets as well as on highway roads.

The only room for improvement comes from the road noise and tread life. The noise increases as the tire starts to wear and is a source of complaint by some drivers and riders.

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