Michelin HydroEdge Review

Michelin HydroEdge Review

This tire is the latest offering in Michelin’s long line of all-season tiresIdeal for all types of family vehicles such as coupes, sedans, and crossovers, it is a tire made to brave any season.

It does this while making sure that it provides great all-weather handling along with an unrivaled tread life. One of the tire’s biggest strengths is its ability to handle exceptionally well in both wet and dry conditions. If your car has a set of Michelin Hydroedge tires on it, you can best believe that be it rain or light snow, you are in safe hands.

These are built using the HydroEdge technology that allows cars to perform at their best with adequate traction in dry, wet, slush, and light snow.

How Does It Do It While Making Next To No Road Noise?

Using its unique construction that involves a distinct 3-ribbed directional tread design, the Michelin tires offer an amazing dry grip with sure grip tread. It does this thanks to a much-improved contact patch that complements its tread design.

The tire also features a silica compound that adds to the traction. With the tire’s unique hydrochutes and dual circumferential grooves, the resistance to water greatly increases.

In the rain or under other wet conditions, these hydrochutes and grooves do wonders at wicking away any water from the contact patch. This prevents any hydroplaning that might compromise the traction of the tires on roads that are not dry.

Michelin HydroEdge Tire
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Summer Or Winter Tires?

Sold as an all-season tire, these Michelin tires are expected to perform well all year round. If you live in an area with moderate weather conditions – no extreme winters – no need to replace them as seasons change.

It also has Michelin’s EnergySaver construction that essentially reduces the rolling resistance that a tire produces to make sure the comfort isn’t compromised.

Along with this, there is also Michelin’s comfort control technology that greatly reduces the vibration that comes into the cabin and also eliminates almost all noise from the road. This is made possible thanks to the tire’s computer-optimized design. Add to this, an incredibly tread life and you have a tire that flawlessly provides a smooth ride.

Since they aren’t winter tires, but all-season ones; they do well in all types of roads, except when the snow is knee-deep.

What are the pros and cons


All-weather traction is impeccable.

Ride quality is extremely comfortable and smooth

Tread life is best in class and also has a warranty that covers it up to 90,000 miles

Stamped with the green x label

None at all or very little road noise

Excellent cornering is a variety of road conditions

Even at high acceleration, handling and control remain on point


Over time with wear and tear, these tires tend to start getting a little noisy.

Michelin HydroEdge
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What Cars Use Hydro Edge tires Tires?

If you own a vehicle from the list below, this tire can be mounted to it. Remember, this is just a small list, and there many other cars it can be put on.

  • Kia Amanti
  • Cadillac DTS, Deville
  • Chevrolet Malibu, Impala
  • Chrysler Town and Country
  • Saturn LS200, Aura, Vue
  • Subaru Legacy Outback
  • Dodge Grand Caravan
  • Ford Taurus, Crown Victoria
  • Honda Element Odyssey, CRV
  • Toyota Camry, Sienna, Tacoma, Corolla
  • Volkswagen Golf, Jetta

Tire Sizes


  • P185/65R-14 85T BSW
  • P185/70R-14 87T BSW
  • P195/70R-14 90T BSW


  • P185/65R-15 86T BSW
  • P195/60R-15 87T BSW
  • P195/65R-15 89T BSW
  • P205/60R-15 90T BSW
  • P205/65R-15 92T BSW
  • P205/70R-15 95T BSW
  • P215/60R-15 93T BSW
  • P215/65R-15 95T BSW
  • 215/70R-15 98T BSW


  • P205/55R-16 89T BSW
  • P205/65R16 94T NIS B
  • P215/55R-16 91T BSW
  • P215/60R-16 94T BSW
  • 215/65R-16 98T BSW
  • P225/60R-16 97T BSW
  • P235/60R-16 99T BSW


  • 215/60R-17 96T BSW
  • P215/65R-17 98T BSW
  • P225/55R-17 95T BSW
  • P225/60R-17 98T BSW
  • P235/55R-17 98T CAD


  • P225/50R-18 94T BSW
  • P225/55R-18 97T BSW

Michelin Hydroedge Tires Overall Thoughts

Much like many others from Michelin, these Michelin HydroEdge tires make use of a polyester cord-wrapped twin belt setup. This polyester cord body gives the tire strength and stability which makes it easier for it to combat all sorts of weather conditions.

It can be wet traction, dry traction, or snow traction; This tire can take it all without breaking a sweat. The good doesn’t stop there. It does all of this while also making sure that it lives up to the standard set by Michelin Tires by providing excellent fuel efficiency.

Its ability to provide more miles to the gallon is also prevalent by the fact that it is stamped with the green x label. If you read tire reviews for other tire brands, very few will come close to this Michelin tire. Making use of its wide center groove design and unique contact patch shape, the Michelin HydroEdge is a great tire for anything that you throw at it.

It could be wet roads or light snow, very few can compare. It will not only offer better braking but thanks to its tread pattern, this is probably the best tire you can get in its class. It evenly distributes all that comes its way making sure there is no noise in the cabin and the only sound you hear is from the engine.

The cherry on top? This tire comes with a 90,000-mile warranty on T speed rating and is one of the best value for money options in the all-season tire category.

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