Michelin Defender LTX M/S Review

Michelin Defender LTX M/S Review

Owning a large SUV, truck, or crossover means that you have a lot on your hands. These are large vehicles with heavy engines that take up a lot of room on a road. Unlike a coupe or sedan, controlling them is not as simple.

When faced with different roads, weather conditions, and terrains, you want a good all-season tire that grips well, has good traction, and a durable tread.

If you make the right decision, you can make the most of your car for as long as is possible. Enters the Michelin Defender LTX M/S, which is certainly a force to reckon with among tires. It is a tire Michelin can certainly be proud of owning to how well it is built and how much it can do.

Michelin Tires - What Do They Offer?

Michelin promises that the Defender LTX MS is a tire that can provide smooth performance, long tread life, and a comfortable ride.

Just like other tires like Continental tires, they designed the LTX M/S, keeping in mind that modern light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers are now more powerful than ever before. They are able to tow much bigger payloads compared to the past thanks to advancements in technology.

Moreover, the many different types of safety features in modern cars, allow owners to drive their vehicles at higher speeds, so there can be no compromises on handling, control, and braking. 

Driving at maximum speed might give you the thrill you seek, however, it takes a toll on your tires. But such is not the case for Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires, they stay intact, providing a stable and safe ride, despite the speed.

Michelin Defender LTX M/S
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Michelin Defender LTX M/S Review - How Does It Do It?

The internal structure of the tires is such that there are four wide circumferential grooves along with full-depth sipes which help with snow and wet traction.

Also they are backed by Michelin’s MaxTouch construction which helps with a more evenly distributed force on the contact patch. What this means for you is a durable tire and safer ride.

This helps with acceleration, braking, and cornering while also contributing to better tread life. Owing to these features, the Michelin Defender LTX M/S is not a noisy tire, and provides a quiet ride. Instead, it ensures that road noise is kept as low as possible.

The science behind it is apparent from the seen tread pattern on these tires. This tire was designed using the Michelin Total Performance Package. The features on this tire are made to give you the best tire in its class.

As a part of this performance package, Michelin incorporated its Evertread compound on these tires. This is coupled with a symmetric design that has independent and stable tread blocks for added traction and comfort.

Compared To The Competition

The three main competitors for the Michelin Defender LTX are:

  • Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza Plus
  • Firestone Destination LE2
  • Goodyear Wrangler SR-A

When other tires were compared with the Michelin Defender LTX in wet conditions, the Michelin tires unsurprisingly won the race.

Wet braking was tested, and it revealed that the Michelin tires took the shortest amount of time to come to a halt.

  • Michelin Defender LTX M/S: 136.5 feet
  • Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza Plus: 163 feet
  • Firestone Destination LE2: 144.5 feet
  • Goodyear Wrangler SR-A: 180.7 feet

This goes to show that this is simply the better tire when compared to the competition.

Traction: Snow, Dry, Wet- How Does It Fare?

When writing this Defender LTX M S review, two of the most important observations were how this tire does on dry and wet surfaces, or as say a winter tire.

For SUV and truck tires dry and wet conditions greatly matters. Most drivers want more traction but it has to be reliable traction be it on dry tarmac, wet roads, or light snow and slush. How do these tires do as highway tires and winter tires?

Dry Traction

Sold as a highway terrain option, the Michelin defender is a tire destined to do well on tarmac, off-road conditions, and other types of road conditions.

Using Michelin’s MaxTouch construction, the tire distributes the force of both acceleration and braking evenly, making these highway tires an excellent choice. This gives it more contact with the road which gives it much better traction when you are putting in those highway miles.

Wet Traction

While testing, at normal speeds i.e. under the prescribed rating, the tire did not lose any traction. Plus, at no time did the rear tire feel like it was loosing control. The special 3D active sipes made sure any water that came in touch with the tire, immediately got brushed aside.

The groove design on these tires enhance resistance to hydroplaning, immediately whisking away any water that might accumulate in contact patch.

Snow Traction

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S is a highway terrain option which means that it isn’t built for driving on snow. Sure, it may power through light snow, mud, and slush, but the tires won’t suffice in knee deep snow. And that does not surprise us, as all-season tires are not meant for such winter-like conditions.

So if the region you live in sees a considerable amount of snowfall, it would be best to swap the LTX MS with dedicated snow tires during winters.

What are the pros and cons


Provides great all-season traction

The tread compound on the Michelin LTX tires is quite tough and highly durable

Excellent handling and control

Responsive steering

Short braking distance

Resistance to hydroplaning is ensured

Comes with a mileage warranty

Perfect for city streets as well as for highway driving

Does well in severe conditions and is known to keep passengers and car safe in off-road conditions


The LTX M S2 does not come cheap, but considering the features and capabilities, most people feel that the price is justified, hence, not a lot

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What Vehicles Will The Michelin Defender LTX Fit?

  • Lexus GX470
  • Mazda B4000
  • Isuzu Trooper
  • Hummer H2, H3
  • Mitsubishi Montero
  • Mercury Mountaineer
  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Honda CR-V, Element
  • GMC Sierra, Yukon, Canyon
  • Dodge Durango, Dakota, Ram
  • Jeep Liberty, Grand Cherokee, Wrangler
  • Nissan Xterra, Armada, Titan, Pathfinder, Frontier
  • Ford Escape, Ranger, F-150, Expedition, Bronco, Excursion, Explorer
  • Chevrolet Silverado, Tahoe, S10, Avalanche, K2500, Suburban,  Colorado, Blazer
  • Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, Sequoia, FJ Cruiser, Land Cruiser, 4Runner, Highlander

Tire Sizes


  • 31×10.50R15 C 109R OWL
  • 205/65R15 XL 99T BSW
  • 215/75R15 100T OWL
  • 235/75R15 XL 109T OWL


  • 215/55R16 XL 97H BSW
  • 255/65R16 109T OWL
  • 215/70R16 100H BSW
  • 235/70R16 XL 109T OWL
  • 235/70R16 XL 109T OWL
  • 245/70R16 107T OWL
  • 255/70R16 111T OWL
  • 255/70R16 111T OWL
  • 265/70R16 112T OWL
  • 265/70R16 112T OWL
  • 275/70R16 114H BSW
  • LT225/75R16 E 115/112R BSW
  • 235/75R16 XL 112T OWL
  • LT245/75R16 E 120/116R BSW
  • 245/75R16 111T OWL
  • LT265/75R16 E 123/120R OWL
  • 265/75R16 116T OWL
  • LT215/85R16 E 115/112R BSW
  • LT235/85R16 E 120/116R BSW


  • 215/50R17 XL 95H BSW
  • 225/55R17 XL 101H BSW
  • 225/65R17 102H BSW
  • 225/65R17 102H BSW
  • 235/65R17 104T BSW
  • 235/65R17 104T BSW
  • 245/65R17 107T BSW
  • 245/65R17 107T BSW
  • 255/65R17 110T BSW
  • 265/65R17 112T BSW
  • 265/65R17 112T BSW
  • 235/70R17 XL 109T BSW
  • LT245/70R17 E 119/116R BSW
  • 255/70R17 112T BSW
  • LT265/70R17 E 121/118R OWL
  • 265/70R17 115T OWL
  • 265/70R17 115T OWL
  • LT285/70R17 E 121/118R BSW
  • LT295/70R17 E 121/118R BSW
  • LT225/75R17 E 116/113R BSW
  • 235/75R17 109T BSW
  • LT245/75R17 E 121/118R BSW
  • 255/75R17 115T BSW


  • 235/55R18 100T BSW
  • 245/60R18 105H BSW
  • 245/60R18 105H BSW
  • 265/60R18 110T BSW
  • 275/60R18 113H BSW
  • 235/65R18 106T BSW
  • LT255/65R18 E 120/117R BSW
  • 255/65R18 111T BSW
  • 255/65R18 111T BSW
  • 265/65R18 114T BSW
  • LT275/65R18 E 123/120R BSW
  • 275/65R18 116T BSW
  • LT285/65R18 E 125/122R BSW
  • 265/70R18 116T BSW
  • LT265/70R18 E 124/121R BSW
  • LT275/70R18 E 125/122R BSW
  • LT295/70R18 E 129/126R BSW


  • 255/50R19 XL 107H BSW
  • 235/55R19 XL 105H BSW
  • 245/55R19 103H BSW
  • 255/60R19 109H BSW


  • 35×12.50R20 E 121R BSW
  • 255/50R20 XL 109H BSW
  • 265/50R20 107T BSW
  • 305/50R20 116H BSW
  • 255/55R20 XL 110H BSW
  • 275/55R20 113T BSW
  • 275/55R20 113T BSW
  • LT265/60R20 E 121/118R BSW
  • 275/60R20 115T BSW
  • LT285/60R20 E 125/122R BSW
  • LT275/65R20 E 126/123R BSW
  • LT285/65R20 E 127/124R BSW
  • LT295/65R20/E 129/126R BSW

Price And Warranty

Michelin offers a 6-year or 70,000 mileage warranty on T and H speed rating tires and 6-year or 50,000 miles on LT speed rating tires.

Material and workmanship are covered for 6-years while also including a free replacement during the first year.

Michelin Defender LTX M S Review - Overall Thoughts

For customers who are out to buy a reliable set of tires and don’t mind paying a premium for it, this is for you. But in return you will get an outstanding tire that ensures safety and comfort, plus, a long tread life.

With wet and dry traction, tread longevity, and almost every tire size available; the Defender LTX MS ranks as one of the best options in the tire shop for new tires.

It has far less highway noise, does better on wet roads, improves fuel efficiency, and has a proven tread design.

It doesn’t matter if you drive within the speed limit or not, these highly-rated tires will prove to be a safe and reliable companion for all drivers.

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