Michelin CerexBIB 2 Review

Michelin CerexBIB 2 Review

The Michelin CerexBIB 2 is the second generation of the Michelin CerexBIB tire which was designed to provide low ground pressure and high load capacity for users. The tire was unveiled at the GruposPancho Farm Show in Boone, Iowa.

The Michelin CerexBIB 2 is a new harvester tire built for maintaining low pressures while providing good load capacity. According to David Graden who is the Agriculture Operation Marketing Manager for Michelin North America, the manufacturer understands that farmers are now using progressively larger machinery. But these pieces of machinery come with the problem of soil compaction and load capacity. He stated that because the Michelin CerexBIB 2 tire is air-systems ready, it can provide the solution to these problems and the other performance challenges.

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As a result, the tire is poised to give the best load capacity and maintain the lowest pressure for the harvesting machine to ensure optimal harvest time.

According to Michelin, the tire was supposed to provide one of the most remarkable load capacity and lowest ground pressure in the mechanized farming industry. The tire manufacturer claimed that the need to design and manufacture this type of tire is due to the increased usage of bigger combines on farms in North America.

Features and Benefits

Different Categories

As a way of helping farmers get the best off their machines, without causing any damage to the soil and lower the soil compaction on farms, Michelin is rolling out two categories of the Michelin CerexBIB 2. These categories include seven rear sizes and nine front sizes. With these categories of tires, farmers will be able to minimize soil compaction while also maintaining the high load capacities of their pieces of machinery. The ready-made air systems in the Michelin CerexBIB 2 make it quite easy for the tires to manage and achieve these performances.

Tire Tread

The tire tread is designed to improve the tire’s traction, enhance fuel efficiency by saving fuel and improve safety. All of these features are important to farmers who seek to lower their soil compaction and shallower ruts during harvesting.

CFO Technology and Designation

Michelin understands that the farmers rely on technology to advance farming practices, and the continuous reliance on technology should help farmers achieve more by using fewer resources. This is why Michelin employed the use of CFO+ technology with its IF and VF technology designations in the manufacturing of the Michelin CerexBIB 2.

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The CFO technology stands for cyclic field operation. It means that when the harvesting machineries moves around the farm, the load increases and decreases. Thus, in a combine system, the load increases when the grain tank is filled with grains and the load decreases when the grain tank is emptied.

Load Capacity

What the CFO designation does in this instance is to increase the load carrying capacity by an additional 55%.

The CFO+ Technology is utilized to increase and push the pressure limits and load capacity of combine harvester and other large harvesting equipment. Michelin’s CFO+ technology is an upgrade to the standard CFO technology, as it reduces the cyclic loading table from 10 mph (provided by the standard CFO technology) to 6 mph. It also provides the 2nd cyclic loading table in the harvester.

This new technology also means that farmers can start to enjoy more load-carrying capacity at the same pressure. There is also an alternative option to reduce soil compaction by maintaining the same load at lower pressures, which helps to maximize floatation and traction.


The Michelin CerexBIB 2 has been designed and tested with leading tire brands as well as equipment manufacturers. It is important to mention that this tire is CTIS-enabled and this means that farmers will be able to secure optimized harvest times regardless of the soil conditions. This feature equips the tires to extend the capacity of load by 35% while maintaining the same pressure as against their opponents. Tests have shown that the Michelin CerexBIB 2 can sustain a load of about 21,740 lbs while still running as low as 17 PSI, so the same load with low ground pressure.

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Tire Sizes

As said earlier, the tire comes in two sizes, the rear sizes, and the front sizes. There are seven rear axle sizes and nine front axle sizes. They are listed below:

The Rear Sizes

1. VF500/85R34

2. VF520/80R26

3. VF520/85R30

4. VF620/70R26

5. VF620/70R30

6. VF710/65R30

7. VF750/65R26

Front Axles Sizes

1. VF520/85R42

2. VF580/85R42

3. VF710/70R42

4. IF800/65R32

5. IF800/70R32

6. IF800/70R38

7. IFVF900/60R32

8. VF900/60R38

9. VF900/60R42


Michelin stands solidly behind its tires. The manufacturer provides a treadwear warranty that covers defects in material and workmanship, and the warranty lasts for six years from the day of purchase. The warranty also lasts till the end of the functional life of the original usable tread.

You should note that the functional life of the original usable tread refers to the 2/32 inch wear that remains after the tread is worn out. This should not be confused with uneven wear which is the tread groove divergence of 2/32 inch or more across the surface of the same tire.

The warranty provided by Michelin doesn’t include defects caused by road hazards such as punctures, snags, cuts, bruises, and impact damages. It also doesn’t cover for errors made by the user in terms of wheel imbalance, inappropriate tire mounting, improper tire maintenance, misapplication, and over-inflation.

Other warranty exclusions include uneven wear caused by the vehicle’s mechanical fault such as wheel misalignment, flat-spotting, and improper storage. The warranty will also not cover defects caused by accidents tire alterations, fire, or vandalism. If you add, liquid, solid, and gaseous materials other than nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and air to the tire, you are not eligible for the warranty and if you also use Michelin tires without following the instructions on the user manual, you are excluded from the warranty coverage.

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