L’homme vite: racing at Mosport in 1963

Happy Boxing Day! Hopefully you made it out of the mall in one piece, with your wallet somewhat intact.

Now it is time to enjoy a tasty beverage and relax with some vintage footage from Canada’s most historic race track. Filmed in 1963 by Guy Borremans, this short film called L’Homme vite, captures the action from a race at Mosport in its second year of operation. There are some fantastic action bits, including an on car camera.

There are all sorts of open wheel racers, from Formula Juniors to home built Canada Class machines. A few glimpses of sports cars also, including a poor wee Bugeye Sprite which has lost its bonnet. Watching famed Mosport starter Wallie Branston do his thing is pretty cool too. In the opening sequence, we catch a glimpse of Dave Greenblatt’s Dailu MkI.

I could watch this stuff all day long.

L’homme vite by Guy Borremans, National Film Board of Canada

Source: NFB

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