Corvette dreams are fueled by Chevrolet and Ron Fellows

I have long said that the best part about the car hobby is the people. People who aren’t just passionate about the cars, but also about the people. A small event earlier today at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park reinforced that theory.

Earlier in the week, the folks at Chevrolet Canada heard about a campaign that had been started by a young Port Perry, Ontario man to get his Father, who suffers from ALS(Lou Gehrig’s disease), a Corvette. With the holiday season in full swing, staff swung into action to give Scott McKenzie an experience that he won’t soon forget.

18 year old Marshall McKenzie, Mom Theresa and the rest of the family and their close friends brought 48 year old Scott to the facility where he met with Canadian racing legend Ron Fellows. After a short introduction session, Scott was strapped into the passenger seat of a bright yellow Corvette Z06. Fellows took his guest for a few high speed laps on the historic Mosport Grand Prix circuit, a ride which was made even more exciting by the cold & wet track surface.

The smile on McKenzie’s face said it all when the pair came off the track. Scott was just thrilled.

The financial hardships the family has endured due to his illness have been overwhelming. The hard working McKenzie’s dream had always been to buy himself a Corvette when retirement time came, but with his diagnosis earlier this year, that time will never come. Most patients afflicted with ALS live just two to three years after the disease sets in and Scott’s decline in just 9 months has been severe.

The younger Mckenzie is determined to make his Father’s one dream come true: To own a Corvette. Marshall has started a gofundme campaign to collect donations, with the goal of buying his Dad a Nineties era Corvette. If enough money is not raised, or when Scott passes away, the car will be sold, with the proceeds going to the ALS foundation.

To donate, visit the #GetScottACorvette gofundme.

Click here to support Help Get Scott His Dream Corvette by Marshal Mckenzie

My name is Marshal, I am 18 years old and I grew up in a small town near Toronto, Ontario. I will try to explain this as best I can in chronological order but some things are difficult to talk about.

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