Best Tires For Toyota Camry

best tires for toyota camry

Do you wish for that smoother, safer, and quieter ride on the road? You are not alone as every driver wants that. And to get this, you must choose the right tire for your Toyota Camry. With the right tires added to your car, that safe and relaxed ride for your whole family can come true.

Meanwhile, you must understand that there is no best tire for every Toyota Camry. However, there is a best tire for your Toyota Camry.

As a midsize family sedan, the Toyota Camry is a great option if you want the reliability Toyota products possess. Pay attention to the details of your surroundings. That way, you can discover the best tire for your Toyota Camry at different times.

Therefore, in this article, we present an in-depth review of the best tires out there for your Toyota Camry. All of these tires satisfy different parameters. For some, it is about how well their handling is. For others, it is their season efficiency. Also, some of these tires are best for a certain budget range.

In all, we present these tire specifications to aid your search for the best tire for your Toyota Camry. Thankfully, there are several tires out there for you to pick from. So, recognizing which ones help in varied climates and situations goes a long way. That knowledge keeps you safe whenever you drive and gets you the best quality for your money.

Note: We verified every one of these tires with information from specialists in the industry. Hence, you are sure they are safe, durable, and fit for your Toyota Camry. So, follow through as we get a closer view of these best tires for your vehicle.

Best Toyota Camry Tires

Below is a list of tires with varying quality performance based on the driving conditions. Other parameters considered include the budget, warranty, and accessibility. In all, we present the whole quality of each tire in this section. So, you get the best recommendations to choose from.

Note: This list is not in any particular order. They are simply your best options out there.

Goodyear Eagle Sport: Best Tire For Every Season

Best Tires For Toyota Camry - GOODYEAR EAGLE SPORT
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From the name, Goodyear, you expect to get a top-quality product. The kind that you will cherish and use for a long time. This is true. If you want a tire that works well in winter and summer, then this is the best option for you.

Judging based on their tread life expectancy and performance, these tires are relatively affordable. On average, one tire costs about $130. This price is lower compared to many high-end tire options.

This is your best option for an affordable tire for every season that works perfectly with the Toyota Camry.


  • A set of this tire costs $452
  • The speed rating is set a V    
  • Comes with a warranty of up to 60,000 miles
  • It is a tire for every season

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack: Best Touring Tire

Best Tires For Toyota Camry - Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack
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Are you searching for one of the top touring tires for your Toyota Camry? If you are, then, you should consider the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack Tires. This is one of the best touring tires you will find on the market.

These tires might cost slightly more than some of the other options with a price tag of $173 per tire. Yet they come with so many functions. With these functions, you will certainly enjoy them in your Toyota Camry. So, although the price of the tires is a tad more than others. Yet, it is well worth every penny.

Furthermore, this tire gives you a steady ride when the road is wet or icy. More so, the warranty lasts longer when compared to other types of tires. It lasts up to 80,000 miles.

Additionally, it is a great choice with braking which is another way it keeps you safe when you drive. In general, this tire is one of the top alternatives for your Toyota Camry in the grand touring class.


  • Top-notch handling performance
  • Exceptional on wet surfaces
  • A perfect tire for light snow conditions.       
  • Quiet tires with additional comfortability
  • Extensive warranty up to 80,000 miles.

Continental WinterContact SI Winter Radial Tire: Best Winter Tires

Continental WinterContact SI Winter Radial Tire: Best Winter Tires
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For a good winter tire to deal with all the ice and snow in your neighborhood, you must be attentive. Pay close attention to the various choices you have.

There are several tires out there that vow to deliver optimal quality and keep you safe during the winter. Sadly, none are as helpful and steady as the Continental WinterContact SI Winter Radial Tire. This tire easily passes as the best winter tire.

This tire gives you the best quality in terms of its acceleration speed. It can go from two miles per hour to 10 miles per hour in 60 feet of mild snow conditions. Therefore, you still get to your destination on time, without the risk of slipping or sliding due to the speed.


  • A set of this tire costs $436.
  • The speed rating is set an H
  • Comes with a warranty of up to 40,000 miles
  • The best tire for wet conditions

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS:Best Tire With Optimal Performance

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS
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This all-season tire is another impressive choice that works perfectly with Toyota Camry vehicles. Truly, this tire might not boast itself as the best with handling compared to Pirelli and Michelin tires. Nevertheless, the controllability it parades is rather exceptional.

Furthermore, this tire does the most when it comes to its grip and traction quality. In the area of dry handling, these summer tires rank top amongst all-season tires available on the market.

More so, as a performance tire, this Bridgestone model drives quietly even at high speeds. Also, it increases its harshness when you meet some rough patches while driving. Lastly, the tread wear warranty lasts up to 50,000 miles.

With all of these, you as a driver get a reliable and sturdy performance tire for your Toyota Camry.


  • This tire boasts an amazing tread life to deliver high-performance 
  • For its high performance, this tire is rather quiet.
  • It is easy to use and brake perfectly in wet climates.
  • Gives you short braking distances.
  • The handling is the best when used on dry tarmac.

Firestone FT140: Best Tires On The Highway

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For drivers that ply the highway frequently, it is crucial to get tires fit for the highway condition. You need tires that can handle these increased speeds without risking your safety while driving. This is exactly what the Firestone FT140 provides.

These tires are a blend of all-season and grand touring tires. The design and makeup of these tires give room for several small s-shaped tread blocks on them. With all of these, they provide increased stability and traction in wet and dry road situations.

Do you still have doubts about the Firestone FT140 tire? Consider how easy to use the styling is. Also, this tire delivers a steady and quiet ride all day long.

With all of these, these tires rank top among your best options, especially with the luxury sedans and coupes. They simply make your ride easier.


  • Great handling in rainy and snowy conditions
  • Comes at an affordable cost
  • Provides a smooth ride without too much noise
  • Rare grips that enable its exceptional
  • performance on the highway.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT: Best Tire For All-Terrain

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT
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Regardless of where you need to go, these Cooper Tires are perfect thanks to the steadiness they deliver. These tires give you all the power you need. The design of these tires allows for a ton of traction even on slippery or flat terrain.

Overall, the all-terrain tire adds a lot to your Toyota Camry car’s efficiency. This tire is strong, durable, and works seamlessly on virtually any type of terrain. Therefore, if you need a tire for downpour seasons, this is your best option.

Thanks to its deeper grooves and fierce tread, it easily prevents hydroplaning. This tire will keep your car moving always without frictions.

It is a perfect option for both rainy season, winter season, and dry seasons.

With the same array of features, it does well with lots of rain as well as other conditions. The treads enable it to easily glide through snow and slush. This is not to say that they will do as well as tires specifically made for winter seasons. However, they come equipped to deal with these conditions decently well as an all-terrain tire.


  • Impressive traction for gravel and dirt. 
  • Fit to function over mud and rocks.
  • Delivers a satisfactory deal of stability in dry and wet situations
  • Reliable even when under heavy loads such as hauling and towing.
  • Highly durable and reliable fit for a Toyota Camry car.

Nitto Trail Grappler: Best Tire For Mud-Terrain

Nitto Trail Grappler
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To start with, these tires give you the looks you will love. They look lovely and strong all at once. In no time, you will discover how much of both they have in them. These tires deliver some of the best mud-terrain ease you can get out there. So, regardless of how muddy the road is, with this tire, you can keep driving.

In addition, the distinct Z-groove treads add a sufficient amount of traction and steadiness while you keep driving. Also, the trade pattern displayed on the Nitto Trail Grappler works to get rid of stones. This pattern helps to clear mud and retain traction all through your trip.

Likewise, the center sipe is deep. This helps to prevent any problem from hydroplaning when driving in rainy conditions. Also, there is puncture resistance to ensure they last long enough. They do not get broken by rocks or any such things.


  • Tough and reliable.
  • Furnished with puncture resistance
  • Helps to prevent hydroplaning issues
  • Durable treads to give some additional traction.

Michelin Premier A/S: Best All-Purpose Tire

Michelin Premier A S
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The Michelin brand remains one of the best choices for your Toyota Camry car every day. This tire brand holds the prestige for showcasing quality and superiority always. Therefore, it is a popular choice amongst drivers.

This tire ranks high among the best all-purpose tires in areas of braking and handling. And it owes this efficiency to its high response and grip. These functions in this tire are similar to most high-performance tires.

Also, this tire still provides some of the most reliable wet traction and grip. You will certainly need this. This feature is a result of the tire’s Expanding Rain Grooves.

To add to the features above, this tire from Michelin offers a quiet and steady ride. One that can rival many other tires on the market.


  • Thanks to the EverTread Technology, these tires are safe always, even when they wear down.
  • Quiet and safe ride
  • Excellent handling capacity
  • Topnotch braking on both dry and wet roads

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring: Quality Tire On A Budget

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring
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Several Toyota Camry owners desire a promising tire at a reasonable cost. The CS5 Ultra Touring is one of these top-quality options from Cooper.

They work perfectly with Toyota Camry cars due to several impressive driving features. All these features combined with the safety conditions the tire features make it ideal for family vehicles.

More so, an outstanding feature of this tire is the Stabiledge Performance. If you have not heard of this technology, it helps to interlock the tread components. With this, the tire gets very responsive and reacts promptly to your steering inputs. In addition, this tire gives some of the best traction while driving.

However, the tread life is slightly lower. It ranges between 50,000 to 70,000. It simply depends on whether you own an H, V, or W-rated model.


  • Best budget tire
  • Decent braking performance
  • Terrific traction even in wet road conditions.
  • Works perfectly in terms of providing an adequate grip while driving.

Achilles ATR Sport 2 Performance Tire: Top Sport Tire

Achilles ATR Sport 2 Performance Tire
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Lastly, do you need a promising sport tire? If yes, the Achilles ATR Sport 2 is one of your best options. This tire is a pure sport performance tire. It helps to cut out some of the issues you might have like tread wear and road noise.

This tire gives you the best wet and dry grip. So, you can get those corners easily and coast through every ride. For those who want to show off in their Toyota Camry, you should consider this tire. It presents one of your best chances of having fun and staying safe.

More so, with this tire, you can improve the directional stability and the cornering performance while driving. Also, it provides you with superior handling and straight-line steadiness just as you want it for your Toyota Camry.

Nonetheless, these are perhaps not the tires you hope to use while driving long distances or on different terrains. However, if it’s a simple ride with flashy show-offs, this tire is one of your best choices out there. This tire is as simple as they come. Plus, it gets the corners quickly and easily. Lastly, it comes with great looks compared to other affordable tires.


  • Perfect for every terrain
  • The Speed rating is set at W
  • Comes at an affordable cost of only $272.

When Is It Necessary to Change My Tires?

If you want your Toyota Camry working perfectly, it is necessary to ensure the tires work perfectly at all times. However, when do you need to have your tires replaced to ensure they keep you safe always?

Below are five crucial things that tell you it is time to replace those tires.


Pay attention to any tire that suffers any defect at all. It might be a flat tire or any other issue. It is simply a signal to you to change the tires.

Change In Performance

Have you noticed how that high performance tire is not retaining air, whimpers, or buzzes while driving? Or is it that it does not handle as well as it used to?

If any of this is the case, then it is time to change it.

Case Of Tread Wear

In a situation where the tread wears out, it becomes harder for the tire to hold steady on the ground. That is a threat to your safety. Take time to check the tire tread. When it appears low, then go for a replacement.


For no reason should your tires stay for more than ten years. It is advisable to change your tires every six years.

Season Changes

The need to change out the tires arises based on the season changes. Do this to stay safe while on the road in every season. Whether it’s a deep snow condition or a dry one. Always ensure your tire should give you sufficient dry and wet traction.

Do not use the wrong tire for any season. Do not use snow tires when you should use a dry terrain tire or a grand touring tire. That is one way you as car owners can ensure you have a comfortable ride always.

Overall, it is crucial to pay attention to the season tire on your Toyota Camry. So, you can get them changed when due. With that, you avoid problems like a tire blowing when you travel or the tread wearing out.

What Should I Consider When Getting New Tires for My Toyota Camry?

Now that you know which type of tire is best for your car, it is essential to consider certain details. Do this before purchase to ensure what you buy will meet all of your needs. First off, the grip and traction are very important.

Yet, you still must consider certain other details like:

The Size Of The Tire

Go through the owner’s manual to know the right size. There is the chance to adjust the sizes slightly. However, you want to be sure they are close enough to factory settings. That way, they can fit easily.

Sidewall Structure Of The Tire

Go for tires with stiffer sidewalls as it allows for additional control. However, softer sidewalls add extra comfort while on the road.

Tread Compound Of The Tire

You have three options as regards the tread patterns. It can either be directional, asymmetrical, or symmetrical. Asymmetric tread pattern features a mixed tread pattern which gives it optimal grip. 

Sipes Of The Tire

The sipes are those cuts you find inside the tread blocks. You find them mostly on winter tires and on all-season tires. Tires with sipes present additional advantages in several ways, especially to drivers in wet and snowy conditions.

Tread Wear Warranty Of The Tire

Ensure you always go for a tire that gives you a tread wear warranty. Also, ensure the warranty is long enough. A tire that comes with a warranty of at least 50,000 miles is a good pick.


With the right tires, your Toyota Camry will not only be safer but also more reliable. Start by considering what your needs are. Then, check out the options provided. You will definitely find the tire that works best for your Toyota Camry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Tires For A Toyota Camry?

Simply put, Touring All-Season Tires make the best tires for a Toyota Camry. This is because Toyota furnishes virtually all models of the Camry with touring tires made by the brand. Also, most Camry drivers derive the best satisfaction from these tires. Therefore, if you ask that salesman in your local automobile store, he will recommend touring all-season tires.

What Is The Best Year Toyota Camry?

That will be the 7th Generation. The best models in this generation of Camry releases are the years 2013, 2014, and 2015. These are the best year Toyota Camry. They simply stand out!

What Size Tire Fits A Toyota Camry?

There is no definite size that works perfectly with every Toyota Camry vehicle. However, there is one that works well with your Toyota Camry. The tire size that works best for your Toyota Camry depends on the year of production. From this size chart, select the year of your Camry and check out the results.

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