Best Tires for Honda Odyssey

Best Tires for Honda Odyssey

When you consider the minivans dominating the global market presently, the Honda Odyssey is one of them. The Honda Odyssey vehicle is a minivan with outstanding qualities.  The features in this vehicle makes it a perfect choice for a family ride.

Furthermore, Honda Odyssey owners love its ability to offer a safe and comfortable ride. However, to enjoy all the benefits of this vehicle, you must buy the best tires. With that, you complement its superior quality with tools of similar quality.

Meanwhile, searching online for the best tires for your Honda Odyssey can get you soaked in too many options. This is as there are hundreds of tire models out there with at least satisfactory quality. But, you need the right fit for your car, and your lifestyle, to get the best from it.

Here is a simple guide to ensure this decision doesn’t overwhelm you. Here, you discover sufficient details to walk you through the dynamics of these tires.

You need to check out the necessary tire features. From there you can start judging which is the best tire for your minivan. Select the tire that provides a good all-terrain and all-season performance and is worth every penny you spend.

Reviews Of The Best Honda Odyssey Tires

1. Bridgestone Ecopia H/L: All-Season Tires

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We checked out this tire from Bridgestone, and with the quality it prides itself in,  it is our first choice for Honda Odyssey vehicles.

This is also our top product in the area of fuel-efficiency. They provide that important low rolling resistance every minivan needs. It is not surprising judging by the fact that it comes from a leading brand as well. This is a product that delivers a reliable all-season driving experience.

In addition, you have a tire featuring a symmetrical tread block design. This design comes with a matching direction for its diagonal grooves. This means the four circumferential grooves of this tire work together to provide that all important hydroplaning resistance.

Its diagonal active sipes with its tread blocks function together perfectly. They seamlessly provide top-level wet and dry traction quality for an all-season performance. With this tire, you are certain you will get excellent short braking distance even on wet road surfaces.

Additionally, the functionality and aesthetics of this tire makes it a perfect fit for Honda Odyssey vehicles. This tire complements the sturdy and highly-functional engine of Odyssey. Thanks to its fuel economy savings, it can only get better. Lastly, you enjoy an advanced handling accuracy and steering response.


  • Fuel-efficiency
  • Hydroplaning resistance
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Quality handling for a comfortable ride
  • Extended tread life
  • All-season touring tire with quality performance

Technical Details

  • Model: ECOPIA H/L 422PLUS
  • Tire Weight: 30 lbs
  • UTQG: Not Available

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This tire is one of the Michelin Defender tires. As such, you expect a high level of quality, and it doesn’t fall short. This tire features a rigid tread compound. This tread compound is a product of the brand’s Evertread Technology.

Likewise, the wide steel belts enclosed in polyester fabric below the rubber comes in handy. It helps to increase the balance in the tread wear quality. Thanks to its nature, it is a dependable all-season tire for excellent dry, wet, and light snow traction.

The wide steel belts covered with polyester fabric below the rubber helps as well. This feature facilitates the balanced tread wear the tire boasts. This is another incredible all-season tire to deliver that helpful wet, light snow, and dry traction.

Do not worry about wet surfaces or slick roads. This tire features terrific hydroplaning resistance as well as biting grip. Both qualities come in to help out on these surface conditions. There are lateral and circumferential grooves that help to move out water from the tread compound.

Again, the active sipes adds to to the tire’s general traction. However, this tire cannot function well in medium to deep snow conditions. This is due to its it’s less active sipes and pliable compound.

Regardless, the noise reduction function of this tire makes it the best for a quiet ride. This zero noise quality is thanks to its various pitches on its shoulder tread blocks. Furthermore, you get to enjoy the tire’s accurate handling and braking response thanks to its solid central ribs.


  • Furnished with Evertread Technology
  • Solid rubber-silica compound
  • Precise handling and equal tread wear
  • All-season tire with optimal performance

Technical Details

  • Model: Michelin Defender LTX M/S
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • UTQG: 800 AA

3. Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring Tires

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Imagine a tire that boasts a tread compound that is 6.4 times more solid than a 100 rating control tire. Its general traction comes in at Grade A and the heat resistance at Grade B. Based on this, you can fully trust its tire tread life. Plus, the risk of bursting due to heat build-up is very low. This tire does well to correct tire pressure and extends the tire’s tread life.

In addition, this tire features a symmetrical tread design. This tread pattern adds to its safe all-season touring on paved road surfaces. This tire possess three rigid central ribs that again have alternating diagonal grooves.

Subsequently, the combination helps run water out. This ensures maintaining of adequate road contact. Similarly, the four circumferential grooves function the same way. You can trust these tire’s dry and wet traction performance.

Moreover, the variable shoulder tread pattern comes in to lessen the road noise in every drive. Finally, there is a steady cornering capacity thanks to its stronger sidewall construction.


  • All-season touring high performance
  • Symmetrical tread design
  • Quiet and comfortable ride
  • Solid sidewalls
  • Enhanced traction
  • Longer tread life

Technical Details

  • Model: Assurance Comfortred Touring
  • Tire Weight: 29.5 lbs
  • UTQG: 640 AB

4. Yokohama AVID Ascend Radial Honda Odyssey Tire

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Considering the cost and quality, this tire is somewhat more expensive and of higher quality than Hankook. First off, this tire provides a smooth and comfortable ride. It is as reliable as tires of other prominent tire brands.

Additionally, the enhanced tread compound of this tire is 7.4 times stronger than the 100 rating control tire. Plus, its traction and heat resistance comes in with a Grade A.

You can look forward to a reliable convenient all-season performance and a quieter ride. This is mostly due to its even tread patterns. These passenger tires come with five ribs and the center is wider than the other two ribs on both sides.

For the wide rib at the center, it provides that braking, smooth handling, and accelerating moves. You also enjoy steady and various tread pitches on its shoulder block. That means there will be less road noise per revolution. You get great handling and a quieter ride.

Finally, the similar diagonal grooves and active sipes aids its impressive wet and dry biting grip quality. This tire brand offers you an excellent choice for your Honda Odyssey minivan.


  • Lesser rolling friction
  • Fuel economy
  • All-season touring tire
  • Precise steering and sturdy cornering
  • Silent and smoother ride

Technical Details

  • Model: AVID Ascend
  • Tire Weight: 31.9 lbs
  • UTQG: 740 AA

5. Hankook Dynapro HP2: Best Replacement Tires

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This is a cheaper option to Goodyear and Yokohama. However, its performance and quality is not far off. This quiet tire can come in seamlessly as your major or reserve tires  They can be the replacement for your preferred brand whenever it disappoints regardless of weather conditions.

This tire provides a rubber-silica compound that is 6.4 times stronger than the control tires out there. You have three central ribs and two shoulder tread blocks placed on the sides. The continuous center rib comes with various active sipes that help to provide wet and dry traction.

The two ribs on the sides feature similar diagonal grooves facing an exact direction. That further helps with the hydroplaning resistance of the four circumferential mediums of the tire, keeping you safely on the road in wet conditions.

Likewise, these high performance tires guarantee satisfying noise reduction. Also, it provides accurate cornering ability thanks to its steady sidewalls. You also get the variable shoulder tread pitches working for you.

Finally, there is lesser rolling friction. Therefore, it is easier to increase your speed with less fuel usage.


  • Highly-functional rubber-silica compound
  • Strong and broad steel belts below tread compound
  • Uniform tread patterns
  • Accurate cornering and steering

Technical Details

  • Model: Dynapro HP2
  • Tire Weight: 30 lbs
  • UTQG: 640 AA

6. Kumho Solus TA11: All-Season Tires

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This tire comes at a comparable price to others like Hankook and Cooper. Yet, it delivers that quality and reliability for all-season touring. Additionally, the tire improves on its tread compound to make it 6 times stronger than the control tires.

Similarly, the tire comes in with an overall traction graded A. Plus, a thermal resistance quality graded B. Therefore, this tire is certainly a good tire for your Honda Odyssey or any other minivans.

In addition, the tread patterns of this tire are uniform. So, you will get that comfortable ride with equal handling and quieter touring output. More so, its 80 percent hydroplaning resistance is all thanks to its circumferential channels and diagonal grooves. All ot these are present on the three central ribs.

Lastly, the active sipes in between diagonal grooves give adequate traction to aid acceleration and braking performance. It delivers that enhanced all-season performance.


  • All-season touring output
  • Hydroplaning resistance
  • Fuel Economy
  • Noise reduction quality
  • Enhanced handling and braking

Technical Details

  • Model: Solus TA11
  • Tire Weight: 29.47 lbs
  • UTQG: 600 AB

7. Continental Tires Crosscontact LX25

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The symmetrical tread patterns of this tire are attributes that makes the tire distinct. Also, the ones in its three central ribs are outstanding. The patterns form in a crisscross layout for its grooves and active sipes. Lastly, the center-most rib comes as a twin rail rib. Hence, it provides that smooth and even handling on uneven road surfaces.

Furthermore, looking at its shoulder blocks, you would discover the two active sipes. They rest right between each lateral grooves. The arrangement is responsible for the provision of better cut down on noise.

Also, there is an improved and steady cornering with wet traction. Moreover, there are plenty of sipes and crisscross grooves on the central ribs. What this implies will be shorter braking distance even on wet road surfaces.

Again, the distinct engineering patterns and compound of this tire again lessens rolling friction. So, you do have to step hard on your accelerator to increase your speed .


  • Variable shoulder tread pitches
  • Symmetrical tread designs
  • Steadier and quieter touring
  • All-season performance tires
  • Extended tread life

Technical Details

  2. Tire Weight: 29 lbs
  3. UTQG: Not Available

8. Milestar MS932 Sport: All-Terrain Tires

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We begin with the price of this Milestar quality product. First off, it is less expensive compared to Yokohama and Falken. Yet, it boasts an enviable overall quality.

Furthermore, the tread compound is 5.4 times stronger than control tires. This tire delivers dependable lessened rolling resistance to help save more fuel. This product is one of the best tires out there that offers that smooth all-season performance.

Its twin rail rib center gives improved handling on both smooth and uneven road surfaces. Plus, its broad and strong shoulder tread blocks guarantee reliable cornering even on sharp curves.

Additionally, this tire also features variable shoulder tread block pitches. These block pitches provides a Honda Odyssey driver with that terrific noise reduction performance.

The circumferential channels and diagonal grooves furnish your car with hydroplaning resistance. And, its active sipes deliver that biting grip function. With the tread compound and broad steel belts, you clearly see and feel the quality of this product.


  • Twin rail central ribs
  • Similar tread patterns
  • All-season performance tire product
  • Improved noise reduction function
  • Even tread wear

Technical Details

  • Model: Milestar MS932 Sport
  • Tire Weight: 29.1 lbs
  • UTQG: 540 AA

9. Falken Ziex ZE950: All-Season Tires For Honda Odyssey

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If you check out your options in the market presently, this can be your best asymmetrical all-season tire option for owners of minivans or light trucks like the Honda Odyssey.

What benefits can an asymmetrical tread pattern possibly provide you with?

First off, you enjoy quality dry and wet traction on both flanks of your tire. Also, the outer side serves as the provider of dry and rough road traction, while the inner side functions for wet traction and hydroplaning.

In addition, you can look forward to a satisfactory light snow traction from this tire. This is thanks to its 3D Canyon sipes plus its wide-angle grooves. More so, you enjoy a standard noise reduction quality as it features variable shoulder tread pitches.

Lastly, there is good wet traction and hydroplaning resistance offered by this tire. It is graded at approximately 85 percent. Meanwhile, its tread compound offers 6 times more durability compared to a 100 rating control tire. In all, this is a quality tire product to use with your Honda Odyssey minivan.


  • Standard 3D Canyon sipe technology
  • Unusual yet helpful unsymmetrical tread patterns
  • Furnished with Wide-angle grooves
  • Features two circumferential channels
  • Outstanding hydroplaning resistance
  • Quality All-season tire

Technical Details

  • Model: ZIEX ZE950 AS XL
  • Tire Weight: 34 lbs
  • UTQG: 600 AA

10. Cooper Tires Discoverer SRX: Touring Tires

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This high performance tire comes with several active sipes. These sipes are present on its three central ribs. You also find them in between every diagonal grooves. Together with its four circumferential channels, this tire boasts a reliable and effective hydroplaning resistance.

Additionally, there is also that biting grip it offers on wet surfaces. That quality is a function of the active sipes present in the tire.

Furthermore, the angled grooves and active sipes combine to offer efficient light snow traction. However, they do not offer the same function in deep snow conditions.

As for the strong central ribs and tread blocks, they present that reliable dry grip function the tire parades. To add to this,  you get a smoother handling and steering response as well.

More so, the tread compounds of Cooper combine with its broad steel belts to guarantee that even tread wear. Hence, all year round your tire simply wears evenly.

Finally, for this price, this is a standard option compared to other costly all-season tires for Honda Odyssey vehicles.


  • Standard all-season performance
  • Three strong and durable central ribs
  • Several shoulder tread blocks
  • Diagonal grooves and active sipes
  • Even tread wear

Technical Details

  • Tire Weight: 35 lbs
  • UTQG: Not Available

Why Must You Choose Only the Best Tire For Honda Odyssey?

Simply put, the quality of a tire relies majorly on the functions of the car itself. Likewise, the engine’s quality goes into the functions of the wheels. That transfer of energy creates that traction necessary for easy movement and acceleration.

Judging by this, the general relaxed, fuel-efficient and smooth ride of any car depends on the quality of your tires. So, when choosing tires for your minivan, ensure you select the right tires.

Merits Of Choosing The Best Tires

  • Even tread wear and an extended tread life that suits the usual mileage of your Honda Odyssey. That keeps you away from rotating or buying new tires due to tire wear.
  • Excellent light snow, dry, and wet traction.
  • Impressive handling and steering responses.
  • Safe, quiet, and comfortable ride for the whole family.
  • Reduced fuel consumption even at higher speeds.
  • Affordable price for a standard quality.

How Do You Know The Best Tires For Your Honda Odyssey?

Factually, a minivan comes with a heavier weight compared to an everyday sedan vehicle. In this section,  we explain some of the areas you need to examine before purchasing your new tires.

Tire Size And Overall Dimension

The best sizes that work for Honda Odyssey vehicles are:

  • Touring Elite
  • Touring
  • SE
  • DX
  • EX
  • EX-L
  • NHL
  • LX.

Tread Designs

To get the best based on this factor, you need to pay attention to certain qualities. This includes the tire’s ribs, grooves, shoulder block, and sipes. Your needs will vary depending on weather and road conditions.

Tread Compound

Go for a tire that provides a strong tread compound. That way you can guarantee an extended tread life for your tires. As for all-season touring performance tires, there must be sufficient toughness. That will fight against wearing and helps it survive hot summer weather.

More so, giving a close look to the UTQG rating of the tire helps you check how tough its tread compound is.


Here, there is the need to consider the grooves, active sipes, and tread blocks in the tires. To enjoy an improved wet and dry traction, you need sufficient grooves and active sipes. Also, pick a tire with low rolling resistance. That kind of tire gives you the freedom to move at a quicker pace without putting pressure on the accelerator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Tires For A 2015 Honda Odyssey?

For a 2015 Honda Odyssey, the following are its best tire options:

  • 235/60R18.
  • 235/65R16
  • 235/60R17
  • P235/65R17
  • P235/60R18

How Long Do Honda Odyssey Tires Last?

When you stick to every rule of regular tire maintenance, Honda Odyssey tires can last for nearly 50,000 miles.

What Are Things To Do To Help Extend The Life Of Tires?

  • Do rotation of tires after every 7,500 miles
  • Maintain proper tire pressure
  • Move at gradual acceleration
  • Regular wheel inspection

What Is The Best Tire For The Money?

Following our evaluation, we suggest Bridgestone ECOPIA H/L for your Honda Odyssey. The lessened rolling friction is satisfactorily efficient as it helps it consume lesser fuel for both regular movement and acceleration. More so, its rigid tread compound promotes even tread wear so you can keep driving all year round.


This article expresses our interest in providing extensive comparisons and details as to the best tires out there. Hopefully, all the details provided help you make the best choice for your Honda Odyssey.

It is only right that you get great value for your hard earned money, and get the best out of these amazing minivans.

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