Best Tires For Honda Civic

best tires for honda civic

Do you plan to get yourself a new set of tires for your Honda Civic? Have doubts as to which is the best tire for your Honda Civic? Keep reading to discover the top options out there and how they can suit your needs.

The question now is which Honda civic tires are the best options for a Honda Civic? Before you answer that, we must make this clear; your answer is unique to you, based on your needs as a Honda Civic driver. Your choice majorly depends on certain parameters. They include:

• How much you are ready to pay to get the best tires?

• What is the condition of the road surface you drive on?

• How high is your speed normally when you travel?

• What is the level of comfort you wish to get?

Therefore in a bid to provide answers to the major questions, we will explain certain indicators. These indicators will further point you towards answers to the questions above. Then, you will easily make the smart choice of the best tires for you.

We will walk you through:

• The best tires that you can get for your Honda Civic vehicle.

• The peculiar technical derails of each of these high-performance tires.

• General frequently asked questions that most Honda Civic owners ask

Don’t forget that all of the details given in this article are products of thorough research. They are from credible sources. And, they are all in a bid to give you only the best resource to work with. Having let you in on what to expect, let’s dive in!

Introducing The Best Tires for Honda Civic

Here are all of the best tires that will work perfectly with your Honda Civic vehicle. With these tires, it becomes easier for you to choose the best tire to satisfy your needs.

Note: Every tire featured in this article is there as a result of their show of exceptional quality. Their selection is based on several fundamental components like:

• The price range for each tire

• The kind of road surfaces that it can deal with

• The level of ease that such tires provide

• The level of road noise the tire emits.

Furthermore, every one of these tires listed here in this article is a product of rigorous tests. Multiple tests went into verifying the quality and the general performance of these tires. We can say categorically that all of these tires are excellent.

Meanwhile, some drivers may be looking for tires that can work well in light snow weather. Others might be searching for tires that can deal with the pressures of driving in wet and slippery situations.

For others, the need is for tires that work perfectly with Honda Civic vehicles on highways. Some might go with multipurpose tires as long as they last a long time. Or a tire that is fit to drive on dry road surfaces.

Overall, regardless of what your needs are, you will certainly get the tire that works for you. You will get a tire that can satisfy your driving needs.

Finally, every hot and title in this article is a product of professional recommendations and views.

We hope to help you make a knowledgeable choice when the time is right.

The Best Honda Civic Tires

1. Firestone FT140 All-Season Tire: Best All-Season Tires

Best Tires For Honda Civic - Firestone FT140 All
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The Firestone FT140 All-Season Tire is an ideal option for drivers that want something special. This all-season tire comes as a set of tires that underline a mixture of:

• Terrific handling quality.

• Intricate exterior manifestation

• H speed-rated durability

Aside from that, this tire again delivers optimal quality all-season traction. This feature allows you to drive safely regardless of the road or weather conditions. These conditions include even light snowy road situations.

One of the most exciting things about this tire is the M + S emblem its features. This emblem would often serve as a sign that the automotive parts are entirely original. This symbol appears mostly on some of the most costly performance sedans as well as sophisticated coupes.

Best Tires For Honda Civic - firestone tires for Honda

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In addition, this tire again works very well on wet and slippery road surfaces. This is thanks to the highly solid and distinct tread pattern that this tire comes with. This complex tread pattern this tire has also parade broad circumferential grooves. These grooves come in handy in emptying water straight from the contact patch of the tire. Meaning…you won’t go slipping and sliding on wet roads!

With these features, you can drive safely in severe rainy weather conditions. These functions prevent hydroplaning, keeping you securely on the road. That way, it is sure that you don’t lose grip on your tires. To round it up, this tire has a unique ribbed tread pattern. This tread pattern delivers a high degree of directional stability and improves general control and handling. If you drive routinely or even periodically on wet roads this could be an excellent fit for your Honda Civic.

Technical Details

Note: Certain technical details may differ due to the exact tire size chosen.

• Country of origin: United States

• Overall diameter – 26.5 “

• Maximum load – 1521 lbs

• Tread depth – 10/32 “

• Maximum inflation pressure – 44 psi

• Tire weight – 19 lbs.

• Revolutions per mile – 787

• Rim width range – 5.5 to 7.5 “

• Measured rim width – 6 “

• Section width – 8.2 “

• UTQG – 560 A A

• Tread width – 6.2 “

2. Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring: Best Touring Tires

Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring
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The Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring tire comes with an impressive design from experts. The design creates a blend of relaxing driving experience, all-season traction that stays longer in winter weather, and a stunning appearance. All of this in a single touring tire.

Amongst all of these touring tire perks, the asymmetric tread patterns stand differently. These patterns mix center ribs together with detached shoulder blocks that possess notches in the middle.

The design of this pattern combines dry and wet traction with outstanding handling.

This means you get to drive on wet and slippery road surfaces without worrying at all. The tire captions a top-grade display of grip power. The sipes, notches, and grooves make this possible. For you, the Honda Civic driver this means, they together deliver a high level of grip on the road surface.

Furthermore, the four broad circumferential grooves help as well to get rid of water from the tire’s surface. Every surface of the tire is in open contact with the road surface. By extension, this feature helps to improve the degree of hydroplaning resistance the tire possesses. With the hydroplaning resistance, you can have that improved power even in heavy rain conditions.

Some features bolster the gripping capability of the contact patch with the road surfaces. In addition, the sipes, notches, and grooves of the tires help too in delivering an extra biting edge. This biting edge permits you to drive in light snow weather with confidence.

Technical Details

Note: Certain technical details may differ due to the exact tire size chosen.

• Country of origin: United States

• Maximum inflation pressure – 51 psi

• Revolutions per mile – 820

• Tread depth – 11/32 “

• Tire weight – 21 lbs.

• Rim width range – 5.5 to 7.5 “

• Maximum load – 1477 lbs

• Measured rim width – 6 “

• Section width – 8.2 “

• Tread width – 6.5 “

• UTQG – 740 A B

• Overall diameter – 25.5 “

• Treadlife warranty – 6 years or 80,000 miles

3. Bridgestone Potenza RE-11: Best Summer Tires

Bridgestone Potenza RE-11
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The Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 does an amazing job in delivering wet and dry traction. Also, it employs different technologies that come in handy especially in Formula 1 and Grand Prix 2 racing tires. It delivers optimal ride quality compared to other new Honda Civic tires.

These additions are in a bid to make sure you get only the best tires quality-wise. With these additions, you get tires that give you a great deal of ride comfort.

Curious about what a set of racing tires feels like?

This is one product you must not miss out on. Get a set of these summer tires and experience this yourself.

Additionally, this tire again makes the most of the three-dimensional Seamless Stealth Technology. With this technology, it provides you with a superior cornering grip. This further improves the driving experience when utilizing these tires.

To add to that, the Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 again captions an improved tread life. This tread life enables you to enjoy the tires for a long time.

Furthermore, the level of comfort that this tire delivers is another desirable perk. Trust us when we say the level of comfort is far better than we thought it will be. This is probably one of the important reasons for the fame this tire enjoys. It is one popular choice, especially among Honda Civic owners.

Finally, the Potenza RE-11 exists as one of Bridgestone’s most dominant tires. It ranks top among high-performance tires. One of the best compared to other strong summer tires available for purchase out there. This kind of tire works perfectly as a tool for highly-spirited drivers that enjoy driving high-end vehicles.

Technical Details

Note: Certain technical details may differ due to the exact tire size chosen.

• Revolutions per mile – 915

• UTQG – 180 A A

• Maximum load – 1047 lbs

• Measured rim width – 6 “

• Maximum inflation pressure – 51 psi

• Tire weight – 20 lbs

• Overall diameter – 22.7 “

• Rim width range – 5.5 to 7 “

• Tread depth – 9/32 “

• Width – 7.9 “

4. Michelin X-Ice Xi3: Best Winter Tires

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This tire remains one of the most dependable winter tires. This winter tire provides a top-notch winter performance on wet roads. This is a proper winter tire. It is presently the third generation of the line of Michelin winter tires. Plus it is an excellent choice for coupes, sedans, family vans, and tiny crossovers. A good example is the Honda Civic Sport.

Additionally, one interesting feature of this tire is its minimal rolling resistance construction. This construction helps to reinforce the fuel economy of your Honda Civic car especially on wet roads.

More so, this goes further by helping you to save extra cash in the future. It does this by making the most of your fuel usage. You can trust these winter tires in wet and snowy conditions.

In addition, these snow tires employ a special tread that employs a compound working solely on silica. These new tires also feature intermediate tread blocks plus detached shoulder blocks. These additional features come with Cross-Z sipes carrying many angles and a few small bumps.

A combination of all of these supports an enhanced wet performance, and boosts the general light snow traction quality. This means more control and better performance from your Honda Civic tires.

In all, this is for every driver that enjoys traveling at quicker speeds. The interior layout of the Michelin X-Ice Xi3 features alongside circular wound nylon plus two steel belts. All of these deliver a reliable high-speed output.

Finally, there is another set of distinct wear indicators featured on the covering of the tire for wet conditions. These indicators give vital details to ensure the driver notices a precise reduction in traction. It notifies you as soon as the traction for ice and snow lessens.

Technical Details

Note: Certain technical details may differ due to the exact tire size chosen.

• Country of origin – Spain

• Tire weight – 16 lbs.

• Overall diameter – 23 “

• Maximum inflation pressure – 50 psi

• UTQG – None

• Rim width range – 5 to 6 “

• Maximum load – 1168 lbs

• Revolutions per mile – 905

• Tread depth – 10.5/32 “

• Section width – 7 “

• Tread width – 5.5 “

• Measured rim width – 5 “

5. Continental ExtremeContact Sport: Best Performance Street Tires

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The Continental ExtremeContact Sport comes with a specific design that adds an extra edge to the function of these tires. These tires come in a specific design that adds the absolute power of a cornering grip. This grip further enhances the ride comfort together with the ride comfort technology. It also boasts high-quality traction.

The brand also did well to build the existing model of this tire to stand proudly against other tires. Amongst high-performance street tires available in the market presently, this is a top product.

Additionally, a unique part of this tire is how the producer chose to employ the latest summer tread compound. This compound exists side-by-side with the brand’s signature plus Silane technology. This is one component that the company holds a full patent of.

This technology comes with a blend of 5 and 6-rib asymmetric tread designs. This blend of designs makes the most out of the quality of traction as well as the handling power. Basically, this means it works awesomely on both dry and wet road surfaces.

Likewise, the tire’s steady center rib, the larger outward tread blocks, plus the strong SportsPlus technology are a perfect mixture. Continental does well to make all of these features work together perfectly. And they furnish this tire with a quicker steering feel and response for the best performance.

These additional components provide an outstanding degree of stability and cornering grip. This is the kind of quality you would mostly expect from a set of high-end summer tires.

Check out the highly-optimized traces with massive circumferential grooves together with the plus Silane compound of the tire. All of these helps to boost the degree of traction on wet and slippery road surfaces.

Technical Details

Note: Certain technical details may differ due to the exact tire size chosen.

• Country Of Origin – Portugal

• Revolutions per mile – 899

• UTQG – 340 AA A

• Maximum inflation pressure – 51 psi

• Tread depth – 10/32 “

• Tire weight – 19 lbs.

• Maximum load – 1168 lbs

• Rim width range – 5.5 to 7.5 “

• Measured rim width – 6.5 “

• Tread width – 6.9 “

• Section width – 8.4 “

• Overall diameter – 23.1 “

• Tread life warranty – 6 years or 30,000 miles

6. Falken Wildpeak A/T3W: Best All Terrain Tires

Falken Wildpeak A T3W
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With the Falken Wildpeak A/T3W, you get an amazing all-terrain performance tire. This tire is simply one of the best all-terrain tires out there for purchase in the market presently.

These all-terrain tires also deliver a comfortable and secure driving experience. These tires come with a constant traction quality that lasts all through the year.

Moreover, they got a rating from the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake as well. This rating suggests that you get to use them even in harsh snowy weather.

The exterior apex sidewall functions give a covering of protection from all sorts of heat accumulation and road dangers. With these functions, you can be sure that the tire will give you tougher handling power.

Additionally, you get an increased level of stability compared to other all-terrain tires from competitors. To add to that, the three-dimensional sipe technology again improves the quality of braking or braking distance. That in turn provides some additional biting edges.

Meanwhile, the sipe technology also enables the biting edges to get closed up together on dry surfaces. That action increases the quality of handling and reduces the rate at which the tires wear.

Plus, the heat diffuser technology works to diffuse any compounded heat energy. That delivers extensive protection for the interior elements of the tire. It also conserves the durability of the tires meaning you won’t be replacing them soon.

Finally, this tire also comes with rugged tread blocks that assist in the removal of solid objects. This further improves the entire stability and handling performance of the tire for you the driver.

Technical Details

Note: Certain technical details may differ due to the exact tire size chosen.

• Tire weight – 31 lbs.

• Revolutions per mile – 708

• Maximum load – 1984 lbs

• Maximum inflation pressure – 51 psi

• Measured rim width – 7.5 “

• Tread width – 7.3 “

• Tread depth – 17/32 “

• UTQG – 600 B A

• Rim with range – 6.5 to 8.5 “

• Section width – 9.5 “

• Overall diameter – 29.5 “

7. Dick Cepek Fun Country: Best All-Purpose Tires

Dick Cepek Fun Country: Best All-Purpose Tires
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The Dick Cepek Fun Country is one outstanding product. Simply put, this is one of the best all-purpose tires. It headlines the ultra-rugged and deep tread that provides excellent handling on rough terrains seamlessly.

These all-purpose tires have vicious side biters and burly 3-ply sidewalls for an appealing rugged look. This combination helps to preserve the tires from tears, wear, and punctures. In addition, the distinct and completely optimized tread pattern delivers an extremely comfortable and quiet ride.

Likewise, the widespread offset and lateral tread grooves function jointly with the larger tread footprint. Together, they deliver a dominant grip and outstanding traction, particularly on jagged road surfaces.

More so, these very thin sipes and strong ejector ribs assist in avoiding cracks. Also, it ensures that massive objects such as stones wouldn’t enter into the tread.

The pitch sequence in the tread also comes fully optimized by the computer. This way it ensures that the road noise level is reduced to a minimum. So, you get that smooth and quiet side in your Honda Civic.

Finally, the superior notched shoulder edges, buttress pattern, and scalloped ribs further enhance the traction quality. Also, they thwart any lug damage. These tires employ the latest tread compound too. This is to give an extra shield from unforeseen cuts and chips, avoiding damage.

Technical Details

Note: Certain technical details may differ due to the exact tire size chosen.

• Country of origin – United States

• Maximum inflation pressure – 50 psi

• Maximum load – 2270 lbs

• Tread depth – 18.5/32 “

• Tire weight- 49 lbs

• Overall diameter – 30.8 “

• Section width – 10.7 “

• Rim width range – 7 to 9 “

• Measured rim width – 8.5 “

• Tread width – 8.4 “


From all of these options you have and the details provided, it is easier to make the right choice for your Honda Civic vehicle, and the experience you wish to have as the driver. Make sure that you pay attention to the conditions around you as a driver while making this choice. Weather and road conditions, price, ride quality, and your driving style all factor in to make the best choice for you.

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